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The Best Tape for Creative Artwork and Mending Papers

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The Best Tape for Creative Artwork and Mending Papers

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Tape: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Whether you want to mend a ripped paper or join paper petals to form a flower, you need adhesives. While glue can also be used in some cases, it creates mess and may rip the paper. This is why you should get the perfect tape roll for your daily artwork or other jobs. Since it is one of the most essential school supplies, kids can safely use it for completing their crafts. It is usually transparent and offers complete clarity of the pictures or texts underneath. Plus, it unrolls smoothly and cuts neatly, thanks to the dispenser you get with the pack. Since finding the perfect product is difficult with so many options on the market, we have rounded up the highest-rated tape of 2023 for regular use. We will also walk you through some key things you should keep in mind to narrow down your choices and invest in the right pack.

To complete your jobs quickly, you need a high-quality tape roll with strong adhesion, invisibility, and longer length. Since most tape rolls look the same, it is quite confusing to select one product from the long list of options. We have curated a comprehensive buying guide to help you invest in an ideal tape that can meet all your requirements. 

What Factors To Consider To Get the Perfect Tape Roll


Different packs come with different numbers of tape rolls, so you should choose a set with enough pieces to complete whatever jobs you need to. For instance, if you seldom use tape, go for a pack of five to six rolls. On the other hand, if you or your child frequently needs tape for various jobs, go for a pack of 10 to 12 pieces.

Roll length

Check if the chosen tape comes with an appropriate roll length or not. More length means longer use and vice versa. For example, a tape roll of 650 inches can last for a month or two if used regularly. A product with a 1000-inch or 1300-inch length will often last more than three months.


As the main function of a tape is to join and stick things together, you should choose a product with incredible adhesion. The stronger the adhesive, the better the tape’s performance will be. Weaker products with low adhesion won’t stay long on paper or plastic surfaces, causing unnecessary hassles.


You should check if the tape you pick is compatible with most surfaces like A4 paper, scrapbook pages, bubble wraps, plastic, gift wrappers, and photos. This will help you avoid damage to the material, whether it is your textbook page or a family photo. 


Most tape rolls feature a smooth, matte finish to enable you write down something over the strips with ease. You can create an outline over the tape or label the jars according to the herbs kept inside. 


It is better to select a pack of tape rolls with a dispenser. This will help you cut the strips neatly without the need for scissors. Ensure that the dispenser is light and compact to be carried anywhere. 

How Much Should a Tape Roll Cost?

The price range of tape rolls varies between $6 and $16, depending on various factors. For instance: 
  • Choosing a pack with a higher number of tape rolls will cost you more than a pack with fewer pieces.
  • Tape rolls with matte finish are more expensive than the ones with a glossy surface.
  • If your tape pack features better adhesion, it will likely be more expensive than a roll with weaker adhesion.

Applications of Tape

  • You can use tape to join ripped or torn papers and prevent further damage.
  • It is considered ideal for wrapping gifts with paper because it can stick easily without getting noticed.
  • If you want to pack something breakable, use tape to easily attach the ends of a bubble wrap.
  • Another fantastic application of tape is putting together different artworks, from paper flowers to birds.
  • You can even stick your favorite pictures on a scrapbook using tape, as most of them are safe for photos

01 Duck Tape

From gift wrapping to scrapbooking, Duck Tape helps students and adults to complete an array of tasks requiring adhesive. Its roll has a long length of approximately 1000 inches to ensure you don’t run out of tape while you are working. This transparent finish ensures maximum visibility and clarity of the text or images. It comes with a writable surface that enables you to scribble notes on the surface of the tape.  

This tape remains frosty when wrapped around the roll. But on unwinding, it comes off easily and smoothly with a matte finish. It also sticks strongly to various surfaces, from wrapping papers to photos, allowing you to complete your task with ease. Thanks to compatibility with tape dispensers, high-quality glue for adhesion, and long roll length, this tape has outshined its competitors and is considered the best overall on the list. 


