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Make the Most of Your Devices With the Best Blue Light Screen Protectors

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Make the Most of Your Devices With the Best Blue Light Screen Protectors

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Buyer’s Guide to Finding a Leading Blue Light Screen Protector

Blue light wavelength ranges from 380 nm to around 490 nm and is emitted by the screens of our electronic devices. Although studies have not reached definitive results, extended exposure has been thought to influence stress, strain, headaches, and disturbed sleep among the adverse reactions caused by long exposure to blue light.This is where blue light screen protectors come in. The technology can effectively block out most of the harmful light emitted by your screen, saving you from damaging consequences due to constant use. Since not all films have the same effect, we went ahead and came up with a diverse list of our favorite light screen protectors of 2023!

The pandemic showed a huge surge in the demand for electronics, by a whopping 43% in its first year. Although the pandemic has settled, the demand for PCs, televisions, laptops, and smartphones is still on the rise. And unfortunately, these numbers come with their fair share of cons too—including but not limited to eye strains, headaches, migraines, and more health issues. To avoid these, it’s necessary to invest in a screen protector. Blue light screen protectors will filter out most of the harmful light coming from your screen, all the while protecting your screen from other harm too. The following are a few things your blue light filters should offer to make them an ideal fit for your screen.


The first and foremost thing is the size of the protector. Whether you are looking for a film that will fit your laptop, PC or smartphone the size can not be compromised. While it may not seem like size makes a difference, if the protector does not sit well it will likely cause a plethora of issues.For instance, if the cover is too big it’s useless. Meanwhile, a smaller one will also leave the sides of your screen bare—making it all the more important for you to check the size of the product you plan on buying to ensure it will have the ideal fit.

Blue Light Protection

Undeniably, the most important feature a protector can offer is blocking the harmful rays of radiation from your screen. Although small interactions with such devices may not seem to cause any significant harm, continuous usage can lead to headaches, blurry vision and eye strain.To avoid that, check the level of blue light blockage it offers. The protector should filter out most of the blue light and UV radiation emitted by your screen to make it effective and worth buying. This can help you sleep better, avoid stress on your eyes and prevent headaches and migraines. 


While a protector’s job is to block harmful light, it may also cause dimming or blurriness of the screen. This can lead to poor performance of your device and is a serious problem for individuals that require color accuracy such as designers. While purchasing one you should ensure that the protector offers visual clarity along with blue light filtration.

Touch Sensitivity

For screen touch devices such as tablets and phones, the top protective film can affect touch accuracy. This can cause clarity issues for some users, so you should ensure the screen protector doesn’t slow down your touch sensors. 


To avoid replacing your product prematurely, the film should be made with durable and long-lasting material. Some protectors attain scratches very easily, requiring a need to be exchanged after a while. To avoid this, go for something that can endure everyday wear and tear. 

Additional Features

Aside from customer reviews, you will be able to tell if your blue light screen protector is of quality based on the following: 


The layer should be able to withstand minor stains. Don’t go for a protector that doesn’t advertise for smudge-proofing since it will be harder to clean.

Dust resistant

Like fingerprints, dust can settle on your screen. To deter buildup, go for a protector that doesn’t let the dust settle as easily.


It’s best to have a cover that will endure most scratches and falls. Aside from giving your screen a flawless look, anti-scratch properties can extend the overall life of your blue light screen protector.

01 FORITO Blue Light Screen Protector

This two-pack is ultra-thin and fits a 15.6 inch screen. Precisely cut and molded to accommodate your screen’s dimensions, the advanced, layered structure makes this protector more than a blue light filter. Also offering UV protection, the 95% transparency makes the film almost impossible to detect and doesn’t trouble your display. 

An easy installation process and bubble absorption design can effortlessly eliminate air bubbles with a card. Combining all-round protection, an easy fit and a great display this makes this pick our number one contender!


  • Comprehensive screen protection
  • It includes all application accessories
  • Invisible, neat look


  • Slightly tricky application
FORITO Blue Light Screen Protector

02 FocusesF Blue Light Screen Protector

Looking for a protector for your iPhone? This screen protector is an all-in-one solution for all your shielding needs. Designed for the iPhone XR or iPhone 11, the anti-blue light tempered glass filters out 90% of the blue light from your screen, thus saving you from ocular dilemmas and fatigue. Manufactured from premium quality glass imported from Japan, its dust and scratch-resistant properties will ensure it will last for years to come. And to add to its functionality, it won’t disturb your normal touch functioning or premium display. 

FocusesFThinkup will give you a flawless response time!


  • It comes in a set of three
  • Easy on the eyes


  • It does not cover the sides
FocusesF Blue Light Screen Protector

03 VINTEZ Blue Light Screen Protector

Up next is a monitor cover that easily slides on and off thanks to its exceptional design. This particular one can fit a 23 to 24 inch monitor, and since the protector is available in loads of other sizes as well you can rest assured you’ll get a perfect fit. Blocking off blue light and UV light, it will effectively protect your eyes and minimize eye fatigue. 

Thanks to its layered protection, it is also anti-glare and anti-scratch. Also offering 4H hardness and a lifetime protection warranty, it comes with a soft microfiber cleaning cloth.


  • It offers a great display
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Great customer support


  • Unsuitable for reflective monitors
VINTEZ Blue Light Screen Protector

04 FILMEXT Blue Light Screen Protector

With our next pick, your 13 inch MacBook will be super safe for your eyes since it will block out most of the blue light. Additionally, since the protector is specifically designed for MacBook  it won’t obscure the camera lens or the screen, offering a crystal clear display without a fraction of the blue and UV light. 

The bubble-free silicone seal design is easy to apply to your screen and will help you protect your eyes and maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. Additionally, it offers a clean look at all times thanks to the fingerprint resistivity. 

Besides the protector, you will also receive a microfiber cleaning cloth, an installation kit and a manual.


  • It removes eye strain and quickly
  • Protects the screen from damage
  • Good fit around the screen


  • It requires care while installing
FILMEXT Blue Light Screen Protector

05 MOSISO Blue Light Screen Protector

While this anti-blue light filter may be last on the list, it is great for 20 and 22 inch screens. Filtering 99% of harmful UV light and reducing blue light, its acrylic design prevents dust, fingerprints and scratches. 

Besides blocking blue light and UV, its thin design offers 95% clear transparency. Ideal for gamers, professional users and casual users the true-to-life look will have you second-guessing whether the film is even on or not. 

It also comes with a product warranty!


  • It helps with migraines
  • Offers a clear display
  • Sourced from quality materials


  • Doesn’t protect all of the camera
MOSISO Blue Light Screen Protector

People Also Asked

How can I tell if my blue light screen protector needs replacement?

Excessive scratches and other exterior imperfections are signs your blue light screen protector needs replacement. If this is the case with your current protector, it’s important to disregard its use as soon as possible to elevate your user experience.

Does a blue light cover also filter out UV light?

Yes! Such a cover can block up to 99% of ultraviolet radiation, as well as blue light.

Do phones also need a blue light filter?

Phones come with technology that can protect your eyes, so you may not necessarily need one. Since it’s always best to be safe, you should invest in a blue light screen protector for your smartphone, too.

Are blue light filters effective?

Although there isn’t much evidence directly related to how blue light filters reduce eye strain, studies have proven they promote a healthy sleep cycle by maintaining the normal circadian rhythm.

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