The Best Travel Apps for the iPhone

Posted by Kale Havervold on March 8, 2017

One of the favorite pastimes of millions and millions of people on earth is to travel. The world is such a vast and interesting place that people are doing themselves a disservice by not checking it out and seeing some of the various cultures and experiences all over the world. However, going on a big vacation to another country or continent is quite the commitment and lots of thoughts and considerations go into it.

You need to figure out where to go, how much it will cost, what to pack, who to go with, what you’ll do when you’re there, how you’ll communicate while you’re there and much more. As you could expect, this can all be quite stressful and tough to think about and deal with. Thankfully, however, there are dozens and dozens or travel apps out there that can help you better plan and carry out your travel plans.

This article will go over many of the best, most popular and most useful travel apps for the iPhone. Travel apps come in many different shapes and sizes and covers things like flight apps, maps apps, travel review apps, translation apps and much more. As a result, this article will take a look at a wide variety of different apps, though they will all be incredibly helpful on your travels throughout the world.


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Actually booking your vacation has never been easier than with Skyscanner. This is an all in one travel app that lets you easily search and book hotels, flights, car rentals and more. Not only can you search and book, however, you can also compare the costs from a variety of different sites and sources.

The app is completely free to download and use and there are no extra or hidden fees when you book through the app. The app can even send you alerts on various different prices or hotel which can let you know when there is a price drop and when is a good time to make your purchase.

If you don't know where you want to go, there is also a handy feature that lets you select "Everywhere" in the destination box. This will then show you a ton of different travel options and locations which will hopefully inspire you to discover where you want to travel. No matter what type of booking you need to do, Skyscanner has you covered.

When researching your travel, there is a good chance you will reference a number of different travel sites. For example, you might search one site for your flights, another for your hotel and another for renting cars. Thankfully, Kayak now does all that hard work for you. Kayak will search results of hundreds of different sites for you and display the results in one place.

From there, you can book directly from the app which saves you more hassle of having to book through various other sites. Like some of the other apps on this list, Kayak also offers price predictors which will help you decide when the best time to book your trip might be.

There is also a "Trips" feature on the Kayak app which is extremely and helpful to use while traveling. No matter what site you got the deal from, Kayak will keep all your travel information and updates all in one spot. Real-time updates are available for things like flight status, baggage claim and more. This section even helps when you are in the airport as it gives you directions and even shows the various different shops in each airport you'll be at.

As you could expect from the name of this app, it is all about getting your great and cheap deals on flights. Nearly 1000 airlines from all over the world send them last-minute deals on flights. You can search the app for many of these deals and find flights for a fraction of the cost they would normally go for.

This app has won a number of awards for being one of the best apps for searching and booking flights from a number of different sources. The app also charges you no extra fees to take advantage of the amazing deals that it offers its users. The app also presents all the flight information and content in a clean and engaging interface that is very easy to use.

If booking cheap flights is your concern, this app definitely deserves a download as it is one of the best if you can wait until last-minute to book your flights. While it isn't as comprehensive as many of these apps in this list, it does it's job very well.

While many of the apps so far in this article have been about researching and booking your trip, this one helps you get prepared for your trip in a different way. Duolingo is a free app to help you learn languages and is simply one of the best and most popular apps out there today.

While most places you may be traveling to will have some assistance for those that speak English, you may want to immerse yourself in a deeper level, and that will take some knowledge of the language. Thankfully, Duolingo is extremely easy to pick up and learn a new language. As for which language you want to learn, Duolingo can help you learn anything from Spanish to German, and many other languages in between.

In fact, the app is laid out and presented in such a way that it makes learning a language fun. The app offers very short lesson blocks that start off as extremely easy and get progressively harder and more detailed as you learn more about the language. Simply put, I don't think there is a better app out there to help you learn a language than Duolingo, especially seeing as the app is completely free.

When you travel to another nation or part of the world, there is a good chance that they may not accept or widely use the currency you have. Thankfully, most cities have numerous places you can exchange currencies. But how do you know if you're getting a fair rate and what currency you should exchange?

