The Best Password Manager for the iphone – April 2018

Security is a bigger issue in the modern day than ever before, especially on the internet. Over the past little while, we have seen some major hacks that have destroyed and devalued many companies and individuals. These hacks have cost companies and individuals millions of dollars a ton of bad PR. While you yourself are not overly likely to become a hacking target (at least compared to those large companies), it truly can happen to everyone, so it is a good idea to be prepared and have your information secure just in case.

The best way to protect yourself from the possibility of hackers targeting you is to have strong passwords. A strong password normally needs to be long, fairly random and contain letters, numbers and special characters. However, most people have several different online accounts and as a result, have several strong passwords to remember. Unfortunately, trying to remember and keep track of various different passwords is not always easy and can be a big pain. Thankfully, that is where a good password manager app comes in. These apps allow you to safely and securely store passwords and other important data in a secure location.

With security being a huge concern these days, many of these different apps have popped up over the last years. Some are great and worthy of a download, while others are better off being avoided. The purpose of this article is to show you a number of the best options for secure and safe password managers. Any of the apps on this list are worthy of a download, and which one you choose will depend on the features and options you prefer.

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Dashlane is all about keeping your digital activity as safe as possible. If you need an app that can keep your passwords safe and secure, keep your online transactions safe and more, this could be the app for you. Dashlane makes it extremely quick and easy to save and retrieve passwords for your various different online accounts.

In addition to keeping all your information safe, you can also use the app to auto-fill your password and information when signing into various different accounts. This streamlines everything and saves you a lot of time in the long run. The app also lets you know when your passwords are being used outside of the app, to alert you in case these are hacking attempts and you don’t know about them. In addition to being a password manager, this app also acts like your own digital wallet. This can keep your credit card and other payment information safe, while also allowing for a very quick checkout from various online stores.

In addition to being a password manager, this app also acts like your own digital wallet. This can keep your credit card and other payment information safe, while also allowing for a very quick checkout from various online stores. The app also allows for all of your sensitive information to be synced amongst all of your devices, so you are never away from your passwords in case you need them. In addition to being able to download the app for free, you can also opt to pay $39.99 to get the premium version of the app. This gets you secure backup, along with many other useful features and perks.

Sticky Password is a simple, yet powerful, app for making sure all of your most sensitive information is safe and securely locked away. Security is the biggest concern in apps like this, and this app has been created by experts who know it best. You can rest assured knowing that everything you enter into this app will be as secure as possible.

This app allows you to sign into any website automatically, as long as you have a password stored for them. This helps you save a ton of time when logging into various accounts over time. But while it is incredibly quick and easy to use, it still uses the highest grade encryption possible, so you know everything is safe and no one accesses your data at all, except you.

The app is completely free to use, and Sticky Password can also be used on a desktop or laptop computer too. This ensures that you will always have your passwords with you, whether you are on the fly, or just sitting at home. It is a well-designed app, with a simple user interface and is definitely among the most popular and powerful apps in the space.

Millions of people trust the simple and flexible security options that Keeper provides. This app will protect everything you need secure in a safe place. Whether you need to store some passwords, credit card information, documents or anything else, this app will work for you.

This app features an encrypted vault that makes sure no one can get your information unless you give them the password to the app. Not even the developers and creators of the app will be able to see what type of information you have in the app. You can even opt to use touch ID, which means that only your fingerprint will be able to unlock the app.

However, if you want to share the information with others like friends or family, that can be done as well. The app will also seamlessly sync your private information and passwords over a number of different devices. The app is available to be used and downloaded for free with a trial, but there is indeed a premium subscription if you want to unlock the true potential of this app.

True Key is an app that removes the hassle of remembering multiple passwords for multiple accounts. It can instantly log you into most sites and can keep all your passwords and private information safe and secure. While the fact that a ton of people use this app should convince you that it’s a good option, that may not be enough for some people. If you need more convincing, the app is created by Intel Security, so you know you’re in good hands. Also, your information will never ever be shared or sold.

While this article features many apps that use one master password or your fingerprint to log you into the app, this one does things a little different. True Key uses your own face with its unique facial math technology. The app both protects your passwords, and also helps you use them quicker as it can automatically sign you into the websites you frequent. The app also works on a variety of different devices, and will automatically sync your information from one to another.

The official download page for the app also suggests that many new features and options will be added to the app in the future. This is very good news, and the fact that this app is free, makes it a great option for downloading. So while it might not be our winner or runner-up, once those additional features are added, who knows how great the app could become.

Enpass is an app that keeps you from having to remember a number of different passwords, while still having them at your disposal whenever you want them. You can access the app with one “master” password, and this gives you access to all of your stored passwords for various different sites.

The app lets you either use the passwords and manually enter them in Safari, or you can use the in-app browser, which will let you automatically sign into your accounts. The app is very customizable and you can change how your passwords are organized, and laid out, so you never feel lost or confused within the app.

