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The Best Brother Printers in 2022

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The Best Brother Printers in 2022

The Brother brand of printers is synonymous with a quality build and an even better quality of printouts. Whether it’s for office or residential use, Brother has a printer just for your needs. Finding the right printer, however, can be hard considering how many printers they have already. If you’re looking for some of their best models, you’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to picking the best Brother printer, you should first consider what you’re going to use it for. Some printers are made specifically for office use, but there are those that are a better fit for residential properties. Regardless of what you’re looking for, these best Brother printers might just be what you need to get you on the right track.

01 Brother MFC-J4535DW

For home offices, Brother’s MFCJ4535DW might just be one of the best products you will find. You don’t have to spend all your money on toner like other traditional cartridge-based inkjet printers. You can print many pages before ordering a new cartridge, so you can use this printer all the time.

The company has a downloadable mobile phone application that allows the printer to be used wirelessly. This app also has a copy function that guides you through scanning and printing from your mobile device. Additionally, you can use the app to conduct simple printer maintenance, as well as ink or paper purchase options. Unfortunately, it won’t print as fast as other office models, so if print speed is important to you, you’ll have to choose a different model.

Also, the ADF scanner does not support double-sided scanning. This Brother printer model is able to print faster than its competitors. It supports automatic double-sided printing, but it is only compatible with some paper sizes. The Brother Premium Plus Glossy Photo Paper can print at an average of 48 seconds per 4×6 exposure. For normal home or commercial use, the quality of yield is more than sufficient.

Most basic text styles were easy to read even at a small size of 5 digits, but the text was a bit less sharp than expected. The MFC J4535DW is perfect for families. High page yields on both black and color pages mean you don’t have to spend a lot of money on refilling ink. If you need to scan various media such as prescriptions and photos, it includes a flatbed scanner and an automatic document feeder. Unlike many small AIOs that fit this description, it provides some unique attributes.

Most notably, the total cost of ownership (purchase and operating costs) is very low. Double-sided printing and faxing are also possible. That’s why the MFCJ4335DW was chosen as the new editor’s choice for lightweight inkjet AIO.


  • High ink capacity
  • Comes with two disc trays
  • Many great features


  • Subpar print speed


  • Price $319.99
  • Print Speed 20 PPM
  • Paper Capacity 400 sheets
  • Printer Category Color inkjet AOI printer
  • Item Weight 21.1 pounds
Brother MFC-J4535DW

02 Brother HL-L5100DN

The slightly monotonous Brother HLL5100DN does look dull. Don’t let its appearance fool you though; it’s a simple printer that can help you hold on to a lot of paper and a lot of toner at the same time.

The printer lets you print at speed designed for a small but busy office setting, so you won’t fall behind in productivity. This small, black-and-white printer can be placed on your desk, but it’s best to keep it out of sight. However, it is large enough to hold at least 300 sheets of A4 paper in two trays. There’s also an output tray that can hold 150 sheets of A4 paper. This model doesn’t have WiFi built-in, but it’s suitable for medium-sized workgroups when connected to an office router using an Ethernet cable.

 You can also connect to Brother iPrint & Scan software via your smartphone via a dedicated app. The gray plastic cube design isn’t as practical anymore, but fortunately, the printer doesn’t take up too much space. The printed page simply fits in the open tray. Changing the cartridge might be a bit confusing for some. You’ll need to open the front and then lift the toner cartridge and drum from the inside. Luckily, there are instructions for this that come with the box.

The good news is that the rest of the installation is easy as there is no WiFi to set up. Simply connect the Ethernet cable and connect the printer to the network in your office. Overall, this printer provides a pretty decent solution for your office needs. The features it comes with are all amazing and made to ensure that everyone in the office will be able to get the papers that they need when they need them.


  • High paper capacity
  • Good print speed


  • Less economical than laser


  • Price $123.98
  • Print Speed 40 PPM
  • Paper Capacity 300 sheets
  • Printer Category Mono laser printer
  • Item Weight ‎1.5 pounds
Brother HL-L5100DN

03 Brother MFC-J5945DW

The MFCJ5945DW is a bit larger than the replaced 2017 MFCJ5930DW. However, it is slightly smaller than the MFCJ6945DW siblings. This printer is just perfect for office or home-based setups.

Like many high-end business printers today, the MFCJ5945DW features 50, single-pass automatic document feeders (ADFs) for scanning, copying, and faxing double-sided, multi-page documents. The standard interface consists of Ethernet and Near Field Communication most commonly known as NFC. Additionally, the printer also features USB 2.0 and WiFi.

The printer also comes with a few mobile connectivity options. These include Brother’s iPrint & Scan app for Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and more. In terms of connectivity, the MFCJ5945DW definitely doesn’t disappoint and nearly everyone at home or in the office can print stuff on the go. We believe that it’s one of the best printers when it comes to this aspect. It’s really tough to beat considering all of the options that are readily available.

This is a part of Brother’s INKvestment tank brand AIOs that combines a standard cartridge system with an integrated reservoir configuration. The printer holds a large amount of ink between the external cartridge and the internal tank. According to Brother, the ink cartridges that come along with the printer have an ink life of up to one year, based on formulas for printing 300 sheets per month, 60% black and white pages, and 40% color pages.


