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The Best Protective Cases for iPhones in 2023

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The Best Protective Cases for iPhones in 2023

iPhones aren’t cheap. And of course, no matter how durable they are, it won’t hurt to add extra protection to these phones. Scratches don’t look great, and they can impact your phone’s trade-in or resale value down the road. Most importantly, no one wants to pay a lot for repairs.

If you want to protect your investment, it’s always best to have a good case that will shield it from scratches, impacts, dust, and other bumpy roads of your everyday life.

If you’re looking for the best protective cases for iPhones, you’ve come to the right place. We listed some of the best ones you can find in the market today. Read on to see which ones work best for your needs and budget.

01 Otterbox Commuter Series Antimicrobial Case

Most people make the assumption that the thicker the case, the better the protection. This may be true to a certain extent. The case’s thickness and number of layers are just the tip of the iceberg, though. That includes how well the case defends against additional weather elements including water, shock, and dust. In order to address this, Otterbox Commuter has dual layers, a rigid outer shell with a soft inner covering.

For the sensitive components inside of your gadget, the soft inner slipcover is soft and gentle. While the outside hard shell case is designed to protect your phone from harsh environmental impacts. Additionally, it absorbs and deflects impact forces, considerably reducing the likelihood that your phone will sustain damaging damage.

The Commuter has port protection for the ports to keep dust and dust debris at bay. The screen is not covered; however, the extended bezel edge that rises over the camera and screen shields these vulnerable components from damage. Unfortunately, it might not offer much protection against water.

Another thing to love about this case is that it has ground-breaking silver shield antibacterial protection infused into the outside polycarbonate shell. The silver-based antibacterial has been shown to shield users against the ubiquitous germs that cause illness. One of this technology’s key benefits is that it provides protection around-the-clock, is durable even when scratched or nickeled, is inert until it comes into touch with microorganisms, and has numerous action modes that have been shown to be effective.


  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Dustproof
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof


  • No screen protection


  • Price ‎$35.96
  • Material Synthetic Rubber, Polycarbonate
  • Compatible Phone Models iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro
Otterbox Commuter Series Antimicrobial Case

02 Scooch Wingman Case

Utilizing EXO-D impact technology, the Scooch Wingman is a highly protective case that satisfies military drop standards. The case’s built-in wing on the rear gives it a distinctive touch in addition to its ability to endure 6-foot drops and heavy use. The inventive wing design adds a lot of usability to an otherwise simple iPhone case by serving as a grip, a kickstand, and a car mount.

It becomes more difficult to hold phones as they get larger and larger. The wing is especially useful when trying to click the camera while holding the phone at the proper angle for a selfie, which is something we’ve all struggled with. You can create a grip that works like a PopSocket Grip by simply pressing down on the middle of the wing until it protrudes.

When using the Scooch Wingman, the wing will support your phone. It works well for FaceTiming, utilizing the self-timer to take pictures, and other activities where you might want to avoid using your hands.

With this phone case, mounting your phone in your car is easier too. Simply extend the wing and insert it into the air vent of your vehicle. The wing’s curved shape will keep your phone firmly in place.


  • Protects sides from impact
  • Makes phone easier to use with one hand
  • Easier to mount on a car


  • Grip isn't as customizable as PopSocket Grips


  • Price $37.99
  • Material Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  • Compatible Phone Models Samsung Galaxy S22
Scooch Wingman Case

03 Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case

The case effectively and securely fits the iPhone 12 Pro max. The buttons have an incredible click-feel and are shaped like those on the iPhone. Whoever designed the buttons actually did an extraordinary job.

My fingertip fits nicely into the volume toggle’s properly sized groove. The hexagonal cutouts along the side of the cover have also proven to be far more useful while in use than just a stylish design choice. The left side panel has a similar hexagonal pattern to the right side panel, as well as a power button that is 15/16 inches long and 1/8 inches thick.

A lightning cutout measuring 17/32 inches wide by 9/32 inches tall, and two speaker cutouts measuring 3/8 inches wide by 3/16 inches tall on the right and 5/8 inches wide by 3/16 inches tall on the left, are all located at the lower edge of the casing. An octagonal shape was produced by the corner cutouts connecting the top, bottom, and side panels. Raised edges spread out the area of contact over a greater surface area while enhancing protection and reducing pinpoint drop points.

