The Best Apps for Toddlers on the iPhone – May 2017

Technology has not only changed how teens and adults live, but also has changed the world for children and toddlers. While most of us think of iPhones and other devices for us, they can also be beneficial to children and toddlers in small doses. Of course, they can’t read or write yet, so how can an iPhone be good for them?

The answer is in the apps. Over the last few years, hundreds of different apps aimed at children and toddlers have popped up. These have a wide variety of different goals and uses including teaching shapes, teaching them words, entertaining them, challenging them and more. Being proactive and teaching your toddlers things at an early age is a great way to make sure they develop well and grow up to be bright and talented individuals. However, with so many apps available that claim to be appropriate and helpful for toddlers, it’s hard to figure out which ones actually are.

This article will go over some of the best and most helpful apps for your toddlers. These apps will teach them things and entertain them, as well as do many other things. While these apps are great and can help your child develop and learn, your child shouldn’t be in front of a screen all day, you should definitely look to limit their time on electronic devices. They really shouldn’t spend more than an hour or so in front of a screen each day, so use these apps in moderation.

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While the first few apps in this article were largely about education, this one is all fun for your toddler or child. In addition to being a world famous manufacturer of toys, LEGO also has created a pretty fun and impressive app. LEGO DUPLO Train is an app that lets you child play the role of a train driver. They will load cargo into the train, build bridges and tracks, help passengers and more.

This is a simple, yet creative, app that will surely keep your children entertained and engaged. The animations and colors are bright and attractive, which is sure to make your toddler happy. In addition to the fun that can be had with this app, it also can help your child learn about shapes, colors, and more.

This app is completely free, with no in-app purchases and no third party advertising! In addition to that, it is a great way to keep your child entertained on the go or let them have some fun. While it doesn’t offer as much as some of the apps on this list, it is just plain fun to play, which is more than enough for most kids and toddlers.

Many of us at a child remember reading Dr. Seuss books and loving them. Dr. Seuss was a prolific author who penciled some of the best and most unique children’s books in history. But while most of us read them on paper, kid’s nowadays can read them on a screen thanks to this app. That’s right, the Dr. Seuss Treasury app takes each and every Dr. Seuss masterpiece and lets you read it right on your phone.

However, there are many other things the app can do in addition to just letting you read Dr. Seuss. The app provides an interactive experience that keeps track of how many pages your child reads, how long the read for, and any words they tap on to reveal more information. You can easily sort and search books and this app is sure to both entertain and educate your children.

While the app can be downloaded for free, it only comes with a free 7-day trial. If you want to keep using the fully-featured app, you would have to pay for it. So while the app may cost you some coin here and there, you get all 50+ Dr. Seuss books on your device and that is pretty cool.

Like many of these apps that will be included in this article, Peekaboo Barn looks to both help your child learn and also have fun in the process. This app is all about learning different kinds of animals and the sounds they make, all while children have fun playing with the colorful and vibrant interface.

This app was also created by educators, not marketers. As a result, you have an app that actually holds some real value when it comes to education. There are also a number of other Peekaboo apps out there that can all offer you and your child a different experience.

While the app is not free to download and use, it comes in at a low cost of $1.99. In the grand scheme of things, that is an extremely tiny investment for something that will likely give your child hours and hours of entertainment, while also teaching them about animals, sounds and more. If you can get past the fact it isn’t a free app, Peekaboo Barn is one of the best apps on this list.

Like the last app in this article, this app (as you could likely tell by its name), is all about animal sounds. The app is great for children and toddlers of all ages and will help them not only learn about animals, but also the sounds that they make. The app is incredibly simple to use, that your toddler will likely be able to use it without any assistance from you!

The app includes more than 300 different animal photos, and the same amount of customized animal sounds. While it may not quite be as detailed, colorful or in-depth as Peekaboo Barn, it is a completely free app, with no ads. So if you don’t want to pay for an animal sounds app, this is a great substitute and will definitely help your child learn more about animals, while also entertaining them at the same time.

This is one app that is great for babies and toddlers alike. As you can see from the title of the app, this Fisher-Price created app is all about helping children learn shapes, colors and more. These are among the first things a child will learn and this app can help speed the process up.

Children can easily tap on or tilt the screen to interact with the different shapes on the screen, meaning they have full control over the app and don’t need parents to help them if they don’t want. The app also allows the app to grow with the children who play it as it features two separate levels of play. Level 1 lets you tap the screen to hear the name of a color or shape, and allows the shapes bounce and move around the screen. Level 2 adds the ability to play a little piano on the bottom of the screen, to help them create and listen to some great tunes!

