The Best Offline No-Wifi Required Apps for Toddlers on Android

It’s more difficult than ever to find games that toddlers can play. The Google Play Store is full of games and apps designed for adults and teens, and they certainly don’t make it easy to find games that are more geared towards and appropriate for the younger crowd.

Some parents hand their toddlers their phone(s) with a game that parents enjoy playing, but this also sometimes ends up backfiring, with the toddler “accidentally” purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of gems that you never want to buy in the first place!

That’s why no WiFi apps aimed at toddlers are so important. Not only are they age appropriate — and are generally educational as a whole — but they often have no easy way that your little one could accidentally charge your bank account hundreds of dollars in gems or other in-game currencies.

But, once again, these games and apps can be difficult to find. But, worry not — that’s just the reason why we constructed this breathtaking list for you. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling and testing all of the best no WiFi apps for toddlers on Android, so that you really know that it’s safe for your little one — and your bank account! — to play.

So, without further ado, here are twenty of our favorite apps for toddlers on Android that don’t require a wireless connection:

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The Kids Fun Music game is a beautiful and easy music application for toddlers and preschool kids alike. This app encourages kids to create their own melodies, keeping them more preoccupied and helping the little ones develop better motor function. This app is also a great introduction to the world of sounds and other musical tunes. 123 Kids Fun Music Game features different activities that will help increase children’s creativity and other brain functions all the while having lots fun!

This app was extensively tested with Pre-K children to make sure its design is as uncomplicated as possible. This allows any young child to explore it independently with ease. With this app, you may find that your child loves creating music. This intuitive music game for young learners has 25 different instruments to examine and have fun with, including an interactive xylophone, drums, guitars, trumpets, flutes, saxophone, bells, and much more! This game is also language-neutral, so no matter what language your child speaks, you can be sure they’ll enjoy this great interactive app!

Looking for some fun, educational games that won’t clean out your wallet for kids to play? The PBS KIDS Games app has dozens of free learning games starring all their favorite characters from PBS Kids shows. Kids can play and explore while learning without parents needing to worry much about ads, or in-game-purchases. PBS KIDS Games features lots of games from their best TV shows, like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, Super Why, and dozens of other good, clean, educational shows. All of which you can be sure they will enjoy and learn from.

PBS Kids is one of the best games out there for your kids right now, offering them plenty of opportunities to learn and discover with this game through television, digital platforms, and community-based programs. PBS Kids Games is built from a place of actually putting your children’s needs first, and is part of PBS Kids’ commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of children through learning. With the 100+ games based off of this goal, and designed from their television network, you can be sure your child will have plenty of fun with this title.

Kids Balloon Pop is an exciting game where you pop balloons and play learning games. These aren’t just any balloons though! You can also pick from letter or numbered balloons so your child can learn while they’re popping fun colored balloons! This game actually supports multiple languages for your children to learn.

Kids Balloon Pop does not show any ads while your child is playing so you won’t run the risk of accidentally emptying your wallet via the Play Store. As for the game itself, you can increase or decrease the size of balloons to match your child’s age and fine-motor skills.

Whether you choose numbers, colors, or letters, popping balloons will audibly say the color, letter, or number, making it easier for your kids to remember. This app features “immersive mode,” which means your little ones won’t be able to leave the game.

If you have really little ones, you can even just set up colorful balloons with no numbers or letters so it can be enjoyed by kids of any age. Kids Balloon Pop also has a small, one-time purchase option which will unlock the whole game so you can enjoy the app to its fullest potential.

Kids Doodle is a free game that inspires kids to explore their artistic skill with all kinds of colorful brushes, right at their fingertips. This app contains non-intrusive ads, and you can be sure there’s plenty of updates and new features to be added in the near future. This game features multiple backgrounds, such as black, dark blue, grey, and white, so no matter what colors you’re using, you can be sure your picture will look beautiful and really “pop”.

Kids Doodle, one of the best drawing games for kids, has more than 20 different kinds of magical brushes that will keep your kids entertained for hours. There’s neon, crayon, rainbow, and ribbon brushes that can all be used. Kids Doodle’s can even be replayed in video mode so they can watch it be redrawn as a fun video clip. Kids can also draw on their favorite photos with the built-in gallery, creating a free and fun atmosphere where kids can be free to explore their creativity.

Many parents have probably tried to involve their children in helping cook dinner or to create a new recipe on some level, while others have probably allowed their children to use different ingredients to make all sorts of scientific concoctions all on their own. Either way, kids are quite enticed with the mere opportunity to  “create,” and especially through cooking. If you are looking for a cooking game for them to enjoy, then Toca Kitchen is for you.

Toca Kitchen brings all the ingredients and cooking tools into a fun easy game for your child to enjoy and understand. With all sorts of food, your kids can mix and match, and create all the scientific, virtually-tasty masterpieces they desire, except all without the mess. If you get your kids in Toca Kitchen, they’ll be introduced to some great skills, and there will be nary an extra dish to wash.