A layer of air between the case and the phone and slightly elevated hexagonal parts on the interior surface of the cover add extra protection. The combined weight of the phone and the device is 9.91 ounces.

The tactical plastic/leather case obscures the color of the phone, save for the area around the camera cutout. The case also prohibited wireless charging, which may be a significant problem for some. Some people might prefer a clear back to see the wonderful new color and the wireless charging capability, though this isn’t a deal-breaker.


  • Design gives off nerdy Sci-Fi nostalgia
  • Angled corners reduce pinpoint drop points


  • Blocks the stunning color of the iPhone
  • Prevents wireless charging


  • Price $99.95
  • Material Polycarbonate
  • Compatible Phone Models IPhone 14 Pro
Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case

04 Speck Presidio2 Grip Case

One of Speck’s most recognizable cases is the Presidio2 Grip. The Presidio2 Armor Cloud technology and the no-slip grips molded into the back of the case are its primary selling points. This enables protection from drops of 13 feet.

In contrast to its predecessor, Speck incorporated a soft-touch surface to the whole back of the casing, giving it a smoother, softer feel. Additionally, it appears more uniform now. The grips no longer appear to be composed of rubber but rather to be a component of the hard shell, which could increase their durability. Because of the soft-touch coating, it still has a somewhat rubbery feel to it.

Presidio 2 Armor Cloud capsules still have the edges and border on the inside of the casing. The capsules compress when dropped, drawing energy away from your phone. This lessens shock and potential phone damage.

The Presidio 2 Grip, like any decent phone case, has raised bezels to properly protect the screen when you lay your phone face-down.

Another thing to love about this case is that it has Microban technology. This offers antimicrobial defense and reduces bacterial growth by 99%. I would consider this to be an extremely crucial thing to have, particularly given the times that we currently live in. Although there are other instances where germ protection is present, Microban is a well-known technology, so rest assured that your phone is well-protected not just from impacts but also from germs.


  • Lessens shock and potential damage
  • Microban technology
  • Hard shell increases durability


  • Still feels rubbery due to soft-touch finish, which isn’t for everyone


  • Price ‎$24.00
  • Material Polycarbonate
  • Compatible Phone Models IPhone AP-1015
Speck Presidio2 Grip Case

05 Griffin Survivor Strong

The Griffin Survivor Strong has a sturdy overall construction. Strong is actually tougher than the Griffin Survivor Endurance, in my opinion. Griffin Survivor Endurance, however, has a drop rating of 10 feet (3 meters), while Griffin Survivor Strong is only 7 feet (2.1 meters). Typically, Griffin cases are wider yet thinner than the typical iPhone case. Griffin iPhone cases feature an additional foot of corner drop protection because to its larger size. The iPhone fits snugly in the Griffin Survivor Strong in terms of fit. Dropping an iPhone into the case won’t make you feel uneasy.

The case comes in two colors: clear and black. Choose the black Griffin Survivor Strong case if you’re thinking about purchasing one. Griffin’s Survivor Strong in clear has a significant visual flaw. The rear of the case will develop unattractive rainbowing artifacts since the inside of the cover will actually adhere to the back of the iPhone. In general, we can tolerate some rainbowing on the case’s back, which typically occurs with most clear instances. But in our judgment, these artifacts constitute a deal-breaker.

The dark ring that surrounds the camera cutout also lacks a professional appearance due to “leakage.” Although we are confident that it won’t hinder performance in any way, it looks awful! Even the edges where the various TPU pieces come together have a few rough spots. We advise choosing a black case because of its visual appeal. These build quality flaws are not present in the black Griffin Survivor Strong that we purchased for the iPhone 6.

The coating on the case’s back is the only feature we like about this clear case. The clear PC feels a touch “gummy,” as if there is a layer of TPU on top of it. Unlike the Otterbox Symmetry, this coating will keep your back scratch-free for a longer period of time. Although we don’t typically see this kind of coating, we are certain that the Mous Clarity has a comparable covering.


  • Unique coating
  • Snugly fits the iPhone


  • Clear variant has some design issues


  • Price $7.95
  • Material Polycarbonate
  • Compatible Phone Models IPhone XS, IPhone X
Griffin Survivor Strong

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