Well, XE currency is your one-stop-shop app when it comes to currency exchanging and currency information. This app allows you to convert each and every currency on the planet and even stores the most recent update on the currency price, which means you will always see an updated number and never be left in the dark when it comes to what rate is currently accurate.

The app can send you alerts when a currency changes as it can monitor the market for you. Also, if you are a history buff and want to see the past rates of currency, this app offers thousands of historic charts on various different currencies. Thanks to the fact that the app saves the most recent update, this app can also be used offline, which is nice for when you are traveling with no internet.

One problem when you visit another place is communicating with the locals, as it can be difficult if English isn't that prevalent over there. While one way is to learn their language, that can often take months to be able to hold a conversation. Instead, it might be easier to translate and that is where Google Translate comes in.

No matter where you are in the world, Google Translate makes it possible to translate almost any language in a number of different ways. By typing in words and phrases, you can translate between over 100 different languages. However, there are many other ways to translate as well.

While these options aren't available for all 100+ languages, it is possible to translate by: taking a picture of signs or pages and getting a translation, offline translating, conversation mode and more. To have all of these different translation options available for free truly makes it a must have for your travel journey.

While staying at a hotel, hostel or resort on your trip are the most common options, there is one more out there that has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. That option is Aibnb, which is basically where people can rent out their homes or apartments for others to stay in for short periods of time.

There are over 2 million homes to choose from in nearly 200 countries, so there are tons of options for you. Whether you are looking to rent a cheap apartment in Lisbon or an expensive penthouse in Miami, the options on Airbnb are endless, and it is often cheaper than staying in a hotel or resort.

Whether you are an individual or a family, Airbnb has the place for you. Also, if you are interested in hosting visitors instead of visiting yourself, the app can also help you get up on the site and rent your home out to others. It is all done by the app so you never have to worry about people scamming you or not having the property ready by the time you get there. I truly think this app is the future of travel accomadations as more and more people get on the site.

Just like Airbnb has blown up the hotel and accommodations market, Uber is blowing up the monopoly that taxis had for years and decades. Uber is a ridesharing app that offers you rides to wherever you need to go, and they will often get to you faster than taxis.

When you request a ride on this app, the app lets you know exactly where your ride is on a map, what car to expect and even the license plate. Uber is available in over 500 cities around the world and is a much cheaper option than taxis for the most part. Most of the Ubers I have taken in my life were about half the cost of taxis that took me a similar distance.

Best of all, you pay with a credit card and there is no need for any exchange of money in the car as the driver will be paid automatically. While the basic service is the most common, there are other services included a cheaper and affordable option and a more luxurious option if you so choose. All in all, Uber is likely the future of this space and they continue to take market share away from taxis every day.

So once you have chosen your flight and travel plans, booked them, and arrived at your destination, it is time to figure out what to do. While you may have made some pre-arrangements, it is always a good idea to do some exploring around the city or country that you are traveling to.

However, you may run into issues when it comes to navigating through the city, While using paper maps is an option, it is fairly outdated. Also, using the standard navigation of your phone can be costly due to roaming charges. However, Maps.me is the best app and is the best option for offline maps.

Offline maps work by downloading the maps to your phone when you are in wifi and once you do that, they will be accessible on your phone without the need for an internet connection. They will still allow turn by turn navigation, which is super helpful. Millions of travelers use Maps.me for their travel needs and the app and all the maps in the app are completely free.

One of the biggest struggles we all encounter right before we leave for a vacation is packing. No matter how hard we try or how hard we think about it, packing is always tough. Whether you feel that you're forgetting something or don't know what to pack, something always seems to come up.

PackPoint is an amazing packing assistant and travel app that can help you create a packing list and help you pack in general. The app will ask you a few questions such as the duration of your stay, weather and any activities you have planned for your vacation.