  • High paper capacity
  • Compact unit
  • Can hold A3


  • Inconsistent prints


  • Price $379.99
  • Print Speed 22 PPM
  • Paper Capacity 500 sheets
  • Printer Category 4-in-1 colour laser MFD
  • Item Weight 45.9 pounds
Brother MFC-J5945DW

04 Brother MFC-1205W

When it comes to printer prices, the cheaper the printer, the higher the cost of execution. However, this entry-level business inkjet printer is compatible with Brother’s high-capacity ink cartridges and has the lowest printing cost per page of any cartridge-based inkjet printer.

Brother refuses to participate in the refillable ink tank bandwagon. As, per the makers, larger cartridges are better than bottled ink, and the INKvestment tank system provides an excellent, cartridge-based alternative. The Brother DCPJ1200W is Brother’s most compact INKvestment tank printer. It has a very different design than the Brother DCPJ1100DW which is slightly more expensive.

This printer is much smoother with no ADF or tilted panels. Due to the large and slightly deep cartridge compartment, it is slightly larger than most A4 all-in-one printers, but it’s still pretty compact compared to other Brother series. The neat cream-colored case blends well with the background. The Brother DCPJ1200W (MFCJ1205W) is a three-in-one multifunction device.

That is, you can print, scan, and copy. However, the device isn’t capable of faxing. It’s at the bottom of the range, so it doesn’t have many other features. WLAN is, of course, integrated. Additionally, the printer also comes with Wireless Connect, Mopria, and even the special Brother Mobile Connect application. You can print on a variety of paper types, which is great for most businesses. Those paper types include envelopes, a variety of photo paper, and A4 paper.

It does lack key features such as a tray, an Ethernet port, and a USB host port. The touch screen is a small inconvenience as well. However, the inability to double print automatically is a big problem for some. Printing is slow, but if you’re not in a hurry, you can manually flip each page and print the other side, and you’ll get decent print quality for a pretty low price.


  • High capacity ink cartridges
  • Good price
  • Versatile printing


  • No auto duplex


  • Price $129.99
  • Print Speed 16 PPM
  • Paper Capacity 150 sheets
  • Printer Category 3-in-1 color inkjet printer
  • Item Weight 12.3 pounds
Brother MFC-1205W

05 Brother MFC-J5330DW

The Brother MFCJ5330DW is designed like a typical multifunction printer, but there are a few tricks up its sleeves. One of the immediate features you can see from this machine is that it can handle A3 paper. 

The printer is able to hold 250 sheets of paper. Thanks to its double-sided printing capacity, printing speed is fast (double-sided), and a fax function and ADF (automatic document feeder) are integrated as well, so Brother MFCJ5330DW is made to accommodate people as well as medium-sized business users. It’s not a home printer, so it doesn’t have consumer features that you’d expect from such. Those of course include the likes of an SD card slot or an NFC, which would let you connect a mobile device. At least it has a port that provides a WiFi connection.

As a Four-in-One MFP, this Brother product can print, scan, copy and fax. It also has both Ethernet and WiFi connections, like most models for small businesses. Better yet, you can also print and scan from your mobile device using the excellent companion app, which is available for free to iOS and Android users.

This MFP is slower than some, but it quotes print speeds of up to 22 pages/minute in black and white or 20 pages per minute in color. When setting up the Brother MFCJ5330DW for the first time, the touch screen display will guide you through a rather lengthy step-by-step guide that includes inputting date, time, etc. 


  • All in one printer
  • Prints both sides of paper
  • Vivid color prints


  • Some photos take long to print


  • Price $448.55
  • Print Speed 22 PPM
  • Paper Capacity 300 sheets
  • Printer Category MFD
  • Item Weight ‎36.8 pounds
Brother MFC-J5330DW

06 Brother HL-L9310CDW

Brothers FlagShip HLL9310CDW A4 Laser is equipped with all of the connectivity options that you may want. Safe TPToPrint Provides WiFI direct and AirPrint service with NFC for mobile capabilities. It is very similar to the cheaper HLL8360CDW and offers the same 31 PM color and mono printing speed. With 1 GB, the HLL9310CDW has two times the memory of its predecessor, and the toner cartridge of the starter on page 6,500 is more than three times the size, and the recommended duty cycle for 6,000 TATTLES is the third highlight.

There is no difference between the RealWorld printing speed. When printing the same document on both sides, the speed dropped to 15.5 pages per minute, and the time from ready to the first page never exceeded 12 seconds. The GDI driver uses the host PC for most screening tasks, but no discernible difference in color quality was seen. In fact, regardless of the driver’s choice, we found that the output quality was particularly good and the font size was crisp text up to 6pt.

The best results for black-and-white photographs were achieved when the driver set Fine, and tests showed superb detail in dark areas. Color photography is just as impressive, with contrasting and vibrant colors converted into powerful marketing reports, with little banding in large monochromatic areas like the sky. In addition to the convenient local status monitor, the driver allows users to assign account names and PINs to sensitive documents, which can be released by simply inputting those private codes on the printer. Access and use can be tightly controlled thanks to the secure and safe Brother’s Secure Function Lock 3, which can be used to limit public access, create a list of local users, and assign permissions.


  • Lots of features
  • Business oriented printer
  • High quality print


  • Small touchscreen


  • Price $849.00
  • Print Speed 31ppm
  • Paper Capacity 300 sheets
  • Printer Category Color laser printer
  • Item Weight ‎0.783 ounces
Brother HL-L9310CDW


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