The Best To-Do List Apps for the iPhone

Keeping track of the things we need to do in our life is extremely important and something that all of us have to do in some regard. Even if we aren’t constantly busy or have things on the go, managing our lives can be difficult. This is only made even more difficult if you are using the traditional pen and paper for making to-do lists, managing tasks and more. Thankfully, there is a much better way.

In addition to being a way to communicate and keep ourselves entertained, our phones can help us manage our busy lives with ease too. Whether you have a ton of tasks to do, or just a few things, your iPhone can be a huge time-saver in getting things done in the order they need to be done in. While you could use the Reminders, Notes or Calendar app that is pre-loaded on iPhones for your to-do list needs, there are better options out there.

The App Store is packed full of different to-do list/task manager apps that aim to help you better manage your day. With so many options (some good and some bad), we have compiled a list of some of the best to-do list apps you can download from the App Store. No matter how you like to manage and organize your tasks or events, these apps will be able to help you avoid drowning in a sea of tasks each and every day.

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Todoist is a powerful app that helps you organize, schedule, and prioritize your tasks in a way that is also quite simple to use. While the app may not be as streamlined as some of the others on this list, it is still among the best choices for your to-do list app.

The app boasts a number of impressive features such as assigning tasks, share lists, a smart scheduling tool and much more. Like many of the other apps on this list, Todoist combines its app with a web version as well, so you can always keep your lists updated wherever you are.

Todoist is available for free, but if you seek more upgraded and powerful features (such as calendar app integration and expanded reminders), there is the ability to upgrade from the free app to the Premium or Business subscription version of the app. This will cost you only a few dollars a month and isn’t a bad idea to splurge if you want to boost the function of this app.

This app is all about to-do lists, but Awesome Note 2 is so much more than that. Awesome Note 2 combines a to-do list with other great features such as an organizer, managing schedule and more. It is definitely among the most comprehensive apps on this list.

The app is also very versatile as it can be used very simply as a note-taking app or to do list, but can also be used as a rich writing tool, a scheduler and much more. In addition to the functionality of the app being great, the design of Awesome Note 2 is also really attractive and lends to a great experience with the app.

Unlike many other apps on this list, Awesome Note 2 isn’t available for free. You are asked to pay $3.99 for the app when you download it, which might turn some people off. However, an app that is as feature-packed as this one being yours for under 5 dollars is still a great deal.

Ita is an app that makes list-making and note-taking fun and easy. The user interface on this app is very helpful and makes things easy to keep track of. It doesn’t have as many features as a to-do list as other apps on this list, but its design and extra features make it good.

You can easily edit multiple items in a list, can easily get rid of completed tasks, drag items to rearrange, share lists and more. The app also syncs via iCloud and can work on both your iPad and iPhone, so you will always have your to-do lists and notes with you.

While this app may lack some of the features other to-do lists have, it is available for free and thus, is worth a try. If you find that the lack of those apps is a deal breaker, then you can easily just delete it and try another one.

Of all the apps on this list, Toodledo is among the most flexible apps on this list. The app’s primary role is that of a to-do list, but it can be so much more than that too. The app can track your habits, make outlines, organize notes and lists, along with much more.

Whatever productivity style you have, this app can cater to your own personal needs thanks to that flexibility I mentioned earlier. If you want to keep it simple, this app can do that for you and if you want to have a complex app full of lists, notes and more, this app is up to that challenge as well.

But while you might expect the app to be overly confusing or “busy” with all these possible customization options and features, that is not the case. You can easily pick what parts of the app you want to use, and which you want to disregard. There are built in social media sharing options, a map that will let you know when you are close to somewhere where yo have something to do, along with other functions not often found in apps like this.

Toodledo will cost you a few dollars to download and use, but for a power user who wants to take advantage of all the great features this app boasts, that is not too much to ask.

While many of the apps on this list might be aimed at keeping track of things to do at work or while out doing errands, this app is a little bit different. Thinglist aims to be a super-simple way to remember things in your personal life. Think of this as a “want-to-do” app, and not one that is simply about mundane things you have to do. This is the perfect app to keep track of things you want to remember such as the name of that book, an idea you had, somewhere you want to visit and more.

While the app is simple and may lack some of the features that many other to-do lists include, it is definitely good enough if you just want to keep a simple list of things you want or need to do. Also, the app is very colorful and the design of the app is very engaging and fun as well.

While this app is a tad basic compared to many other on this list, that doesn’t make it a bad map. That just means that people who appreciate a simpler and more “no-frills” experience with their to-do list will appreciate Thinglist.

Despite the fact that it is the most expensive app on this list (in terms of how much it costs to download), there is no arguing that it is among the best apps in this category. In fact, millions of people trust this app with keeping their lives organized and managed in a suitable fashion.

The app is incredibly easy to use, but also quite powerful with a number of cool features you will use in your everyday life. Of course, the app features a to-do list creator and manager that features a gesture-based design and other unique quirks. The whole app also used the iPhones specific interface as it allows users to swipe, pinch, drag and a whole other list of useful gestures to move content throughout the app.

