The Best Video Editing Apps for the iPhone [April 2020]

No matter what phone you buy in 2020, it probably comes with an incredibly powerful camera. That includes your iPhone, which takes fantastic stills and best-in-class video that can’t be beat by any other phone on the market you can buy today. Of course, if you’re looking to step up your video game, you’ll need to grab an editing app for your iPhone. From adding text and effects to stitching together a number of clips, editing is an instrumental part of the movie-making process.

Although plenty of pro-level apps exist for Mac and Windows PCs, you don’t need a pricey piece of equipment or an expensive program to edit your videos. The App Store is full of video editing apps, from full NLE suites to apps that make it easy to auto-enhance your footage. Of course, with the App Store completely flooded with video editing apps, it goes without saying that many of these apps are virtually useless or even actively terrible. If you’re looking to avoid the trash and grab the best video editing apps for your iPhone, we’ve got the guide for you. We have fifteen apps to pick from that help you customize and personalize your videos, from making full-length films to improving your next Instagram post. These are the best video editing apps for April 2020.

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Adobe is no stranger to the iPhone, and Premiere Rush is actually their second time recreating the experience of Adobe Premiere Pro on Apple’s iOS devices. Premiere Clip, Adobe’s first mobile video app, has been retired, but with good reason: Premiere Rush is that much better. Anyone who’s used Premiere Pro on their PC will feel right at home with Rush. With a full timeline and a suite of tools like auto volume, speed control, and color enhancements, Rush makes editing video super easy. It’s also great for anyone who does have Premiere Pro at home, since all Rush projects can be directly imported right back into Premiere to finish up your edits.

Unfortunately, the only way to use Rush to its full potential is to sign up for one of Adobe’s Creative Cloud plan. However, if you’re looking to stick with Adobe for your editing needs and you don’t want to jump to a paid plan, Adobe Spark is another video editing app on iOS that is completely free.

With over 200 million users from around the world, VivaVideo is one of the most popular video editing apps on the market. This app is all about helping you create professional videos and movies in only a few minutes. This app is incredibly fully-featured for an iPhone video editing app and it features over 300 different effects for you to take advantage of during the editing process. These features include everything you would expect including trimming, merging, speed control, various visual effects and more. The app also features a number of different lenses that can each give your video a different feel and vibe. Simply put, the app is not light on features in the slightest.

Even though it is a fully-featured app looks good as well, the app is completely free to download and use. They could have easily charged a bit and likely would still have millions of users as the app offers one of the richest lists of features of any app in this entire article.

Magisto is a solid and well-featured video editing app that has over 80 million users from across the planet. This is far and away one of the simplest apps out there, as it can actually automatically create your own videos for you. You just have to simply choose the style that you like, and then the app will automatically apply stabilization, filters, effects, transitions and more. There is also a cool feature to watch the created videos and stories that others have created. And whether you need to create fun videos, family videos or business videos, this app can help you out. The app is completely free, but there are also a few premium membership options as well. They allow you more options, longer movie options, different styles, editing styles and more.

These will cost you a few dollars a month, up to almost $20 a month. So while they might be a tad too expensive for the casual user, they are great for the power user who is constantly making a number of videos and wants them all to be great.

Another app created by GoPro, this does have some similarity to Splice, but is also a unique app all in itself. Instead of allowing for a ton of customization like Splice, this app can do all the dirty work for you. Simply choose your favorite photos and clips from your device and Camera Roll, and Quik will analyze your footage and create some amazing edited videos. The app will add various transitions and effects, while also making sure that everything is synced to the beat of the selected music. You can also customize it with chosen filters, text, effects, narration and more. There are options to do certain things manually, but this app seems to do a pretty good job of doing things automatically as well.

There are various (over 20) different video styles to choose from, and each can be tweaked and customized to your liking. Also, each week, this app will surprise you with a new video created from different photos and videos that are saved to your device. The simplicity and viability of this app definitely warrant it a spot on this list of the best video editing apps for the iPhone.

If you want the equivalent of a mini film studio in your pocket, this is one of your best bets on the market. Videorama is jam-packed full of powerful features that can let even an editing newcomer feel like a pro in no time at all. The app contains dozens of helpful features including various special effects, animated texts, sound effects, transitions and much more. Despite the existence of so many great and powerful features, the app really isn’t that hard to learn or get a hang of. The app even lets you see real-time previews of your edited videos, so you always know if what you are editing is exactly what you want. Sharing and sending videos is also incredibly simple in this app.

But perhaps the best part about the app is the fact that it is completely free to use. For an app with so many features to be offered up completely free is truly something special. There is even an option to include free stock video into your film. All in all, this is one of the best options in this article.

If you want to get your edits done fast and with accuracy, this is the app for you. Videoshop features a ton of helpful and premium features including sound effects, mergers, transitions, filters, and many others. Whatever you want to do in the world of editing, this app will be able to help you out. While the features of this app are great, they are not the only good thing about this app. We are also big fans of the design of this app. It remains simple (which is great for apps like this), while still being powerful. it also does a good job at making sure everything is simply labeled and the screen is never too “busy” will features. This allows you to focus mainly on what matters, your edited video. While the app will run you a few bucks to download, it is well worth it.

