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The Best 43 Inch TVs: Immersion on a Budget

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The Best 43 Inch TVs: Immersion on a Budget

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Buying Guide: How to Find a Quality 43 Inch TV

Whether you’re on a tight budget or simply don’t have enough space to rock a bigger set on your wall, a 43-inch TV is a great way to watch movies and play games with enhanced immersion. As its name suggests, this TV has a diagonal screen size of 43 inches. This size makes it the perfect option to view from a distance of 3.5 to 4 feet. While immersing yourself in cinema-like visuals and sounds is the fun part, buying a new TV set isn’t as exciting. With so many brands pushing their electronics at you, navigating this market can be a bit overwhelming. So, to help you buy a quality set for your home, we’ll take you through the top-selling 43-inch TVs in 2023 and teach you how to purchase the best one.

This comprehensive buyer’s guide will equip you with all the essential info you’ll need when looking for a new TV set.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a 43 Inch TV


One of the most important things to decide about your new TV is what resolution to opt for. In simple terms, image resolution will determine the picture clarity. So naturally, a higher resolution will equal better image quality. The image resolution of your new 43-inch TV is measured in pixels. The terms you’ll find here are 4k and 1080p. The latter signifies your screen has 1080 pixels vertically and 1920 pixels across its length. 4k is simply four times this area with 3840 pixels horizontally and 2160 pixels vertically. Your TV’s resolution, however, isn’t the only thing that’ll determine its picture quality. We also recommend keeping an eye out for HDR (High Dynamic Range) for superior contrast, along with other proprietary technologies that enhance the overall viewing experience.

Refresh rate

Next, you must decide on the refresh rate of your new 43-inch TV. As its name suggests, this number dictates how often an image on your TV gets refreshed or changed every second. Your TV’s refresh rate is measured in Hertz or Hz. So, a 60 Hz screen will refresh 60 times every second. A higher refresh rate would mean a smoother viewing experience. Generally speaking, if you’ll only be using your TV to watch movies and other forms of media entertainment, a 60 Hz panel should be more than adequate. However, a 90 or 120-Hz panel is more suitable if you’re looking to game on it. Once again, it depends on the type of games you’ll be playing; for single-player story games, a 60 Hz panel won’t hurt. However, you’ll need something more for competitive multiplayer games.

Important Features in 43 Inch TV That You Shouldn’t Overlook

Sound quality

Unless you’re planning to use a pair of Bluetooth headsets exclusively when using your new 43 inch TV, consider investing in something with decent speaker systems. You can get a good idea of the sound quality of your new television set by going through some customer reviews.


Ideally, you’d want at least two or three HDMI ports and a USB and Ethernet port in your new 43 inch TV. An HDMI port will allow you to output video to your TV from an external device. This device can be your PC, your gaming console, or even an old DVD player. An Ethernet port will allow you to manually connect your TV to the internet for a lag-free experience. Finally, you can hook up a flash drive or streaming stick to your 43 inch TV via its USB port.

43 Inch TV Price Range

Do you know what time it is? Well, it’s time to talk about the dollar signs! A new 43-inch television set can cost you anywhere between $250 and $400. While a lot of factors like the brand’s name and build quality will play into the price, it ultimately boils down to the resolution and the refresh rates. You can expect to pay a premium when these two numbers go up.

What Else Should You Know About Your New 43 Inch TV?

Bezel size

The borders of your 43 inch TV are known as bezels. The tip here is to look for thinner bezels as they look slick and offer a richer viewing experience. This is because you can view more of the screen.


Unlike the bezel size, the thickness of your 43 inch TV will have no impact on the viewing experience. However, a slim and sleek set does look prettier and more aesthetic. You can judge your new 43-inch TV’s thickness by referring to its depth measurement available on the product page.

01 Amazon 43 Inch TV

Amazon’s Fire 43 inch TV offers a crisp resolution of UHD 4k. This amazing resolution combines with the colors of HDR 10 and HLG to provide you with unrivaled picture quality. You can also expect this image quality to be fluid, thanks to its high refresh rate of 60 Hz. The sound from this beast is powered by Dolby Digital Plus for ultra-clear and vibrant surround sound results. 

