The Best Sprint Android Phones – October 2018

Posted by William Sattelberg on October 18, 2018

No matter your choice in platform, this has been a banner year for smartphones. While most consumers don’t expect total revolution in their brand-new devices, the advancements and evolutions found in this year’s devices have taken imperfect ideas from 2017 into the next level. Samsung and LG led the charge into reducing bezel sizes on your display, with bigger, longer, and taller screens than ever before. Design and build quality finally evolved from a premium luxury into a conclusive decision among smartphone manufacturers and buyers alike: design counts. And we shouldn’t discount the evolution in smartphone cameras, which have improved vastly upon their earlier counterparts from even three or four years ago. With extra features like waterproofing and wireless charging capabilities finally beginning to become standard features in smartphones, consumers are right to feel excited about smartphones again.

With so many good phones on the market today, it’s more important than ever to make sure you purchase a phone you can be proud to be using six months from now. There are enough “great” phones on the market that you can safely ignore the “good” or “adequate” models, and still manage to get yourself a great device, no matter what your price range is. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous, crisp display, multi-day battery life, fast and smooth performance, or an excellent camera, there’s a phone for you. That said, it can be a challenge to find devices that manage to combine all of these aspects together into a great package that you can use for years to come. Still, for the most part, devices in 2018 have finally begun to hit every asking point we have of them.

2018 is nearing its end, and both the spring and fall flagship phones are available to purchase. With the holiday season just around the corner, phone manufacturers, carriers, and retailers are all going to be offering phones at a reduced price, with some great deals to come in the future. Whether you’ve waited all year to upgrade or you’re simply looking for a new phone to pick up for a loved one, here’s our recommendations for the best phones on Sprint.

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