You can get this great app for free, so there is no excuse to not give it a try. Your child will not only have fun playing and interacting with the app, but they will also learn a thing or two without being bored by dull apps or lessons.

If your child loves watching TV, but doesn’t seem to like what is on at your house, this app can be a lifesaver. This app is loaded with thousands of hours of videos and also some live TV. Also, you can rest assured that all of the videos within the app will be kid-friendly, so you don’t have to be constantly looking over your child’s shoulder to make sure what they are viewing is appropriate.

However, there is indeed a few options that parents can control within the Grownups tab. While the app is more about entertainment than education, your child can still learn a lot with a number of the different programming options in the app. The content is quite varied and there will be something your child will enjoy, no matter their interests or passions.

The app is also absolutely free to download and use, which is quite impressive due to the sheer amount of content included in the app. Your child will never run out of things to watch and do with this app downloaded to your phone.

The Chalk Pad app can turn your iPad or iPhone into a fully functional chalkboard. The app is loaded with various different options and has great graphics and is great with mimicking a real life chalkboard, right down to the app making the dreaded “nails on a chalkboard” sound.

Chalkboards are a great way for a child to express themselves in a number of ways, but a physical chalkboard can be hard to move around and kids can make quite a mess with it. This app solves that problem and makes having a chalkboard easy. This app is great for drawing, playing games, writing notes and more. All you need to do it use your finger to easily draw on the chalkboard and can even change the thickness and colors of the chalk.

In addition to being functional, the app also has quite a few different options too. There is an option to use spray paint, an option to input text, various different backgrounds and the ability to send and share the creations of your child. This app is also available for free, which is a great deal as it can potentially give your children hours and hours of mess-free entertainment.

Being able to learn about, appreciate and create music is very important for children and can be a ton of fun for them. This app is all about babies being able to take control of the app and play with it, without the need of their parents to help.

This app features a number of colorful squares and each note will play a different note and create a different sound. Red squares are drums, blue squares are drums and yellow squares will play the piano notes. The iPad version of the app has 15 squares for children to play with and the iPhone version has 10. Every time your baby or toddler touches the screen, explosions of color and sound will be created, giving them both some visual and audio feedback at the same time.

The app will cost you under a dollar and is one of the simplest, yet most fun, apps on this list for toddlers or babies. It was created by a father who wanted a fun and easy game for his baby to play, and he knocked it out of the park with this one. A dollar is a small price to pay for the hours of simple and easy entertainment that your child is likely to get out of this game.

Something that all parents and toddlers must go through at one time or another is potty training. Your child can’t wear diapers forever, so they will eventually need to learn how to use the bathroom like everybody else. In the past, this was often a tedious task and one that could take a lot of time, but now, technology has made it quite a bit easier.

This app is not only about keeping track of your child’s potty training, but also about making sure you are motivating and encouraging them to keep it up. This new app has 8 different ways to celebrate the success of your child on the potty. In addition to rewarding stickers, games and such, the app can easily chart your child’s potty schedule and make sure everything is going well for them.

Best of all, the app is completely free and you will not need to pay a single dime to help your child succeed in their potty training goals. The app is very simple, but also quite effective at helping your child stay encouraged while potty training. While you don’t need an app to potty train your child for the most part, it can make the whole ordeal a little bit easier.

This app is all about going on different playdates with many different friends. There are many other games in the Sago brand, but this is one of the best. This app offers you many different things to do and explore throughout the app. While the app is incredibly fun for children and toddlers, it can also teach them some valuable life lessons at the same time as well.

Playtime and learning to play with others are incredibly important and this app can help your children learn that. The app promotes sharing, empathy and will encourage your child to be creative as well. The app can also be played with without having wifi or being connected to the internet in any capacity.

This app is also completely distraction-free as there are no ads and no third party advertising. This ensures you and your child can use the app without being interrupted or prompted. This free app is among the best in the Sago suite of apps, but there are also a number of other ones that are worth checking out too.

This is another “do it all” app that will surely be a hit for your child. Magic Kinder is an app that contains exclusive content in the form of videos, games, stories, coloring books, quizzes and much more. All of this content is not only meant to entertain your child and help them have fun, it is also meant to educate them and teach them important things.

The app is also for parents too! Magic Kinder provides some content for parents to make the most out of their time with their children. Despite this, children are definitely capable of using this app without parents watching over their shoulder. And because you can set the timer for how long they can play for, you need not worry that they will play for hours and hours at a time.

The app is also completely free and will not show any advertisements, which allows for a distraction free experience. The app is also a completely safe place for your children and also allows for a variety of parental controls to make sure your children are safe and only doing things they should be doing. You can easily set time limits and set limits on how much content your child can download. All in all, this is a very underrated app for toddlers and is definitely worth a download.

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