The Best Podcast Apps for the iPhone [January 2021]

Podcasts have been around for nearly twenty years, but it’s taken a while for them to hit the mainstream. It’s impossible to say how many podcasts exist today, both current and in archived forms, but no matter your interests, you’re bound to find something that suits you. Everyone from athletes and comedians to journalists and entertainers, and just people in a garage with a couple of microphones. These all range a ton in terms of content and length, which means there truly is something for everyone. If you want a quick and funny podcast or a long and thought-provoking one, both options are easily accessible.

All you need to enjoy these tons of amazing podcasts is your phone and a podcasting app. While Apple has their own app for finding Podcasts, it has some issues and isn’t always the best option. While it is suitable, there are many better options out there for your podcasting needs. Because of the popularity of podcasting, many different developers have released their own podcasts apps which can be downloaded from the App Store.

With so many options to choose from, how do you know which podcasting app to pick? Thankfully, we’ve gathered our favorite podcast apps into a single guide to help you get started. Let’s dive in!

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Pocket Casts will likely be the choice of many people as their best podcast app. You would be hard pressed to find an app with more powerful features, without the app being overwhelming to use. The database of podcasts that this app contains is extremely impressive and all your favorites will be able to be enjoyed from this app. Both the features and the design of this app are top notch. In terms of the features, the app is full of powerful features that are still incredibly simple to use and understand. These include things like trimming silence in the podcasts (similar to what Overcast does), changing play speed, volume boosting, notifications, and much more.

As mentioned, the design is also great and simple. You can choose between different themes, and the colors of the app will often change to complement the artwork of the podcast you are listening to. the interface is also very simple and clear, which helps for a great experience for the user. Pocket Casts has also gone free to use, so while you may not get every feature, you can use the app completely free. Even better: the Apple Watch version of the app now allows you to save podcasts right to your watch, so you don’t have to switch back to your phone on a walk.

Spotify is likely the most popular app out there for streaming and enjoying music. It has millions and million of users, but something you likely didn’t know about the app was that it is also great for podcasting. Whether you are on your phone, iPad or computer, Spotify will be able to play your favorite podcast with ease. There’s also a number of Spotify-exclusive shows that make it a must-have app for podcast lovers of all kinds.

The features on this app are quite simple and barebones, but it works. You have your standard playlist and download options, but not too much in terms of special or exclusive features. The app’s design is incredible, however. The color scheme is great, it is easy to navigate and search and you never feel lost or overwhelmed in the app.

The app is available for free, but with ads. However, Spotify does one of the best jobs ever at making ads that are short and very unintrusive. However, if they still bother you, you can download Spotify Premium, which will cost you around $10 a month. This gets you offline listening, better audio and of course, an ad-free experience. If there’s one issue with Spotify, it might be its lack of unique RSS features. If you subscribe to a private RSS feed through Patreon, for example, you won’t be able to listen to that feed.

While some of the apps on this list have been part music and part podcast, this one is all about your favorite podcasts. Whatever podcasts you enjoy listening to, this app will likely have them. The app will also make suggestions based on your history, so you will never run out of great things to listen to. You can easily stream or download different podcasts and episodes, even if you are offline. The app also includes many different and helpful features such as playlist customization, a history feature, speed adjustments, timer, a sleep function and more. The app is free to download and is one of the best options for your primary podcasting app.

The app also includes a handy automatic download feature which will make sure everything on the app is up to date every time you fire it up. The app is free to download and is one of the best options for your primary podcasting app.

This one has been offered in the App Store since way back in 2010 and is still one of the best options for your podcasting app. The app also pioneered many of the cool features that seem to be standard in this industry today. RSSRadio has many different features that include numerous different audio customization options, silence remover, iCloud sync, sleep time, different interface themes and much much more. The app also allows you to organize your various different podcasts by category, so you always know where to go to listen to a certain one.

The app is also designed in a way that is good for your battery life and won’t suck your phone dry. One of the problems with many podcasting apps is that they drain batteries fast, so it is a nice touch that this one does not do that.

Spreaker helps to make your podcast listening personalized. The app features thousands of different podcasts and live broadcasts and there is a very good chance that your favorite is included in this app. In addition to being able to select your own things to listen to, you can also choose to listen to one of many curated lists spanning a wide range of topics. The app includes notifications, automatic downloads and other great features that help the listening experience be more customized, You can even chat in real-time with other listeners. There are dozens of helpful features on this app and this makes it among the most fully-featured apps on this entire list.

Despite all these great features and the access to so much content, this app doesn’t charge a fee to download or use the app. While the app might not be as well known as some of the others on this list, it is definitely worth your attention.

You might not want to use Apple’s default podcast app, but what about…Google’s? Yes, Google finally launched their own dedicated podcast app back in 2018 on Android and the web, with the Apple version finally rolling out to users in March of this year. It’s tough to say whether or not this app is actually better than Apple’s own, but it’s certainly a great offering for anyone switching from Android to iPhone this year. It’s also a particularly impressive app if your home is loaded with Google Home speakers, since it can easily cast around the house.

If we have one major complaint with the app, it comes down to some strange UI choices, including the player being moved to a single pop-up display rather than making it into its own page. Likewise, the app removed the ability to add your own custom RSS feed, which doesn’t just limit you from being able to add Patreon-exclusive feeds—it also locks you into the app without any choice. Bummer.

With one of the cleanest interfaces on iOS today, Castro is a must-look for any podcast fan. The app is built around a centralized queue of podcast episodes, all waiting to be listened to by your stream. You can quickly add any episodes from your saved shows to your queue, to get them ready to listen to, and dragging and dropping your episodes to re-order everything is super simple. Once you’re ready to listen to, just press play to start your queue, and your episodes will automatically play in your saved listing. Pause when you need to take a break and your queue will stay where you left it, and when you’re ready to start up, you can do so—with all your episodes downloaded while on WiFi.

We really liked the design of Castro, even if it doesn’t quite crack our favorite app Overcast. Still, with an excellent player UI and most of the features we look for in core podcast apps, this is a must-have podcast app—especially if everything else on this list doesn’t grab your attention. It’s a free download on the App Store, so grab it today and try it out.

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Lucy says:
I was looking for a clear assessment of the PC market listing options that don’t bombard you with ads. EVERYONE with any sense now knows that if a product is free – YOU are the product and that most likely your data is being harvested.
Unfortunately this was too superficial so I’ll need to go elsewhere

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