The Best Wi-Fi Hacker Apps for Android – January 2019

What are the Best Wi-Fi Hacker Apps for Android?

Despite their diminutive size, Android phones are capable of miracles and misdemeanors, depending on how you see it. And with the best Wi-Fi hacker apps that Android has to offer, the possibility for misdemeanors is high.

Wi-Fi hacking is carried out for many a reason. For some it’s a job – security researchers often need to test the vulnerability of a Wi-Fi network to ensure its security – and for others, well it’s simply for fun. But for most it’s a case of necessity. If you’ve run out of data on your phone then how else are you going to check Facebook?

Whichever camp you sit in and for whatever the cause, Wi-Fi hacking is simple to do with Android.

There are certain legal boundaries that you may be crossing when you use a hacker app for android, so it’s important you’re aware of the potential consequences. It is out duty to remind you that some of the actions that these apps are capable of contravene the law, so we advise you to only use the apps how they have been intended; for white hat means.

It is also important to know that some of these apps require your android device to be rooted which will invalidate most insurance policies. So consider this before you try it.

Here we’ll give you a run-down of the best Wi-Fi hacker apps for Android. This may not be an exhaustive list but it will certainly give you a head start.




DroidSheep is another app that was designed for the testing network security, though this white hat app can be used for black hate means. Though many people don’t use it with the best intentions in mind, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.

With DroidSheep, users can capture session cookies over a wireless network, meaning that you can view what other network users are browsing.

DroidSheep’s major strength is that even those without technical skill can easily use the app. With its simple design, users can be cracking networks in mere moments.

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Wi-Fi Kill Pro

This mischievous little app lets users cut other devices from the network they’re sharing. If someone on your network is hogging bandwidth so that you can’t watch your favorite Netflix episode, then use this to remove the problem.

Although this app is often used offensively, it can also offer users a way to defend their own networks from interventions from outsiders. If you’re paying for a Wi-Fi network then it should be only for you and those with privileged access, but that’s not always the case. Wi-Fi Kill Pro grants some protection against devices that may be trying connect through clandestine means.

Wi-Fi Kill Pro is simple but effective. Due to its fairly simple and unthreatening intentions, the app has been designed to be used very easily; those with no real technical ability will still be able to use it.

wifi kill pro screenshot


If you have ever wanted to secretly have a cheeky peek into someone’s private Facebook page or Twitter profile, then this is the tool for you. You creep.

The brainchild of Warsaw-born Bartosz Ponurkiewicz, this is a well put together app that unlike some others, gets results every time.

FaceNiff intercepts traffic that is connected to the same network as your android. To do this, the app collects the cookies from the network, allowing you to enter their account. From here you have free rein to do as you please, checking on messages and seeing whose profiles the unknowing victim has looked at recently.



dSpoilt covers a lot of ground for one little app. Among its many abilities, dSpoilt can assess the security of a network, thereby allowing you to gain access to networks that are vulnerable, as well as cracking passwords and network mapping.

There is also a darker side to dSpoilt that users should be aware of. Its other capabilities, such as Man-in-the-Middle attacks, move into areas where legal consequences can be rather more severe. While we all dream of being an Anonymous member, these types of attacks can get you into hot water.

dSpoilt might be an android app that is more of a ‘look but don’t touch’ deal.

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zANTI is the hacking app supreme for those wanting to gain access to an otherwise impenetrable Wi-Fi network. zANTI’s primary use is as a “mobile penetration testing toolkit” that is used as a security measure, by managers of large networks. But that’s not what everyone else uses it for.

This app is able to perform a variety of activities including brute force attacks, man in the middle attacks and more.

To use zANTI your phone must be rooted. As that frequently invalidates any insurance, you might want to think about whether you need to use this app before rooting.



This Wi-Fi testing app can be a lifesaver when you need an internet connection because data is running low.

With the Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester, users are able to “test” the strength of the network they’re trying to join, sifting through passwords until it hits gold.

This app will reveal the password that it has found for you so that you can enjoy the thrills and spills of fully connected wireless internet.

wifi wps wpa


WiFi You

WiFi You isn’t exactly a hacker app. Rather than breaking into networks, this app works by sourcing millions of Wi-Fi network passwords from across the globe. Its server stores the passwords to be accessed when a user connects.

This is a very easy-to-use app that does the work of finding a Wi-Fi hotspot for you. The app will display hotspots close by so that you can simply wander over and connect.

WiFi You is a huge help when you’re in public spaces or airports that charge to access Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi You will reduce your data use and allow you to enjoy the crisp speed of Wi-Fi.


WPS Connect

WPS Connect does away with a slick user interface to provide a Spartan experience of Wi-Fi hacking strength. This app doesn’t look pretty, but it certainly does the job.

This app offers a few distinct hacking abilities while most other apps offer only one.

With WPS Connect users can access a network and then remove other users. This is ideal for situations where you need to use a lot of bandwidth, like downloading a large file. Rather than have other users on the same network slow down your downloading speed, simply remove their access and deny reentry.

The app’s other ability is to find the network’s saved passwords, so even if they have some serious backdoor defense, you can always gain access via the front entrance.


Network Mapper

Another app intended for ethical purposes, it can also be used for black hat reasons.

Network Mapper scans networks to discover: hosts, open ports, configurations, protocols and vulnerabilities. Using this information it allows you to access networks.

One drawback for the Network Mapper app is that it requires a level of technical know-how that the average android user is unlikely to have. Unless you know your way around a router then this is probably not the app for you.



And the last place on the list of best Wi-Fi hacker apps belongs to the student built WiFinspect. In 2012 Andreas Hadjittofis of the University of Birmingham in the UK released this multi-tool app that is, of course, intended for use by security professionals to test the insecurities of the Wi-Fi networks that they’ve been given access too.

Like most of the other Wi-Fi hacker apps in this list, WiFinspect has a bold disclaimer to make it clear that the app is only intended for ethical purposes.

The app demands a reasonable level of technical ability to fully operate, but for those with the know-how it is a solid choice.




AndroDumpper is a clever tool that works by creeping into Wi-Fi networks (on WPS enabled routers only) by scanning the network for vulnerabilities in the armor of the WPS to find hidden passwords and login details.

Developed by Osama Abukmail, it’s a well-trusted Wi-Fi hacking tool with over 150,000 downloads from the GooglePlay store.

Although it has a funny name, AndroDumpper is very much the business and is one of the most reliable apps on the list. Unlike WiFi Inspect, for example, there’s little that will trouble a competent Android user and so it is suited to anyone who requires its services.

It goes without saying that this app was intended for testing and educational purposes. Just to make sure we understand the message, the developer has kindly reminded us that “hacking anything is forbidden by all religions”. Don’t say you were not warned!


So there you have it, a list of the best Wi-Fi hacker apps for Android, so full that it’s bursting at the seams. Remember to play by the rules when using these apps otherwise you might find yourself in trouble.

Other than that, have fun.

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