The Best Sports Apps for the iPhone – October 2017

Cell phones and their ability to grant us almost unlimited access to the internet has helped make our lives incredibly simple.  For a sports fan, having a smart phone like an iPhone means you never have to worry about who is winning the big game or how your favorite team is performing. The reason for this is because of the existence of sports apps. The App Store is full of a bunch of great sports app that will keep you in the know when it comes to who is winning.

While keeping track of scores is a large function of most sports app, it is not all they can do. Many of the apps on this list give you breaking news, opinion pieces, trades, signings and more. Whatever you need to know about your favorite sport, these apps will be your one-stop-shop for that information. Also, most of the apps on this list are completely free, and thus you can test them out to see which one suits you best.

Also, while many of the apps have the same goal and often portray the same information in terms of sports scores and player performance, they each have their own design, feel and interface. Also, there is some unique and customized information/features included in these apps that differentiates them too.

In addition to those kinds of apps, this article will include a few unique and different sports app that most athletes and fans would love to have on their phones. No matter what kind of sports fan you are and what you need out of a sports app, at least one of the apps on this list will be able to help you out.


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For many people in the USA and beyond, ESPN is the first name they think of when sports are brought out. But while most know ESPN for their numerous sports channels and original programming, they actually have a pretty amazing app too. In fact, this app could have easily been named the runner-up in this battle for the best sports app on the iPhone.

The app gives you up-to-date scores and stats throughout every single game in basically every single sport you could imagine. In addition to that, the app also provides video highlights, audio streaming and a number of other features as well. It can even provide you with a customized news feed based only on your favorite teams, so you only need to swipe through the news that matters most to you.

As you can see, the features in this app are pretty solid. However, it is the simple design that also helps this app be great. When it comes to sports apps, you want apps that are quick, snappy and allow you to get the information you desire without taking too much time. Thankfully, the ESPN app is incredibly quick and easy to use, while also looking very attractive.

Team Stream is an app from Bleacher Report, one of the most popular sports sites on the planet. Team Stream is a little bit unlike most of the apps on this list. This is because instead of making the scores and stats the most important part of the app, Team Stream looks to give you the news of your favorite team in a fast and streamlined manner.

When you first begin using Team Stream, the app will ask you who your favorite teams are. Once selected, the app will get a news feed together for you that contains stories that have something to do with one of your favorite teams, or a player on one of those teams. This app will bring in breaking news and stories from various different sources from all over the internet.

But the thing that is easily the best and most useful feature of this entire app is the notification and alerts feature. The app sends news alerts right as they happen, so you will always be the first to know when something major has happened to your team. While the user interface is a bit different and might take some getting used to, that alone isn’t even close to enough to keep this app off the list. If alerts and news are very important to you, this might just be the app for you.

This app is all about making sure that you never miss the most exciting games in your favorite leagues or featuring your favorite teams. The app uses a clever little system to measure online buzz and news to show the “excitement” rating of a game between 0-100. For example, a mid-season game between two terrible teams would likely result in a low rating, while a late-season game would likely have a much higher score.

So once you know the excitement rating of a game, the app will even let you know how and where you can watch it. It is one of the best apps for game scheduling and seeing what is coming up in the future. But while it has this great and unique feature, the app also has a lot of other cool features to offer its users. Thuuz Sports comes complete with such features as personalized sports news, alerts and even player tracking for fantasy sports.

The app will even give you real-time alerts you when a regular game is turning into something that could be legendary. While this app is capable of the things that many fo the other apps in this article are, it also has so many unique features that it is definitely worth a download if you love watching sports on TV, and never want to miss the biggest moments.

CBS Sports is one of the other biggest names in the world of sports media. If you want personalized score updates on your favorite teams, as well as stats, news and analysis, this app might just be for you. It is a well-designed app that also is extremely easy to navigate and use for anyone.

If you love to stream events such as March Madness or the PGA Tour, this app is also a great choice. The app also provides you with a ton of access to on-demand videos of highlights, news and more. The app also gives you access to certain sports shows that are sure to increase your knowledge and interest in the world of sports.

While the app might not have any amazingly unique feature, it is a quality app that will do everything you want in a sports app and will keep you in the know when it comes to everything involved in the world of sports. Also, being that the app is completely free, if you don’t like it, you can easily get rid of it and try another. However, there is a good chance you will love it!

Unlike most of the apps on this list, Fanatics isn’t about keeping up with the latest sports news and scores. Remember there is more to sports and more to being a sports fan than simply following along with scores. Most sports fans also like to dress the part and support their favorite teams by wearing hats, jerseys, shirts and more.

If you are in the market for some new sports gear, this is definitely the app for you. Fanatics is an app for those who love sports gear and want an app that has a large selection from most of the big teams in the biggest sports. In fact, the app is jam-packed with more than 250,000 different pieces of gear for more than 700 teams from all over the world. No matter who you support, there is a good chance you will be able to find their gear on this app.

