The Best Portable MacBook Batteries [May 2019]

The latest MacBooks are doubtlessly awesome. Packing an incredible amount of processing power and computational speed into an effortlessly sleek and streamlined design that’s ultra-portable, these new machines are ideal for creative professionals who need to take their work with them on the go. 

In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a MacBook Pro (even those in earlier generations of Apple’s famed lineup) that isn’t a truly great computer. This reality has made these computers incredibly popular with people ranging from students to Fortune 500 CEOs, and their popularity only seems to grow as time goes on. 

But these laptops are also notoriously expensive, and if you want to enjoy everything that the famed MacBook line has to offer you have to be willing to shell out the big bucks—making it all the more upsetting that even the best batteries in the most expensive MacBooks are often lacking. 

Whether you’re consistently rendering HD video and audio for work or you simply want to unwind with some Netflix at the end of a busy day, having to deal with a drained battery can put a serious damper on your work or entertainment. 

That’s why a wide range of affordable and powerful external chargers have flooded the market. These portable charging units allow users to stay powered up for extended periods of time, even if there’s no place to plug in your charger. 

Ideal for frequent travelers, these devices help ensure that you’ll never have to endure the headaches that come with an unexpectedly drained battery ever again, and we’ve found the best ones money can buy. 

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