The Best Pregnancy Tracking Apps for the iPhone

Learning that either you or your significant other is pregnant is both a magical moment and one that can also be very stressful. Most new prospective parents will have dozens and dozens of questions about what to do, how to do it, when to do it and more. This is totally normal as becoming pregnant and having a child is a huge step in life, and one that can cause a lot of worry in prospective mothers.

While frequent visits to the doctor throughout your pregnancy will help ease your worries, it is also great to have other resources present that can help your pregnancy go off without a hitch. Thankfully, in today’s modern and technologically advanced world, there are many different resources to help you out during a pregnancy, right at your fingertips.

And simply one of the best resources out there is the existence of pregnancy apps for your mobile device. These apps can keep you updated on the development of your baby, track your progress, keep your pregnancy healthy, give you expert advice, answer questions you may have, connect you with other soon-to-be mothers and much more. However, not all of these apps are created equal. As a result, we have created this article that will take a look at a bunch of the best apps out there to help you or your loved one’s pregnancy go as smoothly as possible.

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There are many different companies and brands out there who help people through the process of pregnancy, but perhaps none are better known or more trusted than “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”. Now, they have moved into the app space and created this app that will guide you through your pregnancy.

Based on the due date you give to the app, the app will give you personalized content such as news, health information, tips, and more. The app also includes a daily tracker that tracks your day and week of pregnancy, the size of your baby and other interesting information. The development information abotu you and your growing child is also very good to know as it can let you know what some typical experiences are at various stages of pregnancy.

While this app is primarily aimed at helping you during a pregnancy, it can also be beneficial after you have your baby. The app provides you guidance and answers to all the questions you might have as a new parent. You also get this app completely free, which makes it an awesome option to download if you want some amazing help during your pregnancy.

If you are a first-time mother, there are likely a lot of questions going around in your head. Thankfully, the Bump uses three different sources for your questions. They have an intelligent editorial staff, a team of doctors and experts and some questions will even be answered by moms who went through exactly what you’re asking about.

So while this app’s support is a huge win, there is so much more that the app can do for you too. The app provides you articles, links to a number of different and helpful products, a 3D visualization of your child’s growth, a planner and more. This planner is so personalized and in-depth that it can even help you prepare for each individual doctor visit you have.

On top of that, the app is great at updating you and walking you through the changes that are going on in your body and how it relates to your baby. It also helps you know what to do to prepare for these changes before they come. All of this is available completely free, and the editorial team is constantly refreshing the app with beneficial new content, which make this app a great option.

This app is all about giving you immediate progress reports on how your pregnancy is going. The app tracks your sleep, your weight, the symptoms you are experiencing and much more. Every time you fire up the app, you are greeted with a ton of new content that is personalized for you.

Like a lot of the apps on this list, Ovia is all about tracking a variety of different things that pertain to having a happy and healthy pregnancy. In addition to tracking things like the baby’s developments and weight, the app also tracks your sleep, mood, exercise, symptoms and even your nutrition.

The support on this app is also top notch and you will always have the answers to the questions that are bothering you. The app is also developed by Harvard scientists and other specialists, so you know you can trust the information, articles, and tips provided by the app. All of this amazing content coming from a free app is truly special, which is why this app definitely deserved a spot on this list.

Millions of expecting families trust this app with their pregnancy and there are thousands of questions and answers in the app that can help you with any issue you might be experiencing. In addition to tracking your pregnancy like most of the apps on this list, BabyBump is a social health network.

The app’s many features are constantly being updated which means you will always be sure you are getting current and correct information. Each week, the app presents you with the development taking place as well as things you might experience that week, symptoms you might have and more. This app even integrates the social sharing of your progress. So you can share with all your friends or followers a number of things, which can help keep people in the loop when it comes to your pregnancy and how you are progressing over time.

The app presents the information in a number of different ways including charts, graphs, articles, and more. This helps it be incredibly easy to understand and follow along with.With this app being so full of features, they could easily charge a few dollars, but they decided against it. This app is free and is without a doubt one of the best and most popular options in this space.

When you are pregnant or breastfeeding, making sure your child is being nourished and is healthy is of the utmost importance. During pregnancy, and sometimes after, mothers are likely taking a wide range of different medications. However, not all medications are 100% safe all of the time. That is where this app comes in.

MommyMeds is an app that makes sure the medication you are taking is safe for both you and the baby. Before you take anything while pregnant, it is a good idea to get expert advice about whether it is safe. This app makes that process incredibly easy and will tell you right away if the medication you are thinking of taking is safe.

You can scan the medications yourself or search the online database of more than 20,000 drugs to see if yours is safe. The app is incredibly easy to use, which makes a ton of difference when you are dealing with so much data and information. While the app is $3.99, we think that is an extremely small price to pay for all that the app does for keeping you and your growing baby safe.

This app is all about keeping you organized and informed about everything you need to know about your pregnancy. It guides you day by day and lets you know what to expect and also has a great community that can help you with any question or concerns that you may have.

This app is a big win as it is not only incredibly useful for pregnant families, but it also looks very good. In additon to the interface being good, the app includes helpful and detailed graphics about how your baby will grow, in case you were curious about what’s going on inside your body.