  • Has a matte finish
  • The tape is safe for attaching images
  • Enhances visibility and clarity
  • Doesn’t cause ink to bleed 


  • The price of the pack is high

02 Scotch Tape

Suitable for various applications, this premium-quality Scotch Tape helps you repair papers, seal envelopes, and create various artworks. It has strong sticking power, so it easily sticks on surfaces, whether it is thin A4 papers or a thick scrapbook page. Featuring a matte surface finish, it offers excellent clarity and enables you to read the text underneath easily. You won’t have to remove the tape to read any writing underneath.

Engineered to come off the roll smoothly, this tape offers more help with productivity and work speed. Plus, it cuts easily without any uneven edges. It also easily mends tears and rips in papers, enabling you to restore the paper to its original condition. On top of everything, it allows you to write something on the surface without causing the ink to smudge. 


  • Premium-quality tape trusted by millions
  • Perfect for multiple applications
  • Comes with a high-quality dispenser
  • Strongly sticks to different surfaces


  • Number of rolls per pack is less
Scotch Tape

03 Amazon Basics Tape

Get this budget-friendly Amazon Basics Tape is perfect for easily repairing torn pages, creating beautiful paper artwork, or attaching pictures from your last vacation to the scrapbook. Each piece comes with a light and compact dispenser for easy use, eliminating the need for scissors. Its surface features a non-glossy, smooth matte finish to allow you to scribble on it with no smudges. What’s more, you can use a pencil, pen, and marker to write over its surface and leave a note. This tape is also compatible with most paper types, from gift wraps to textbook pages. On top of this, you can pull off the tape easily without ripping the paper.


  • Strongly sticks to most surfaces
  • Water-based and eco-friendly tape
  • Equipped with a light and compact dispenser
  • Compatible with various writing utensils


  • Incompatible with oily papers
Amazon Basics Tape

04 Business Source Tape

Containing 12 tape rolls, this pack from Business Source delivers incredible performance in terms of mending tears and rips and holding paper art pieces together. It is completely invisible, blending seamlessly with the paper without obscuring what is below. It also goes unnoticed when used on gift wrapping papers, colored chart papers, or bubble wraps. 

Each tape roll has enough length to help you complete an entire art project or pack multiple gifts at a time. It comes with a compact dispenser featuring sharp cutting edges to ensure you get a perfect and clean cut on the tape. Thanks to the flexible construction, it unwinds smoothly from the roll without splitting from the middle. What’s more, you can easily write on it using a pen, pencil, or marker. 


  • Comes with 12 rolls
  • Invisible on most surfaces
  • Can be used on different papers
  • Cuts neatly without ripping and splitting


  • Thicker tape might cause difficulty in cutting
Business Source Tape

05 KIDMEN Tape

Featuring more length than its counterparts, this Kidmen Tape meets your daily needs for packing, wrapping, and attaching. It has a glossy, transparent surface that allows you to see everything underneath the tape. You can use it on books, notebooks, craft papers, office files, and documents with ease. Its sticking power is truly commendable as it can stay attached to most surfaces for a long time. Plus, it won’t rip off the paper when you remove the tape.

This tape comes with a compact dispenser to ensure you can cut the strips easily without needing scissors. It rolls like butter and helps you complete your job faster. Owing to the sharp dispenser cutter, you will get a clean and perfect cut on the strips, without any split or rip.


  • Has long-lasting adhesive 
  • Each roll has an impressive length
  • Compatible with most papers
  • Doesn’t rip the paper while removing


  • You can’t write on it

People Also Asked

Do I need to buy a dispenser separately for using a tape toll?

 No, you don’t have to buy a dispenser separately while using tape, as most products come with the accessories included in the pack. So, you need not buy it separately or get a scissor for cutting tape strips. 

Can I use my tape on oil paper?

No, you cannot use tape on oil paper because its adhesive won’t stay on this paper surface for longer. Plus, it can even rip the oil paper when you try to remove it. 

Will my tape leave residue after removal?

Usually, most tape rolls do not leave any mess or residue when removed. But you should check the descriptions once to verify it is safe for use and free of any residue adhesive. 

Do I need to use alcohol to remove tape?

No, there is no need to use alcohol or any other chemical to remove tape from wrapping paper, books, and pictures. Most products come off easily without causing any hassle. nn 

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