There is a Pro upgrade that you can purchase, but the free app is fairly solid on its own. Also, the desktop version of this app is completely free and fully-featured, which is a fantastic move by the developer. While the app doesn’t do anything additional than most of the apps on this list, it is still very much worth a download if you like the interface.

SplashID might just be the most trusted app on this entire list. This app has been around for more than a decade and has more than a million loyal users. As a result, you should feel safe knowing it will ensure that your information is secure. While it has undergone a number of updates and changes over the years, it still remains a great choice.

If you have never heard of or used this app or others like it, think of SplashID as your personal vault for all of your most sensitive information. Passwords, credit card information, registration codes, and many other things can be saved and safely stored in this app. This is a much safer option than just keeping them all written down or trying to remember them.

The app is completely free to use, and looks just as good as it performs. Keeping your items organized is extremely easy and you can even share information with others like friends and family if you so choose. While its feature list is similar to other apps on this list, the fact it has been around for so long and has managed to stay relevant is quite impressive and reassuring to the users.

PasswordBox is an app that allows you to save, store, retrieve and use passwords in a completely safe and secure environment. No matter where you are, or what device you are on, you can always access your saved passwords and know you will never ever lose another password again.

In addition to a lot of happy users, this app has also gotten critical acclaim from a number of different publications such as PC Mag, Forbes and others. To be honest, the team deserves the credit and good press they get as the app works well. The app provides 1-tap logins, secure data transfer and syncing between devices, customizable start page and many other great features.

This app is completely free to download and use to its full extent, which is pretty good as many of these apps include a paid version to unlock every feature. This app will work everywhere you go on any device, so you never have to worry about being without your passwords or important information.

RoboForm is not only the owner of the best icon of any app on this list, the app itself is pretty good too. It is a password manager and allows you to make sure all of your passwords to various sites are as safe as possible. It also helps you be able to log in to various sites very quickly, with a single tap. This is not only convenient, but it also is more safe and secure than simply writing your passwords down in a book or journal. You can also choose how your information is stored. You can choose to have it stored on the device only, can choose to have it synced between numerous devices, or can choose for it to be backed up on the cloud.

The design of this app is among the best of any in this article. RoboForm has a subtle green tint to its app, and that is quite appealing. But in addition to the app looking good, it also performs very well. The app never seems to crash, has very easy navigation and just ticks off about everything you’d want in one of these apps.

On top of security, one of the most important parts of apps like this is reliability. If these apps aren’t working or the support team isn’t responsive and supportive, that can leave you SOL. Thankfully, this app is very reliable. We already mention it doesn’t crash often, but it also has been in business for many years and also have 24/7 email support available and phone/live chat support available during business hours. It is that reliability, design and functionality of this app that makes it a good choice.

Before we talk about this app, let’s get into what you need to do before you can even use this app. This app will only work if you use KeePass. KeePass is an open-source password manager on the Mac and Linux operating systems. However, there exists ports that make various apps be able to work with this software. As you can probably guess, that is what MiniKeePass is.

This app lets you edit KeePass files, import and export them, all with the goal of making sure your passwords and private information is safe. The app is more barebones and minimalist than any other app on this list. It features very little in the form of design, but still functions quite well, if you can get around the basic and somewhat boring look of the app.

Whether you use this app, or use KeePass on your computer, you will be using one of the best apps in the space. Because it is open-source, the program is continually being updated and changed. While it may not be worth it to download KeePass and then use this app, this app is outstanding if you already use KeePass on your computer.

Loginbox is your traditional password manager app that aims to protect your most sensitive information from others. The app keeps you from ever having to remember passwords ever again (except for the one you need to access the app itself). Any password you have from any different website will be safe and secure in this app, so you never lose it or have it stolen.

Instead of having to use Safari or your other browser, this app lets you use the in-app browser, which doesn’t keep a history and allows you to browse in privacy. Also, the app automatically logs you in, which saves you a lot of time inputting your passwords, which will likely be long as you want to make sure you have strong passwords.

The app looks incredibly good and has a simple interface. The app is also able to be used free, but also gives people the option to subscribe to a Pro version of the app which unlocks more features and allows you to support the developers.

While the design of this app is fairly simple and many may not find it too attractive, don’t let that convince you that it’s a bad app. In fact, it is an extremely powerful and customizable app, that is also quite user-friendly as well. Not only will the app store and save passwords for you, it will also be able to keep other private information incredibly safe for you.

The software of the app claims it provides security for your passwords or information in three different respects. The app will store your password, it will guarantee that your information and data will remain secure, and the app will even help you create secure and strong passwords to make you even more safe from potential hacks or breaches.

This is a convenient and free app that is perfect for someone who wants a password manager but doesn’t need all the bells, whistles and a fancy design like many of the other apps provide.

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