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The Best Instant Print Cameras to Capture and Print Your Memories in a Snap

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The Best Instant Print Cameras to Capture and Print Your Memories in a Snap


Instant Print Cameras: A Buyer’s Guide

Instant print cameras are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to digital cameras. Not only do they provide you with the immediacy of having a physical photograph, but they also offer a unique creative experience. In this post, we’ll share our picks for the finest instant print cameras of 2023. Whether you’re looking for a point-and-shoot camera or a full-featured model, we’ve got something for you. We’ll also give you some tips on how to select the right camera for you, ensuring you get the most out of your purchase. So, keep reading!

Instant print cameras are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and portability. Finding the perfect instant print camera can be a challenge with so many options on the market today. To help you make a decision, use this buyer’s guide as a starting point to consider all the crucial features. 


Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an Instant Print Camera

Print quality

Look for cameras that offer high-resolution prints so your photos look sharp and vivid without being pixelated or distorted. The number of DPI a camera can produce determines how sharp and clear your prints will be, so make sure to check out the specs before you buy. 


The resolution of an instant print camera is what defines the image quality of your prints. The higher the resolution, the more detailed the photo will be. Look for cameras that offer at least 5 megapixels (MP) resolution or higher so that your photos are crisp and clear. 

Camera size and weight

If you’re looking for something compact and lightweight, opt for a model that fits in your pocket easily. On the other hand, if you don’t mind lugging around something a bit bigger, you can go for a model that offers more features and functions. 

Battery life of an instant print camera

It’s crucial to consider how long a camera’s battery life is when making your purchase decision. Most instant print cameras offer decent battery life but look for one that has at least 4 hours of battery life so you don’t have to constantly be recharging in between prints. 

Things to Consider Before Buying an Instant Print Camera


Many instant print cameras offer various connectivity options so you can easily share photos with friends and family or upload them online quickly and easily. Look for models that offer Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB connections for maximum convenience and compatibility with different devices.

Flash power

Flash power is another necessary feature to consider when purchasing an instant print camera. Look for models that provide ample flash power so your photos come out looking great no matter where you are or what time of day it is.

Print speed

Print speed should also be taken into consideration when shopping for an instant print camera. If you prefer quick turns around time from shoot to finished product, look for cameras that have fast printing speeds so you don’t have to wait too long before getting your hands on your printed photos!

Benefits of Using an Instant Print Camera

  1. You can see your photo printed out in a matter of seconds. This means you can hold your memories in your hand and share them with others right away.
  2. Holding a physical print in your hand can evoke more emotional attachment to the image than just viewing it on a screen.
  3. Instant print cameras are generally very easy to use, with simple controls and no need for complicated setup or editing.

01 KODAK Instant Print Camera

The KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera, featuring a powerful 5MP sensor with a wide angle f/2 lens, is able to capture vivid images and print them instantly onto Kodak Zink Photo Paper. The prints are durable, water-resistant, tear resistant, and smudge-proof. The camera is easy to use, fast, and fun. With its light sensor that automatically turns on the flash in low-light settings, you can shoot and print photos. Its compact design makes it easy to carry and fits neatly into your pocket. The camera is available in various bold colors for those looking for something that stands out. The instant print camera also has the ability to save photos to a MicroSD card, although no USB cable is included. All in all, this product provides an excellent combination of convenience and quality– making it the top choice on our list.


  • Lightweight and convenient design 
  • Universal cord can be used to charge camera 
  • Takes a couple of minutes to print a photo 


  • Does not come with a charger 


  • Price $49.99
  • Film Format Type Instant
  • Optical Sensor Resolution 5 megapixels
  • Optical Zoom 1x
KODAK Instant Print Camera

02 Fujifilm Instant Print Camera

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera has a slim body size with a transparent ring lens, perfect for taking clear photographs. The mini 11 also features an Automatic Exposure which selects the optimal shutter speed regardless of the environment, ensuring bright backgrounds and subjects even in dark scenes. This camera also has a one-touch selfie mode with a built-in macro mode and selfie mirror to help you get the perfect selfie shot. No close-up lens attachment is required to get that desired self-portrait look. Plus, two shutter button accessories are included – a jewel button and a glow button – allowing users to customize their cameras for the desired effect.  The entire camera is powered by two AA batteries making it easy and affordable to use at any time. This lightweight and travel-ready camera is the perfect choice for capturing quick snapshots of your life’s most precious memories.


  • Takes quality picture with minimal effort
  • Provides instant copies 
  • Great for exploring creativity 


  • Comes with poor-quality batteries


  • Price $76.95
  • Film Format Type Instant
  • Optical Sensor Resolution 5 megapixels
  • Optical Zoom 1x
Fujifilm Instant Print Camera

03 Polaroid Originals Instant Print Camera

The Polaroid Originals Now I-Type Instant Camera features a new and improved autofocus, making it easy to take vivid photo memories. The camera has a self-timer and an accurate flash to ensure that everyone looks good. Also, this camera comes in seven colors of the iconic Polaroid spectrum for a colorful aesthetic. This device is compatible with both i-Type and 600 films, providing users with more control over the type of picture they are trying to achieve. With its 102.35 maximum focal length and optical viewfinder, this Polaroid camera gives users a professional quality experience while still being user-friendly. Plus, this product also has unique features like double exposure function, which allows users to frame two moments in one.  Overall, this product is a great choice for those looking for a reliable yet affordable analog instant camera that can capture crystal clear photos with vivid colors. 


