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The Best Sony TVs

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If you know a few things about technology, Sony will be a familiar name to you. Everyone looking for cutting-edge tech devices can enjoy a wide range of audio products, gaming hardware, and television produced by the Japanese company. Sony has been creating some of the most excellent smart TVs on the market, and it looks like they aren’t slowing down when it comes to thinking of new innovations to improve their TV lineup as the years pass. The best options they have are packed with everything you need to have an enjoyable cinematic experience at home, but you have to expect to pay a hefty price for such premium TVs. If you want the best quality possible, you should pick a TV with a 4K Ultra HD resolution and a high refresh rate. There are already TVs that have an 8K resolution, but 8K content is still limited as of 2022. Millions of people rely on different streaming services to catch their favorite films and TV shows, and you won’t have issues accessing all the top apps with Sony TVs because they run on Android TV or Google TV. Many of their TVs come with some impressive built-in speakers, but you might still want to invest in a high-end soundbar for an even better audio experience. For those interested in purchasing a Sony TV, you’ve come to the right spot. We assembled a list of Sony’s best smart TVs to help you with your choice.

01 Sony XR-65A95K

If you want to get the latest model from Sony and have no budget limitations, the Sony XR-65A95K would be the best your money could buy you. The 65-inch model of the TV is worth around $4,000. It’s equipped with the intelligent Cognitive Processor XR, which is a superb TV processing technology that ensures you get natural colors and enhanced contrast. It features a QD-OLED panel and paired with its XR Triluminos Max capabilities, you get colors with the best brightness and saturation possible. The TV also comes with XR OLED Contrast Pro technology, which is responsible for delivering out-of-this-world realism and depth because of the lifelike brightness and pure blacks. The Sony XR-65A95K runs on Google TV, so you can easily access your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Its Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode, IMAX Enhanced, and Dolby Vision support ensure you get the most out of each content you stream of whichever app. Like many modern Sony smart TVs, it comes with the BRAVIA CORE app that allows you to stream the latest movies with the best quality possible. You won’t only love watching movies and TV series on the TV because it’s also a fantastic option for gamers. Its HDMI 2.1 ports support 4K gaming at 120 fps, VRR, and ALLM. For those of you who own a PS5 console, you will benefit from exclusive features like Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Switch. You will get an immersive audio experience with this TV because it promises powerful bass from its dual subwoofers and its large actuators make it feel like the sound is coming from the entire screen. Its sound lives up to the top standards of smart TVs today since it supports Dolby Atmos and Acoustic Surface Audio+. One unique feature the TV has is its video chat feature. You can conveniently take video calls right from your TV without worrying about buying a camera because it comes with the BRAVIA CAM you attach on top of the TV. If you’re an Apple user, you can easily cast content from your devices to the TV because it has Apple AirPlay 2. The Sony XR-65A95K has Google Assistant built-in, but it will also work with Alexa-enabled devices.


  • Natural and authentic picture
  • Excellent brightness, contrast, and color
  • Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode, IMAX Enhanced, and Dolby Vision support
  • 4K gaming at 120 fps
  • VRR and ALLM support
  • Exclusive features for PS5
  • Fantastic speakers with Dolby Atmos and Acoustic Surface Audio+ support
  • Google Assistant and Alexa support
  • Apple AirPlay 2
  • Comes with BRAVIA CAM for video calls


  • Super pricey
  • Could have better black levels and color accuracy
  • Not everyone will be fond of using the BRAVIA CAM
Sony XR-65A95K

02 Sony XR-65A90J

The Sony A90J is far from cheap and is a 2021 model, but it’s still a fantastic smart TV to have in 2022. We believe the 65-inch model would be enough for you to turn any room in your house into your own home cinema, but you also have the option to get a 55-inch or 83-inch version. Feature-wise, the “XR” designates Sony’s XR chip. This tiny component combines the artificial intelligence of the X1 chip with cognitive intelligence. On the one hand, AI uses machine learning based on data and analyses the sound and the picture, while cognitive intelligence gives the experience of human touch. This Sony TV has also had OLED panel improvements with an aluminum sheet that acts as a heat sink. As a result, it offers enhanced brightness. When it comes to audio, Sony retains its top-notch audio technology with this model. The audio system has vibrating actuators across the screen, so the sound is created from the display. The A90J has two HDMI 2.1 sockets. They both can handle [email protected] and ALLM, but only one supports eARC/ARC and there is no VRR support. Some pre-installed apps include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+, YouTube, VLC, Spotify, Deezer, etc. A brand new app exclusive to the TV is the Bravia Core app for streaming movies at high bitrates. With every purchase, you get tokens for purchasing movies in the app. The Sony XR-65A90J runs on Google TV, which is an improvement from past Sony TVs that used Android TV. The system is pretty neat, and it lets you jump to specific TV shows by using the personalized recommendations row. The pixel density is a bit lower on the 65-inch than the 55-inch model. However, the XR processor compensates for it quite decently. This TV model delivers top picture quality with self-emitting pixels that produce perfect blacks and an almost infinite contrast ratio like other OLED screens. Its HDR brightness is slightly lower, especially compared to LED TVs, but the wide color gamut and the high contrast ratio make up for it. Users can expect to get the best picture and sound quality available whichever streaming app you use because the TV supports Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos. It’s easy to navigate through the TV using its remote control, but you can also use Google Assistant for convenient voice control. The TV will even work with an Alexa-enabled device. Overall, Sony A90J is an excellent TV for all-around use.   


  • Top-notch picture quality
  • Fantastic black levels
  • Impressive viewing angles
  • Excellent motion handling
  • Superb speakers


  • Expensive
  • No VRR supports
  • Can get buggy when using 4K at 120Hz
  • Could use more HDMI ports 120
Sony XR-65A90J


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