The Best Portable USB Phone Battery Chargers [February 2020]

Smartphones have come a long way in a decade. The latest and greatest from companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung can run circles around phones from just a few years ago, and in some cases, can even outperform PC chips from Intel. If there’s one area where smartphones have yet to truly evolve, it’s battery tech. Though phones like the Note 10+ from Samsung and the iPhone 11 Pro Max offer great battery life, the problem has been solved by squeezing larger batteries into the device, instead of inventing new battery tech or developing more efficient processors. Larger battery capacities do help your phone last longer, but they increase the size and weight of your device, making your phone even harder to use in one hand.

Instead of opting for a heavy slate of glass you’re guaranteed to drop, picking up a portable battery charger is a great alternative. Portable batteries are cheap, replaceable, and easy to throw in your bag, offering you multi-day battery life on a single charge when you need it. The external battery market has come a long way in the last decade, making it harder than ever to pick the best batteries from the rest. Whether you’re looking for a small, portable charger, the largest capacity you can find in batteries today, or something new and unique, we have you covered. This is the definitive guide to the best portable USB battery chargers.


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