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The Best Monitors For Architects in 2022

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The Best Monitors For Architects in 2022

The last thing you’re thinking about when you’re working on an architecture project is probably the monitor you’re using. What many people don’t realize is that the quality of the monitor you’re using matters a lot when it comes to architecture. If you’re really interested in honing your craft, then you need to invest in a good monitor.

Finding a good monitor for architecture might be tough considering how many monitors there are on the market. You need to look for things like resolution, refresh rate, and even screen size, key factors in choosing a monitor. If you’re looking to invest in a good monitor soon, we’re here to help you out. Here are the 6 best monitors for architects right now.

01 LG 34” UltraWide Monitor

Starting off this list is a tech brand with a very familiar name. LG has long been one of the top manufacturers of monitors. For the best monitor for architects, we have the LG 34WN80C-B.

One of the clear strong points of the LG 34WN80C-B is its display. As the top monitor on this list, the LG 34WN80C-B is the only monitor capable of supporting sRGB 99% color gamut. Additionally, the screen is also capable of HDR10. This results in a fine display that’s perfect for architects as they work on their next project. It can help bring more life and color to projects.

One of the unique things about this monitor is its ultrawide, curved display. This provides for amazing viewing angles that you wouldn’t typically see on flat-screen displays.  With an aspect ratio of 21:9, the LG 34WN80C-B is also capable of letting you work on many things all at once. This is made possible thanks to a built-in split-screen feature on the monitor that helps you get the most out of the display.

For your comfort and productivity, LG has also included an adjustable stand that makes it easy to tilt and move the monitor to make it more comfortable for you to work in. Architects usually work for many hours in front of the computer and such options are vital if you want to maintain a healthy posture. The LG 34WN80C-B is one of the best displays we’ve seen in a monitor. It’s easy to see why it’s at the top of this list for architects.



  • Great wide angles
  • Displays colors pretty well
  • Great design


  • No built-in speakers


  • Price $587.07
  • Screen Size 34 inches
  • Screen Type IPS
  • Resolution 3440 X 1440
LG 34” UltraWide Monitor

02 BenQ 27” 4K Monitor

BenQ is one of the top names for manufacturing high-quality computer monitors. What’s even better is that the brand caters to professionals specifically. It is tailored to the needs of designers who prefer seeing the most accurate colors and high-resolution displays. This is by far the best monitor for professionals and architects.

One of the most attractive features of the BenQ PD2700U is that it comes with a blue light filter. For the uninitiated, blue light filters are made to reduce the stress on the eyes while in front of the monitor. This makes it easy for anyone to work in front of the computer for extended hours. Additionally, the blue light filter also comes with long-term benefits for your eyes too. While typically expensive, the BenQ PD2700U makes it accessible at a more reasonable price.

The design of the BenQ PD2700U remains pretty simple and straightforward. Others would say that the BenQ PD2700U looks a bit industrial, but with the thin bezels around the monitor, it looks just like a modern monitor in our opinion. Located at the bottom of the screen are six buttons that control most of the functions that you need from the monitor. The buttons themselves feel responsive and clicky, but, most importantly, they can last for years.

With a screen resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and the presence of AQCOLOR technology, this monitor can display accurate colors. It’s even Calman verified as well as validated by Pantone, making the monitor a great choice for graphic designers. However, the CAD/CAM mode especially stood out for us, which is a necessity for artists and architects working in technical illustrations. As such, the proper screen brightness and contrast display well-defined lines and shapes. Not to mention, you get to try out various professional modes to personalize your monitor. 

The true benefit of the BenQ PD2700U is its display. With regards to color accuracy and aspect ratio, you won’t find a monitor that’s as cheap as BenQ PD2700U. Whether you’re an architect or another type of professional, the BenQ PD2700U delivers with a display that’s very hard to beat for its price.


  • Supports dual view mode
  • Clean and crisp display
  • Thin bezels


  • Doesn't wide gamut


  • Price $499.99
  • Screen Size 27 inches
  • Screen Type UHD IPS
  • Resolution 3840 x 2160
BenQ 27” 4K Monitor

03 SAMSUNG 34” Ultrawide QHD Monitor

Samsung’s monitors remain to be a very popular choice be it for professional or leisurely use. In light of that, the Samsung J791 is one of the best for architects right now.

The Samsung J791 features a 21:9 ratio resolution which is dubbed the Ultra Wide Quad High Definition or UWQHD. As one of the top monitors for architects out there, the Samsung J791 delivers unparalleled viewing angles, so architects will find it easier to create depth in their designs. As for the panel itself, it is a 10-bit panel that comes with over a billion colors. It is said to cover at least 125% of the sRGB scale which means it has one of the more impressive color gamuts on the market right now. With a display that good and a color gamut that’s as wide and accurate as the Samsung J791, you’re definitely getting the most out of your money. 