This pick also comes incorporated with Amazon’s Alexa for smart features. You can control these features via the handy remote or by speaking to your 43 inch TV. The best part is you get all of this at such a low price point. This amazing value for money has earned this option the top spot on our list.


  • Thin bezels mean you'll get to see more of the screen
  • Comes with Alexa Voice Remote
  • Vibrant colors and phenomenal surround sound
  • Amazing price point


  • The standby light is a bit too bright
Amazon 43 Inch TV

02 VIZIO 43 Inch TV

Similar to our top pick, the VIZIO V-Series 43 inch TV also features 4k resolution with HDR 10 and HGL. However, this pick does things differently by offering Dolby Vision HDR, backlighting, and Active Pixel Tuning. These proprietary features allow the TV to optimize the brightness and contrast levels to deliver a perfect picture quality. 

On the connectivity side of things, you’re looking at both Wifi and an Ethernet port. There are also three HDMI 2.1 ports. Customers appreciate how this option can natively upscale your regular content to 4k goodness. You also get a Vizio Voice Remote with this TV that allows you to control it with your voice.


  • A handy 4k upscaling feature
  • Brightness and contrast levels are customizable
  • Three HDMI ports offer fantastic connectivity


  • The sound quality isn't the best
VIZIO 43 Inch TV

03 Toshiba 43 Inch TV

Powered by Toshiba’s proprietary Regza Engine, this 4k TV provides stunning picture quality. These results are further enhanced thanks to the HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR technologies this option comes equipped with. However, Toshiba doesn’t stop there. 

To help you get the full home-theater experience, this 43-inch TV also offers DTS Virtual: X. The technology virtualizes the sound from your TV for a truly immersive media watching experience. As far as smart features go, you get a voice-activated remote with Alexa in the package.


  • Stunning picture and sound qualities offer greater realism
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Comes with a voice-activated Alexa remote


  • No support for HDMI 2.1
Toshiba 43 Inch TV

04 Hisense 43 Inch TV

Unlike the other TVs on the list, this option from Hisense doesn’t offer a 4k resolution. Instead, you get Full HD or 1080p resolution. Naturally, the picture quality is low, but this 43 inch TV offsets that through DTS Virtual: X for a crisp and clear sound. Let’s also not forget the great price point it comes in. 

Customers particularly appreciate the proprietary technology of Motion Rate 120, which reduces the motion blur of images for a more comfortable viewing experience. The Hisense 43-Inch TV is built around the Android OS. This means you also get Google’s Assistant with this option, along with all the added convenience of voice control.


  • A phenomenally low price point
  • Google Assistant integration adds to the convenience 
  • Crisp, clear sound


  • No support for 4k resolution
Hisense 43 Inch TV

05 SAMSUNG 43 Inch TV

If you’re in the mood for a little splurge, the SAMSUNG 43-Inch TV is the premium pick you should opt for. Let’s start with the multiple voice assistant compatibility it offers. From Samsung’s Bixby to Amazon’s Alexa to Google’s Assistant, it’s all here, just a voice command away.

On the picture side of things, you get 4k resolution with Dynamic Crystal Color technology. This allows you to watch your movies with high contrast and revel in the most accurate of colors. This 43 inch TV is at no loss of tricks for connectivity either. You get two USB ports, three HDMI ports, and an Ethernet port in this regard.


  • The extremely slim design adds to the aesthetics
  • Motion Xcelerator reduces motion blur for comfortable viewing
  • A blazing fast refresh rate of 120 Hz


  • A bit pricey but well worth it

People Also Asked

Is a 43 inch TV big enough?

A 43 inch TV is more than adequate for a room where you’ll be sitting 3.5-4 feet away from the screen. You can also expect to experience the full glory of 4k with this screen size.

Can a smart 43 inch TV work without the internet?

Yes! You can expect your new smart 43 inch TV set to work without the internet. It’s just that you’ll be awfully limited to local TV channels and downloaded media when offline.

What should you know before buying a new TV?

You must decide on a screen resolution and refresh rate before you enter the market for a new TV set. We also recommend looking for smart features, a decent sound system, and extensive connectivity options.

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