In addition to that, the app features reminders, iCloud sync, and an interface focused on your actual tasks, not the days as a whole. Also, this app was perhaps one of the most innovative in terms of their design. Many apps will use a simple and color-light design, but Clear opted to have an extremely colorful and vibrant design throughout the app. This was a bold move that has most definitely paid off as people love this app and if you give it a try, there is a good chance you will too.

If you are an avid user of apps in the productivity and organization categories, you are likely familiar with the CARROT family of apps. They are apps, with personality. This app has the main purpose of helping you get something done, and makes it pretty addicting.

The artificial intelligence of this app is satisfied by only one thing, you getting things done. As a result, the more you complete from your list over time, the more features you unlock on this app. However, if you miss things or slack off on your to-do list, you will be punished. Think of it almost like a simple to do list that is also paired with a virtual pet.

There are hundreds of rewards, many little challenges and this game does a great job in gamifying your to-do list in a way many apps can’t. If you just want a simple and “normal” to-do list app, I wouldn’t spend the few dollars on this. But if you want to be entertained and have fun with your to-do list app, this is definitely one of the best ones you can find.

Do! is once again a very simple to-do list app that does exactly what it advertises without doing too much or too little. Do! is very easy to pick up and use and will be an easy transition for anyone who has not used an app like this before.

There are many different features in this app despite its simple reputation. The app supports a data backup, is password protected, notifications and can assign a different color for each task or type of task to make it easy to know what you have to do. The app even comes with a Today widget, so you can easily see what is left on your to-do list for the day or for the rest of the week.

The app not only works well, it also looks very sleek too. It resembles a paper and pen, and you can have different fonts that all change the experience of the app. The app is available for free, but there is a $1.99 upgrade you can buy in the app. However, all that upgrade does is to remove advertisements. That’s right, the app has all the same features whether you use the free version or purchase the upgrade in the app.

As you could expect by the name of this app, it is all about being minimalistic. The app is incredibly simple to operate, and is also very useful at the same time. The app also really prides itself on being the simplest app out there in the space, and it would hard to argue that. The app lacks a ton of features that many other apps on the article have, and that is because it is just a to-do list, that’s all.

While the content of the app is very simple, its design is simpler than you could ever imagine. The app is simply black words on a white screen and allows you to concentrate on the tasks at hand. It does allow for some reminders and timers, but it doesn’t offer much more than that. One thing that would have been nice to see in this app is multiple lists, but it is still a great app.

If you are after the simplest to-do list app out there (which can be downloaded for free), this is definitely worth a try. MinimaList embodies exactly what a ton of people want out of their to-do list apps, simplicity.

If you are an extremely busy person, this app will help you regain control over your life. While it isn’t just a traditional to-do list app like many on this list (it is more like a productivity manager) it still deserves a spot on here. In addition to being a full-fledged to do list, this app can also write and edit notes, organize your life, prioritize events and tasks and more.

The app is available to download and use for free, but there is also a Pro subscription for if you want to get more features. The Pro version of this app costs $39.99 a year and offers you a large number of extra features including subtasks, sharing, colored tags, unlimited storage, advanced sorting and much more.

All in all, some might find this app a tad overkill in this space, but others will enjoy the bevy of other benefits that Remember the Milk provides. Being as the app is free, you might as well download it and see if all the extra features it offers hinders or enhances your use of the app.

This app is by far the most innovative, intriguing and “different” on this list. Habitica is a to-do list app and task manager that gamifies your tasks and treats your life like a game. This not only makes making to-do lists and tasks fun, but also helps keep you motivated in a way that not many apps in this space can do.

To start the game you input habits, make to-do lists and tasks, and then create a custom avatar. As you check off tasks on your to-do lists, you unlock various things for your character such as armor, pets, skills and more. You can even go on to fight monsters with your friends.

This app plays out more like a game than a boring to-do list app, and while that may turn some people off of it, there is no doubting that this will help certain people feel more engaged with their tasks and more eager to check off items on their to-do lists. This app is available for free, but there are some in-app purchases that allow you to unlock certain features and items.

TeuxDeux is without a doubt the best name of any app on this list. However, the name isn’t the only great thing about this app. This app puts the items in your to-do list firmly in the front which helps you stay on task without any unnecessary possibility for distractions.

In addition to its greatness as a to-do list app, TeuxDeux has other features like recurring to-dos, custom coloring, powerful editing, voice-to-text and more. There is also a web version of this app, which means you can view and edit your to-do lists, wherever you are. This helps everything be synced easily and also means all of your lists are backed up in case of accidental deletion or loss.

The app is designed in a way that is very clutter-free, which helps keep you from being distracted while using the app. In addition to the design of the app being simple and straight forward, it is also incredibly beautiful. It uses a very simple and attractive color scheme as well as an awesome interface that is far from confusing.

The app gives you a free 30-day trial to try all the features and see if you like and enjoy the content of the app. If you aren’t a fan, you can easily just delete the app and try another from this list. But if you enjoy it and want to continue using it, you can pay $2.99 a month or $23.99 a year to get the subscription.

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