  • Battery lasts up to 120 pictures 
  • Retro, vintage, and nostalgic photos 
  • No need for cloud storage


  • Picture quality may be low 


  • Price $99.99
  • Film Format Type Instant
  • Optical Sensor Resolution 5 megapixels
  • Optical Zoom 102.35 maximum
Polaroid Originals Instant Print Camera

04 MINIBEAR Instant Print Camera

The MINIBEAR Instant Camera for Kids has dual 40-megapixel front and rear cameras that support selfie-taking, 8X digital zoom, 20 funny photo frames, and 3 print paper rolls for up to 180 pictures. With zero ink technology, kids can get their photos in seconds with no toner necessary. It also features a 2.4-inch IPS screen that offers larger viewing and more realistic colors for better quality, while protecting your child’s eyes.  This camera is made from environment-friendly and non-toxic materials that are durable and safe. Plus, this instant camera comes with a built-in 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery and a 32G TF card. This camera is the perfect choice for parents looking to give their children the gift of capturing memories. It supports video recording making it a great way to capture all of life’s special moments!


  • Strong design and construction 
  • Comes with 3 rolls of paper and lanyard 
  • Includes extra games for kids


  • Difficult to hold and use for small hands


  • Price $49.99
  • Film Format Type Compact
  • Optical Sensor Resolution 40 MP
  • Optical Zoom 1x
MINIBEAR Instant Print Camera

05 Dragon Touch Instant Print Camera

The Dragon Touch Instant Print Kids Camera comes with dual cameras (front and rear) and a 2-inch high-definition screen, offering an enhanced experience. The camera can instantly print high-quality black-and-white photos on BPA-free paper, so no more waiting around while they develop. Kids can bring their creativity to life by decorating the printed photos with stickers and pens included in the kit. Plus, it offers 35 built-in frames, 7 photo effects, and 6 color video modes, giving kids plenty of ways to explore their artistic side. At just 4.19 ounces, it’s lightweight and compact with a protective silicone cover that’s drop resistant. Kids will love the convenience of being able to carry their cameras with the included camera bag and lanyard. This device comes with 5 rolls of photo paper, cartoon stickers, color pens, a USB Type-C cable and a quick start guide.


  • Economical paper rolls 
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Various filters available 


  • Can only print in black and white 


  • Price $59.99
  • Film Format Type Compact
  • Optical Sensor Resolution 26 MP
  • Optical Zoom N/A
Dragon Touch Instant Print Camera

People Also Asked

What are the benefits of using an instant print camera?

The main benefit of using an instant print camera is that you can have your physical photo in seconds. This eliminates the wait time for traditional film photo processing. Instant print cameras also come preloaded with features like flash, self-timer, and multiple exposures, so you can get creative with your photos without any extra effort.

How do you load film into an instant print camera?

To load a film cassette into an instant print camera, first ensure to confirm that the power is off. Open the back of the camera and insert the film cassette into the chamber, while ensuring that all the film sprockets are lined up properly. Once loaded, close the back of the camera and press the shutter release button to wind the film and ready it for shooting. 

How long does the film process last for an instant print camera?

The film process for an instant print camera typically takes around 30-60 seconds. The actual time will vary depending on the type and size of the film you are using. 

Does an instant print camera require batteries to operate?

Yes, an instant print camera requires batteries to operate. It usually comes with two AA batteries, but it may be better to have extra batteries on hand in case of running out during a shoot. 

Is it easy to use an instant print camera?

Yes, it is easy to use an instant print camera. Many cameras come with simple controls that make it easy for new users to start taking pictures quickly and easily. Most people will be able to figure out how to take pictures in just a few minutes. 

Does an instant print camera come with different options for printing styles?

Yes, some instant print cameras come with different printing styles such as vintage or sepia tones that can be selected at the time of printing. Additionally, some models allow you to edit photos before they are printed by adjusting brightness or contrast or adding special effects or borders.

Are there any problems associated with using an instant print camera?

One of the main issues with using an instant print camera is that the quality of prints can often be lower than what you would get from a digital or analog camera due to its smaller lens size and its inability to produce higher-resolution images. Additionally, if not handled correctly over time, photos might get damaged due to environmental factors like heat or humidity which can cause them to discolor or fade over time.

Is it difficult to obtain film for the instant print camera?

No, it’s not difficult to obtain film for instant print cameras as most manufacturers offer their own types of film which are readily available online or at local stores where cameras are sold. Some cameras may require specialty films which can be more difficult to find but should still be accessible in most places.

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