In terms of build and performance, the Samsung J791 comes with everything that you’d expect from a brand like Samsung. It’s a well-built monitor that comes with a wide selection of features. Additionally, it is built with high-quality materials which guarantee that the monitor will be able to run for a substantial amount of time as well. While it may be more expensive than the other items on this list, the Samsung J791 does bring with it a lot of flair and quality that makes the monitor well-worth it.


  • Great performance
  • Many ports
  • Great at multitasking


  • Pricey


  • Price $719.81
  • Screen Size 34 inches
  • Screen Type QLED
  • Resolution 3440 x 1440
SAMSUNG 34” Ultrawide QHD Monitor

04 LG 27″ 4K UHD IPS Monitor

Next up, we’ve got another LG monitor on this list. Although it’s a bit of a far cry from the first LG monitor on this list, the LG 27UK850-W is still a good monitor for many purposes for professional use.

The LG 27UK850-W is a smooth in-plane switching (IPS) monitor that comes with Ultra HD resolution, FreeSync, and HDR10. In terms of quality and display, it’s easy to say that the LG 27UK850-W features one of the best and most accurate displays we’ve seen from any monitor so far. While a bit pricier as compared to the top LG monitor on this list, the LG 27UK850-W does come with the necessary upgrades that justify the price difference.

The LG 27UK850-W is built as a gaming screen. That doesn’t mean it can’t be utilized by professionals though. It simply means the monitor comes with the features and necessary upgrades that would make PC gaming even more immersive. These features include a superb refresh rate, amazing color accuracy, and performance that’s very tough to beat. For the most part, gaming monitors are suitable for architects as well.

When you order the monitor, it will come in a few pieces, the stand and the panel. You can easily assemble the monitor without using any tools. As they say, the LG 27UK850-W is a simple plug-and-play monitor that will help get you the best out of your money. Order it, assemble it, and you’ll be good to go be it for professional or for your gaming needs, it’s a straightforward monitor.


  • Fast response
  • Great for gaming as well
  • Easy connectivity


  • External power brick


  • Price $650.23
  • Screen Size 27 inches
  • Screen Type IPS
  • Resolution 3840 X 2160
LG 27″ 4K UHD IPS Monitor

05 ViewSonic VP2468 H2 24-Inch

One of the things that architects do a lot is multi-task. When multi-tasking, working on a single screen can be hard as you usually have multiple apps open. If you want a great multi-screen package, then you should get the ViewSonic VP2468.

As a multi-screen monitor, the ViewSonic VP2468 is very easy to set up. It’s easy to install, and it comes with VESA compatibility and mounting accessories too. It’s a great package that will basically help all architects multi-task easily on two monitors. If you use more than one software at once, this is the perfect monitor for you right now. It’s very hard to find a multi-screen package that’s as good as this.

Don’t be confused though, while the package comes with two monitors, both pieces are very high-end. Each of the monitors is a full HD 60 Hz IPS monitor that is more than capable of delivering accurate lifelike colors. It’s perfect for the office, photographers, graphic designers, and much more. In terms of performance and display quality, the ViewSonic VP2468 doesn’t cut corners, and it’s easily one of the best displays for its price too.

The ViewSonic VP2468 delivers amazing color accuracy and display on both screens. It’s something that can get you through most tough and demanding tasks on your PC. In most cases, PCs suffer once multi-screen setups are introduced. What makes the ViewSonic VP2468 a cut above the rest is that it doesn’t lag or have any performance issues despite being set up that way. In fact, it’s one of the best performing multi-screen setups that you can buy right now. If you want to multitask easily, this ViewSonic VP2468 package is one of the most budget-friendly options that you can find right now so don’t miss out on it.


  • Great package
  • Easy calibration
  • Comes with connectivity ports


  • No stand included


  • Price $511.95
  • Screen Size 24 inches
  • Screen Type IPS
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080
ViewSonic VP2468 H2 24-Inch

06 Asus ROG 49” Curved Gaming Monitor

Last but not the least, we have a PC for architects that’s purely dedicated to gaming. The Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ shows that monitors built for gaming can be built for professionals and architects as well.

The Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ is a high-quality, superb display from one of the top names in the gaming industry. It’s a curved monitor that delivers amazing viewing angles, as well as amazing display and refresh rates too. Keep in mind that this monitor is made to run the most high-end games on the market, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it can run some of the top and most demanding architectural software as well. Pricey as it may be, it’s still one of the best monitors your money can buy.


  • Easy on the eyes
  • Great display
  • Good for gaming as well


  • Price $799.00
  • Screen Size 49 inches
  • Screen Type LCD
  • Resolution 3840 x 1080
Asus ROG 49” Curved Gaming Monitor

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