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Early Black Friday: Learn a Language with Mondly for Just $19.99 with This Price Drop

Early Black Friday: Learn a Language with Mondly for Just $19.99 with This Price Drop

If you’re angling for Black Friday deals on a 65-inch TV or a new laptop, the pond is stocked to the gills with options. But not all Black Friday offers are tied to shiny new tech trinkets. Instead, we’ve got an early Black Friday deal that’ll actually open your mind and unlock parts of the world in a whole new way.

Mondly is a language learning platform that touts a refreshing new way of helping students grasp foreign tongues. So if you’ve got a constantly knowledge-thirsty globalist on your holiday list, let ‘em try learning any one of 33 different languages from Mondly at the early Black Friday discount price of only $19.99, an over 90 percent savings.

Sporting a rating over four-and-a-half stars with over 120,000 reviews from Apple App Store and Google Play store users, Mondly shoves aside the traditional, played-out classroom approach to getting conversant in a new language.

Mondly users pick their language, then get immediately immersed in a virtual setting with a native speaker who starts talking in that new language.

But students don’t need to panic. Lesson prompts appear to guide learners through all the different ways they can respond.

Meanwhile, Mondly’s state-of-the-art speech recognition technology evaluates those spoken answers, determines if the answer is correct, then turns the encounter in a new direction. This method spawns conversations with a truly organic, real world spin that don’t even feel like language training.

Instruction plays more like a game than a lesson, arming students with digital dictionaries and verb conjugators to build out a vocabulary aimed at being full fluent fast.

The gift of a Mondly subscription proves you really thought outside the box this holiday season. In addition to a $19.99, one-language plan, you can open up the world even wider with larger three-language ($39.99) and five-language ($49.99) packages.


Mondly: Lifetime Subscription (1 Language) – $19.99

Speak a new language for only $19.99

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Jason Kobely

Nov 20, 2018

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