While many of these apps are “jack of all trades” and can do various different editings tasks for you, there is something to be said for apps that only do one or a few things, but do them incredibly well. This is one of those apps. As you can likely tell from the name of this app, Video Crop is all about helping you to crop your videos. Cropping a video is an incredibly useful and important part of the editing process. Whether you want to cut out some unneeded parts of the video, or you want the viewers to focus on a particular area of the screen, cropping has a lot of value.

This app makes video cropping incredibly easy as well. All you have to do is import your video into the app, select the area or areas that you want to crop, then save the video. Simple as that. While many apps may offer cropping as part of the package, it is nice to have a single app dedicated to the art.

This app is all about making your videos more fun and exciting. While we can capture some great videos on our own, there is nothing quite like being able to edit your video to transform it into whatever you want. This app is great for all different kinds of videos and it is fantastic. The app is very simple to use, and you can even record videos right in the app itself. VideoFX Live contains a number of different effects that you can put to use before, during and after the recording. The app also makes it very easy to shoot in multiple locations and it is easy to make an amazing movie in the app. Whatever type and kind of video you need to make, just know that this app will be able to help you out.

There is direct upload to many different sites and that makes it real simple to share and send videos to friends. All of these features and the app itself is completely free of charge. While it may not “wow” you as an app, it is more that enough for most users.

Over 4 million people trust this app with their video editing needs around the world. This app is designed to help you make high-quality creations incredibly easy. This app is simple enough for casual users who just want to make another YouTube video, as well as professionals who need to make stunning edits for their bosses or clients. The app features a number of different features, one of the best being the ability to talk to the app directly to add narration to the videos. On top of that, the features include adding filters, combine videos and photos, video previews and much more. This app can help you tell some simply amazing stories.

This app is 100% free to use (as many of the apps on this list are), and it is quite fun to use as well. So if you are in the market for a video editing app that is easy to use, while still being powerful enough to get the job done for almost anyone out there with video editing needs.

When you need to add things over your video (hence the name of this app), there is no better place to go than Overvideo. Whether you need to add text or videos to your app, this app is perfect for you. It is incredibly simple to do, as all you have to do is add your message, pick a song, make some slight edits and you’re done. It really is that simple. And while it may seem overly simple, it actually is pretty great in terms of features. The app lets you customize various effects, trim and tweak your video, video preview, dozens of fonts and many other cool additions. While it mainly is about adding text and music to videos, it can do a bit more.

While it might not offer you as many different features as some of the apps on this list, but the things it does, it does amazingly well. From video selection, to when you share or save the video, won’t take you long at all, which is a plus for all those people out there that don’t want to spend hours and hours editing a video.

Capturing time-lapse and stop-motion videos is an amazing thing and something that looks extremely cool every time. However, capturing it has often been time consuming and expensive. However, this app can help! You can either slow down or speed up each video and can control exposure, white balance, and the isolation of your shots. There are also a ton of other features that you can use to make your time-lapse completely customized and creative.

So while capturing a time lapse and other related things is the main feature of this app, it isn’t the only feature you can find on this app. It can use both cameras, features on-screen information during the capture, and a number of customizable settings. Whatever you want to capture, this app can help make it more breathtaking than ever. The fact that the app is completely free is the icing on the cake.

This app is the most expensive on this entire list, but for good reason. It is a truly complete and powerful video editor on the iPhone. All the features you could ever need in an app like this are included. You can choose resolution, aspect ratio and various other things to make sure everything looks ideal. In addition to that, there are so many other editing tools at your disposal that you won’t even know what to do with them. Whether you want to trim, crop, add things to videos, combine various different videos or even play in reverse and add picture in picture, this app can do it all, without overwhelming the user.

While the app isn’t free as many on this list are, it’s gigantic features list is more than worth the $2.99. Seriously, it would take forever to include all of the various different features and options included on this app. You can rest assured knowing that very few (if any) other video editing apps will provide you as much as this one will.

FiLMiC isn’t purely a video editing tool, although it does include a number of options for editing your clips. No, FiLMiC is worth buying for its video capturing capabilities. Unlike the usual camera app on your iPhone, FiLMiC focuses on delivering the best experience for recording shots while on the go. At $15, it’s not cheap, but FiLMiC is trusted by thousands of pro users for a reason. You can control every aspect of your video capture with this app, from focus and exposure to frame rate, bitrate, and audio. This is full manual control, with the power to change how your phone captures color, briughgtness, contrast, and so much more. All this, plus a solid video editing suite for finalizing your short film before publishing.

If you still aren’t sure if FiLMiC is worth your $15 purchase, you don’t have to take our word for it. The app has been used by some high-profile filmmakers, including Sean Baker for his critically-acclaimed film Tangerine and Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh on his films Unsane and High Flying Bird. That’s in addition to Michel Gondry, Olivia Wilde, and Zack Snyder, all of whom have received acclaim for their contributions to film. FiLMiC Pro is a fantastic app, and if you can afford the relatively-low $15 price, it’s a must-have on iPhone.

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