You can easily shop by category, sport or by a keyword. You can also earn in-app cash called Fan Cash which will help you save money on gear. If you are a big time sports fan who loves showing off their support for their favorite teams, there is no reason not to have this app downloaded for when you want to get some new gear.

You may be surprised to see Reddit on this list, as it is mainly a news app, but hear me out. With Reddit having thousands of different subreddits, it is natural that some of those subreddits are sports related. In fact, some of these sports subreddits have tens of thousands of active users. These subreddits are constantly updating with new commentary and news in the world of sports. In fact, this is one of the first places many will go if they want to see what the public things of a breaking news story in the world of sports.

As a result, you have some of the largest sports communities on the internet. Every piece of news or score that gets posted has dozens (or more) people comment on it. It is a great place to stay in the know when it comes to sports, and also see some pretty great and original content from time to time.

So while the app isn’t a sports app in the traditional sense, it fosters some of the best discussions of any app and it always has sports news being posted right as it gets announced. If you have never been on Reddit during a big event like the Super Bowl, NBA Draft or free agency, you are missing out on some of the best conversations and commentaries in the world of sports.

FOX Sports is once again one of the biggest names in the entire category. The app comes complete with a full look at stats, up to the minute sports scores, and alerts, everything you would expect out of a great sports app. The app also allows for deep personalization to make sure that the information in front of your face when you use the app, is the information that you want to see.

Like the features, the design of the app is about what you would expect. Fox Sports has a simple and clean user interface and it is plainly clear how to navigate the app and take advantage of its features. The app features larger scores than most apps, which can be good if you just want to check the scores quickly and exit the app.

Fox Sports is in the same category as apps like CBS Sports. These apps are great for the sports fan that just wants to see the stats and scores without many extra features. Now, the fact that this app isn’t as fully-featured as others isn’t a knock on it. In fact, many people actually prefer their sports app to be as simple as possible, and if that is you, Fox Sports Mobile might be the app for you.

While watching games on TV or keeping track of the scores on a great app is decent, there is nothing quite like going to the game and seeing it live. The atmosphere and feel of being to a game is something you can’t explain, and has to be experienced to truly understand what it’s like. The feel of being around tens of thousands of other sports fans is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

Thankfully, an app like StubHub makes it incredibly easy to get tickets to the big game. The app lets you search by venue or team and will provide you everything you need to now to seek and purchase your tickets to a wide variety of sports games and other events. Also, if you have tickets and suddenly find out you can’t go, you can even easily sell your tickets through StubHub to.

The app is completely free to use and StubHub has a guarantee to make sure that tickets are authentic and you get into the game. You can easily look up schedules in advance and the tickets on StubHub are often much cheaper than buying from official team sites or other sites like TicketMaster.

While this app does keep you up to date with stats and scores, that is not the main reason why a person would download this app. The main focus of this app is the fact that it lets you stream live video to anyone from everywhere. You can stream your thoughts on a perfect game to thousands of other users, and can even stream your experiences from a live sporting event.

This is a superbly unique and cool feature that very few apps have. It puts the community at the forefront, along with the sports themselves. This allows everyone to have their own mini-podcast and you even get a personalized fan profile. Everything you do as a sports fan will be kept here from your thoughts, your photos and more.

All in all, this is a unique app with a features list that no other sports app can boast. That alone warrants it a spot on this list. It also gives you a different experience than many of the sports apps on this list and allows you to see the people behind the comments, and listen to what they have to say about the biggest news and headlines in the sports world.

All of these sports apps so far have been geared at sports fans. However, there are plenty of us out there who actually play sports in addition to just watching and following them. However, if you play any organized sports, you know that managing your team can be a painful and long process.

Thankfully, TeamSnap is here to help you make sure your sports team is organized, whether it is competitive or casual. This app is all about making sure everyone on your team knows when your games are. The app also has a feature to let the team if you can make the game or will be forced to miss it. The app also includes maps, so everyone knows where to go.

In addition to those features, this app also allows you to share stats and rosters, which can help make tracking everything easier and more enjoyable. The app also allows you to easily message other team members to make sure everyone is on the same page for everything from payments, to game locations, schedule and much more. All in all, if you are part of a sports team, this app can make it incredibly easy to make sure everything runs smoothly at all times.

Most, if not all, of the apps we have looked at so far in this article, have had a focus on pro sports. While this should come as no surprise, there does exist those people out there that prefer high school and college sports over the pros. Thankfully, there is even an app for those people, and it is called ScoreStream.

ScoreStream is an app that is essentially a hub for high school, college, and local sports. This is a fan-driven platform in which fans will share and create the content in the app. The fans that use this app are extremely passionate, and as a result, you can have access to thousands of different games from all over the country.

The app features more than 40,000 teams at a number of different levels that deserve attention but don’t get it from many of the big names in the sports app category. You can also easily share the content from this app on social media to let others know what is going on in the world of local and high school sports. This app is all about fans helping fans, and it is a great thing to see and be a part of.

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