The Best Photo Collage Makers for the iPhone [September 2020]

With thousands of photos filling the storage of your smartphone, it might be tough to pick what you want to post online. Thankfully, photo collages allow you to create all new photos that combine your favorite memories into a single picture. However, sometimes, creating these collages can be a long and painstaking process. The App Store on the iPhone and iPad are full of great apps that can make creating your own collages incredibly simple, but not every collage maker is worth your time or money.

Making a collage is nothing to take lightly, so you might as well use the best apps to do it. These apps contained in this list offer you a ton of different features and options when it comes to putting all of your various different photos into one stylish picture frame. So without further ado, keep reading to see some of the best collage-creating apps on the iPhone.

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With hundreds of millions of downloads, PicsArt is one of the most popular apps on this list, for good reason. PicsArt is your all in one creative suite when it comes to collages and editing. Whatever type of collage you want to create, and whatever you want to be included in it, this app will be able to help.

The effects and edits you can do in this app are what truly set it apart from others. The app is home to thousands of amazing editing features that include everything from artistic and creative photo filters, to various different options to fine-tune your collage. In fact, the options and features list is so extensive it would take up the rest of this article if I included them all.

All of these features also come without you having to pay a single cent to download or use it. All of its tools and features are free, and extremely fun to use. There are some extra things you can pay for, but you definitely don’t need to buy these extra features to have a good experience on the app.

Instagram is without a doubt one of the most popular apps on the planet and is the leader of the “photo” category of apps. Millions of users have posted billions of photos on Instagram. It is one of the primary places where people go to post and share their collages. As a result, it makes a lot of sense for Instagram to create their own collage making app, which they have done with Layout.

Layout is all about combining various different photos in your Camera Roll into a brilliant and one of a kind Instagram post. You can add up to 9 photos to a collage in this app, and it offers you complete creative control over your collages. Whatever you feel you want to do in order to make your collages amazing, this app gives you the power to do that.

The design is gorgeous (as you would expect from the team behind Instagram), and the app is free to use. You don’t even need to sign up for an account or anything to use it. While it may not be as feature-rich as some other apps on this list, it is extremely easy to use, and sees regular updates from the folks at Instagram.

Anything you want to do with your photos or collages, you can do it with BeFunky. Making a collage has never been easier than this. But don’t think that means that the app is lacking on features or content, quite the contrary actually! BeFunly contains hundreds of different options and features that can help anyone from amateur to expert.

The app does so much more than just make you a collage. You can edit your photos, add sticks, add photo overlays, use various photo effects, change frames with ease and much more. Sharing your creations is also very easy as BeFunky offers you the ability to share directly from the app, and also lets you save the collage with ease as well.

Also, the app won’t charge you a single penny to use and download. Also, they will play no ads or give you any limitations at all. All in all, the app will do everything you should expect out of a collage making app. While it may not wow you, it is definitely a great option to download and try.

If you need to quickly and attractively combine multiple photos or videos into a single frame or picture, Pic Stitch might be the app for you. Pic Stitch has a very simple design and interface, while also packing a powerful editor. The app features hundreds of templates to choose from, and has various different aspect ratios as well. You can even add music to your collage!

You can share or export to almost any site, or can just save the collage if you want to send it via messages instead (or have it printed off to hang on a wall). It looks good, creates good masterpieces, is fully-featured and simple to use, there is really not much more you could want or expect out of a collage making app.

Pic Stitch is available for free; however, there are some extras within the app that will cost you a bit more. Various different effects and stickers packs can be purchased for a few dollars here and there that can add to your experience. In addition to the features and the free price tag of this app, the design is also quite attractive and adds to the overall experience of this app, which is great.

Whether you want to combine some photos, videos, or both, Diptic is one of the best apps on the market to do so. Not only is the app powerful, quick and fast, it is very customizable. There is a ton of layouts to choose from, and each comes with multiple ways to enhance them and make them ever better.

You can add music, captions and more, which will all separate your collages from the masses of other ones that get created. Importing and exporting in this app is also incredibly easy, and so is sharing and saving. Border customization is also an important and great part of this app, with so many different options and choices to make.

The design of this app is fairly unique as it utilizes a gray color scheme, and not a traditional black, white or colored theme like many apps on this list do. Some will love it, while others may not. The app’s interface and design function well and everything is easy to understand throughout it. The app is $2.99 (more than most on this list), but if you are a fan of the design and the content of the app, a few dollars isn’t too much to ask. There are also some in-app purchases, but you don’t need those for this app to be great.

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