The Best Wireless Headphones for Working Out – September 2017

Workout headphones are as much about style as they are about durability and sound and a good pair is one that gives you all three within your budget. Sound quality is definitely an important factor, though it’s a difficult one to generalize with as different people prefer different sounds. In general however, people prefer a bass heavy sound for working out and that’s what we’re going to look for. Working out at the gym with regular earbuds doesn’t really cut it and you want something that will stay in place, not get in the way, preferably be waterproof and give you lots of great sound. Additionally, if you’re the type that leaves them in the gym bag, you definitely want to get an extra durable pair or a good carrying case.

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The list we’ve compiled for you keeps the above mentioned factors in mind though it’s good to remember there’s really nothing as good as trying on a few pairs before you buy one. Apart from durability, all other factors are a matter of opinion so don’t be afraid to try ones that we didn’t think were the best. On another note, the headphones on the list are all cutting edge in modern audio technology which means gone are the days when sweat messed up your earbuds or you had to deal with tangled chords during your workout. This list features wireless headphones specially designed for workouts and general sporting activities from not just top manufacturers, but also a few dark horses that we just couldn’t do without mentioning.

Now though there are more specific headphones like 100 percent waterproof ones for swimmers, this list has been compiled with heavy sweating in mind, not submersion. We’ve also decided to go with moderate noise cancellation as most runners would like to be aware if they’re going to be run over by a car. Another point to note is that though wireless headphones have been getting a lot of bad press since Apple and HTC decided to do away with the headphone jack in their latest phones, they are without a doubt the future.

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