Looking for an easy, simple, fun game to play? Try Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer for your toddlers. In this game, your kid will be able to explore and swim throughout the vast ocean, go on long and enjoyable travels, exploring and searching for adventure all the way. With this game you will experience all sorts of adventures for you and your child to enjoy. Everything from treasure hunting to making friends can be found here. You will meet all sorts of creatures for you to play with. Be it having tea with whales, or feeding birds, you can be sure your toddler will enjoy this one for a good long time.

Do you want to give your toddlers a jump start on learning how to write and recognize letters? ABC Kids could be for you! This app will give your toddler the hands on learning that you are looking for by tracing capital and lowercase letters, matching letters, hearing the sounds each letter makes as well as entertaining them with fun puzzles, stickers and colorful games. This educational game is geared toward ages five and under and is sure to make learning a lot of fun!

One thing that is great about this app is that it is ad-free, safe and full of interactive games! This app also allows you to engage teacher mode. This allows you to see what area your child needs extra help in by giving you a report card. Another fun feature of this app is the feature every parent desires: hiding the exit button and menu buttons away so there will be no “whoopsies” that could affect your attached credit card! Teaching your children the English alphabet is made so simple and fun, they won’t even suspect they are learning. Give this a try. You won’t be disappointed.

As many parent can attest, Legos are one of a child’s favorite toys, and they create lasting memories for years to come, whether time spent putting a set together with a close relative, or letting your own imagination soar. Many a house has been filled with these interlocking bricks, so it was only fair this was brought to Android as well.

Lego Juniors Create and Cruise allows you to mix and match Lego characters to your desired specific looks, and then take these avatars out into levels and missions for them to enjoy and cruise around with. You can find all sorts of outfits and characters to play, from Santa and his holiday elves, to a fancy butler, a rich lady, and more. There’s also plenty of pre-designed levels to keep your child entertained for a long time to come.

Pixel and Parker will introduce a wonderful story-driven game to your toddlers, with lots of of stories and different endings you can pursue. In Pixel and Parker, you will witness a story about Parker, and his cat named Pixel, who go on many adventures together and explore all sorts of ideas and areas. With this game, you will be able to pick and choose all sorts of directions for your story to go, each one with a new and interesting way for the story to continue.

While this is truly a fun, entertaining game for your little ones, it was also designed to introduce kids to imaginative thought and play. Pixel and Parker makes a great bedtime story, but is also an awesome learning experience, causing children to think through different logic and outcomes, encouraging them to make good, confident decisions on their own.

Are you looking for something that will keep your toddler entertained all while helping develop hand and eye coordination? Something that has some sensory features? Are you looking for something that is also visually stimulating? This app may be just what you are looking for!

The Sensory Baby Toddler Learning app is a very colorful and fun design. It features vibrations upon touching the game screen, sound effects, finger paint, bubble pop as well as others. This game is like no other. There are many options inside the game so that your toddler will surely be entertained for hours.There are many different types of fish to choose from as well as sea turtles and seahorses and also a variety of scenes to choose from.. Who doesn’t like a delightfully colorful fish game that also helps with child development?

This game is geared toward toddlers and preschoolers but could also be great for children with learning disabilities. This app has some great support features that will help kids from accidentally exiting the game.

Is your child restless and you want to keep him occupied while you are out running errands, at a doctors appointment or just plain need something to distract him or her while you get a couple sips of your coffee in? This app is full of super fun puzzles that will surely help with just that!

This app is full of a variety of different, colorful animals puzzles to choose from. With animals from the wild to animals in your backyard, this app will entertain the youngest heart. This puzzle is just an all around colorful, cartoon illustrated, child friendly pictures of animals that reward them for puzzles completed. New Puzzle Game for Toddlers is made to be used by both toddlers and preschoolers, making it a very simple and easy game to play.

This app has no ads or in app purchases that make games frustrating and challenging to play. You can let your child play knowing that the game is free, educational and entertaining.

PJ Masks: Time To Be a Hero, is a fantastic game if you’re looking to introduce your kids to some low-key adventure. Different than your typical puzzle or reading games, PJ Masks will bring a little more excitement and give them a taste of superhero stories at their own level.

In this engaging title, kids will be able to do a variety of different things. First, your kids can create different masks and try them on with the front camera, to ensure they’re best suited for capturing villains. Next, they’ll be able to try out different levels and capture these villains, either in the storyline scene, or the backdrop of their own backyard (imagine Pokemon-Go style).

Road Trip Endless Driver has no in-app purchases so you won’t have to worry about your little one accidentally purchasing random things off the internet. This game also has a huge variety of cars you can unlock throughout the game, providing plenty of different ways to play. In Road Trip Endless Driver, you’ll take on the role of a driver, and see how far you can get, maneuvering past logs and other obstacles to see how far you can get.

Road Trip Endless Driver is basically an extremely simple crash-based game, similar to a monster truck derby, but without the crowds, and especially designed for kids. The neat thing is that you can give this game to your kids and they should have an easy time of it, without needing your help to constantly put them back on track as far as playing the game. It’s self-explanatory, even for toddlers!

With so many games out today, both good and bad, it can be challenging to filter through it all and find a few games to have on hand for things like trips and doctors appointments, that are safe, fun, and educational all at the same time. We hope this list gave you a few new ideas on what the best Android apps are for toddlers right now.

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