The app is available to be downloaded and used for free, but the true power of the app is unlocked when you purchase the premium subscription. This can be done for $5.49 and in addition to making the app ad-free, you also get a lot of other features like a personalized timeline, a journal and various different tools. Whatever type of this app you decide to use, it will be a good choice.

While many of these apps are all about the progress of your pregnancy, this one is mainly about when your pregnancy is about to end. That’s right, the main functions of this app are its use as a contraction timer and a kick counter.

The app’s interface is incredibly clean and clear so you never have anything to distract you from the true purpose of the app. By tapping a button at the start and end of your contractions, the app will be able to keep track of them throughout the labor. Your full history of labor and contractions will be saved. The kick counter and the fact that the app does include a bit of pregnancy information are bonuses.

The app is free, but there are options to pay a dollar to remove ads or to support the creator of the app. While this app does indeed lack some of the functions that many other pregnancy apps on this list have, it is incredibly useful in its own right and since its a free app, there is no risk at all to giving it a try.

This app is definitely different than most on this list, but I still it feel that it deserves a spot. While it is primarily used as an ovulation and period tracker to help people get pregnant (or avoid getting pregnant), it also comes with a pretty solid pregnancy tracker included in the app.

Without having to pay a dime, you get access to this app that does it all. This app can not only help you during pregnancy like the other apps here, it can also help you get pregnant in the first place. By tracking your period over time, the app will let you know the best possible dates to try and get pregnant.

However, if you want a more complete experience out of this app, there is the option to pay a few dollars a month for the VIP membership. This premium version of the app gives you a pregnancy monitor, enhanced privacy and better data analysis. Remember, in order to use most of these apps on this list you need to already be pregnant, and this app can help make that happen if you and your significant other are struggling.

If you like constant updates and having your pregnancy tracked, analyzed and monitored every single day, this could be the app for you. This app is simply a hotbed of knowledge when it comes to your pregnancy and making sure you are comfortable in every single way.

This app will constantly be adding content in the form of articles, tips, videos and more. I’m Expecting also helps you not only track your pregnancy and the symptoms you may encounter, but it also helps to you learn more about why you experience those symptoms. With so much knowledge inside of it, the app does a great job at staying simple and making sure that everyone knows how to use it.

The app is free to use and was created by MedHelp, one of the most trusted online health communities on the planet. As a result, any question you could possibly have about your pregnancy can be answered, so you can rest assured you are dealing with an app creator that knows this niche through and through.

There is no doubt that so far in this article, most of the apps presented have been heavily marketed towards expecting mothers or new mothers. But in order for a pregnancy to occur, a father is needed to, and this app is for them. Who’s Your Daddy is an app for first-time fathers that uses humor and simple language to help you through your significant others’ pregnancy.

The app provides you with simple tips from dads who have been through this process before. In addition to these helpful daily tips, the app also keeps you updated on how the pregnancy progresses over time and how you can help your partner out and be the best sidekick possible throughout this 9-monthh process.

While the app is not free to download, it is still good to see an app dedicated for fathers as they do go through a lot of stress and worries during a pregnancy too. While the pregnancy is not nearly as difficult for a father as it is for a mother, it is still nice to see an app look to help soon-to-be dads out with their questions, concerns or worries.

This app is once again a complete pregnancy tracker to make sure that you are having as healthy and happy a pregnancy as possible. Millions and millions of people use this app to track their pregnancy and the app can even be personalized for mothers, fathers, grandparents and anyone else in the family.

The app includes many of the features you have come to expect from apps like these including a diary, a weight log, kick counter, contraction timer, baby shopping list, week by week information and more. It is about as fully-featured as any app on this list, but there is something that sets it apart, the design and presentation.

The visuals throughout this app are among the best of any on this list. The app gives you great and interactive images for each week of your pregnancy, which helps to understand and appreciate what is going on inside of your body. If you want an app that gives you unmatched visuals, while still being a full-featured app, Pregnancy+ is for you.

One of the most-visited and trusted health website is none other than WebMD. There is a chance that all of us have checked our symptoms on that site before. But now, they have created a pregnancy app that will deliver helpful news and information to soon-to-be moms.

Whether you are online or offline, this app will be there to help. This app also helps all throughout the process of the pregnancy from the time you are trying to conceive to the time you are about to have your child. The app is also personalized to you, so the app will know how far along you are and will send you information that is suitable and important to you at that given time.

The features list on this app is a mile long and contains things like symptom trackers, checklists, a ton of support from experts and other moms, tools, hundreds of articles, searchable information and much more. Millions and millions of people trust WebMD, so there is little reason not to consider this app and give it a try if you or your partner is pregnant.

If you are expecting a child or are thinking about getting pregnant and have questions, there is a good chance you have visited the BabyCenter website. This community offers up answers and solutions for thousands of different questions and problems. They have now thrown their hat into the mix when it comes to pregnancy apps, and there is no surprise that it found a place on this list.

This resource is trusted by hundreds of millions of people from all around the world and while the app obviously doesn’t have that many users, it is still incredible. The app not only gives you access to one of the best pregnancy and baby communities in the world, but it also has many of the features you have grown to expect in a pregnancy app.

It includes a helpful calendar, a look at how your body changes each day, development videos, great photos, birth clubs and a list of features for the first year after you have your child. Simply put, whether it is in the form of this app or the website, BabyCenter is one source of information that you should definitely look to have on hand during a pregnancy.

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