The Best Waterproof Android Phones – November 2018

The latest generation of smartphones has earned widespread admiration and praise for its numerous water-resistant designs. Everything from the more recent iPhone models to the latest and greatest Android phones tend to feature water-resistant builds that protect against everything from the occasional spill to more serious cases, in which a phone has to battle a full-on rainstorm.

While these water-resistant innovations have come as a welcome change for the more accident-prone smartphone users among us, they have done relatively little to mitigate the fears and concerns of the more adventurous smartphone users, who require true waterproofing instead of purely water-resistant construction.

Although it may seem like a subtle distinction, the difference between waterproof smartphones and their water-resistant brethren is in fact quite pronounced. While water-resistant smartphones can only withstand the occasional splash or spill, truly waterproof smartphones can be fully submerged in water for extended periods of time without being damaged—making them all but necessary accessories for people who find themselves working on or around water on a regular basis.

Here are five of the best waterproof Android phones money can buy.

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