Once you provide all that information, the app will create a custom packing list based your needs in a short time. This will save you a ton of time and can help you make sure you are prepared for what your might encounter. The app is completely free and is definitely among the most useful travels apps out there, especially for those who are a tad more forgetful.

If you are traveling across the world and want to be able to stay in touch with people at home, that can be difficult for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is the big time difference. If you travel to southeast Asia and your family lives in New York, you are around half a day in time difference.

When you are traveling, you may forget about this time difference, but not if you have Circa. Circa is an app that keeps track of time across multiple different locations and time zones. It can even show you working hours overlaps and more, so you may see when the best times to contact people back home might be.

This app is super convenient and saves a ton of time that you would be wasting by constantly googling what time it is back home. While it is not free, I would say that $4 is a very small price to pay for something as helpful as this.

Throughout your travels, you are likely to meet some people from other places in the world. Problem is, you can't just stay in contact with them via text like most of your friends. Most countries don't allow free texting to phones from many other countries, so that will get extremely expensive, extremely fast.

The best (and most popular) option for staying in contact with people you meet for free is WhatsApp. As long as you have wifi or internet of some kind, you can send messages, videos, call and much more. Millions of people from hundreds of countries use this app, so there is a good chance that people you meet will have it.

All of this is available for free, which makes it an even more attractive option. Also, the app works with your phone number so there is no need for a username or password which you could potentially forget. Even if you are not traveling a ton, this app is perfect for group messages with friends and/or classmates.

This app is a lifesaver when you have reached your travel destination. This app includes almost everything you need from currency converter, phrasebooks, offline maps and more. But the most important thing this app does it to provide expert advice and guides from people who know the area you are traveling to like the back of their hand.

These guides provided by these experts will help you get the most out of everywhere you travel to and will make sure you see and do some truly amazing things. These guides are available for 100 cities that are from all over the world. The app is created by the people behind Lonely Planet, a site with millions of users.

With this app downloaded to your device, you can be an expert on the city before you have even traveled there. This definitely helps for those out there who like to be prepared and are fairly nervous when traveling to new places.

A constant struggle when visiting a new place is wondering how to get around. Most of the time, we may not have a car in our travels, but still need to take longer trips to get around. How do you know what mode of transportation to take and how to do it in the most efficient manner.

With Citymapper, worry no more. Citymapper is an app that helps you get from point A to point B on your travels. It offers real time departures, bike routing, transit maps and more. There are many different cities that this app supports so if you are in a major center, this app will definitely make your travel throughout the city extremely easy.

No matter how complex or busy the city is, this app will make it simple to find the right bus to catch, the right subway to hop on and more. There is no reason for this app not to be on your phone if you are planning to do some traveling in the near future.

When people travel (especially during the colder months out of the year), there is a very good chance that they will be going somewhere tropical or somewhere with some fairly good weather. And with good weather comes sun, and with too much sun, can come a lot of issues.

It is very important to be safe around the sun, and part of that battle is knowing what the sun is like. Of all the apps out there, none are better at helping you out in the beach or the sun than Wolfram Sun Exposure. Based on skin type, location, time and SPF, the app will predict how long your skin can safely be out in the sun for.

The app also gives you tips and advice on how to be safer in the sun as well. The results are personalized for you, and you never have to worry about being caught off guard by the level of the sun wherever you are visiting. If you ask me, $1.39 is not a large price to pay to get a ton of information about keeping your skin safe in the sun.

While many people travel for pleasure, there are also many people out there that travel for business. And when you are on a business trip, keeping track of your expenses is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, Expensify makes this easier than you could ever imagine.

This app has more than 4 million users and is the best app when it comes to tracking, reporting, and keeping of business expenses. All you have to do is snap a picture of your receipt and this app will do the rest. It will use that picture to make sure all the details of your expense are identified and recorded.

The app is very user-friendly, while still being feature-heavy. This combination allows anyone to use the app with ease and that makes it one of the most popular in this space. No matter what kind of business you are a part of or what kind of expenses you are dealing with, this app can help you out.

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