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Drift Off to Dreamland With the Best Bluetooth Sleep Masks

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Drift Off to Dreamland With the Best Bluetooth Sleep Masks

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Buyer’s Guide to Finding a Quality Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Around a third of the world’s population and millions of individuals in the US have trouble sleeping. The alarming number has thus given rise to Bluetooth sleep masks, and these little gadgets stay on your eyes and are equipped with Bluetooth technology. Acting as headphones, Bluetooth eye masks help in obstructing light, thus maintaining a natural circadian rhythm and letting you lull yourself to sleep with your favorite Netflix shows, nature sounds, or your favorite audiobooks! Although we hate to break it to you, many Bluetooth sleep masks are not up to the mark and are a waste of your money. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of the leading Bluetooth sleep masks of 2023.

A Bluetooth sleeping mask is a great piece of technology for restless sleepers. When getting a Bluetooth sleep mask, you need to ensure all the aspects that make it the perfect slumber partner to prevent your money from going down the drain. 

Features to Consider in a Bluetooth Sleep Mask


A Bluetooth sleep mask is just that: a sleep mask. Thus, one essential feature to consider is the fit of the mask. You don’t want to land a mask that is too loose or isn’t very comfortable, and to achieve a great fit you must consider its sourced material and design. The fabric of the mask should be soft and comfortable. Look for something light and breathable to ensure the cover doesn’t feel stuffy or bothersome. Also, quality fabrics will make the mask easier to adjust and thus offer a better fit.  Secondly, it’s essential to look for a mask with a contoured design around the eyes and the nose. This is because a style specifically made for those parts offers a better look and shape. 

Light blocking capacity

Any light, whether from an electronic or a natural source, disturbs the normal sleep cycle. Your Bluetooth sleep mask should offer complete or most light blockage to help you sleep well. 

Sound blocking

Since a Bluetooth sleep mask also comes with a headphone that is supposed to reduce noise considerably, it can help you sleep peacefully. You can check out the type of fabric and speakers the manufacturers used for the device to gauge how well it would cancel external noises.  Unfortunately, since only a few enterprises offer complete sound cancellation it will be hard to get one that promises 100% blockage.

Sound quality

Since it’s a 2-in-1 combo, the quality of the headphones is also important. Ensure the speakers are not something that won’t last a day or are not sleep-friendly. Also, if the speakers are too thick in some masks and may not be ideal for side sleepers.  The sound offered by the speakers should be clear and loud. Headphones that offer poor volume adjustment can prove to be hard to operate, making it important to test your Bluetooth headphones prior or immediately after purchasing. 

Battery and connectivity

Battery life and performance are other aspects you can’t overlook. You don’t want the battery dying midway for audio since that would potentially wake you up. Always opt for a device that offers over eight hours of playtime. Also, it’s recommended to have more to make charging less frequent along with an easily located port. Another major concern for sleep mask users is the device’s compatibility with other devices. You need to ensure that the mask will easily connect with your smartphones, tablets, PCs and other devices.


While these types of gadgets are not supposed to last forever, that doesn’t mean they should not last for even a little while. The product’s durability is one of the biggest deal breakers, hence why it’s best to invest in a well-built mask with quality materials and great design.


Affordable products are always the best choice. there’s no point in going over budget when many budget-friendly options offer the same quality.

01 LC-solid Bluetooth Sleep Mask

This top pick is a perfect amalgam of a sleep mask and headphones, offering you peaceful sleep in the daytime or while traveling. The design is ideal for most individuals thanks to velcro straps and 3D contoured shape, and its soft, breathable memory foam can help you avoid pressure on your eyes.

But the great look isn’t only what this gadget offers. Also coming to you with a long battery life that can perform for 10 hours, it’s compatible with almost all devices and comes with a 1-year warranty. Combining perfect sleep mask qualities and top-notch headphone features, it’s also great for those on a budget.


  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • High-fidelity stereo sound 
  • Blocks 99% of light


  • Not entirely noise canceling
LC-solid Bluetooth Sleep Mask

02 TOPOINT Bluetooth Sleep Mask

This 2-in-1 option from TOPOINT allows you to sleep to your music of choice and blocks most of the external noise. The built-in microphone ensures you won’t miss out on any important calls, making it ideal for travel or whenever you want to rest your eyes. With bending cartilage, soft fabric and extra cushioning the design is also adjustable and offers a great fit.

Thanks to the upgraded battery chip, the headphones offer more than nine hours of non-stop playtime with a LED indicator. In addition, it connects with almost all devices and is super comfortable to wear. As for cleaning, you can easily remove the Bluetooth module and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth.


  • Great battery life
  • Soft and breathable fabric


  • Volume may be too loud for some
TOPOINT Bluetooth Sleep Mask

03 LIGHTIMETUNNEL Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Thanks to the ergonomic technology, this mask is designed for a superior fit, creating the best dark zone for your sleep despite your surroundings. The material used is a breathable memory sponge with a soft fabric that is super skin-friendly. And to add to its functionality, this Bluetooth mask features the updated Bluetooth 5.0 technology which offers stable connectivity and smoother transfer over long distances.

The built-in mic and adjustable speaker let you have full control over audio. The high-performance battery is as great as it gets since it offers over 10 hours of playing time to let you sleep peacefully.


  • Swift Bluetooth pairing
  • Long hours of uninterrupted audio
  • Complete blackout is ideal for daysleepers


  • Battery announcement is loud
LIGHTIMETUNNEL Bluetooth Sleep Mask

04 MUSICOZY Bluetooth Sleep Mask

MUSICOZY works passionately to deliver innovative and functional audio gadgets worldwide, and this little piece is a great example. Thanks to the super soft fabric and great contoured design, it will not rub on your eyelids and offers a relaxing sleep time. Additionally, it blocks most of the light, letting you use it while commuting or during office breaks.

The Bluetooth speakers offer great sound quality and clarity for songs and audiobooks. Allowing you to sleep with soft audio and without extra headphones, it also comes with a built-in microphone for calls and a great battery for hours of playtime.

Owing to its cool features and affordability, this is a great choice for those on a budget.


  • Clear sound quality
  • Can be hand washed
  • Easily accessible charging port


  • May be a bit bulky for some
MUSICOZY Bluetooth Sleep Mask

05 Voerou Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Last but certainly not least is another headphone and mask combo that can aid sleep issues like insomnia. The speakers in this gadget are super thin yet of great quality, thus offering excellent results for all genres of music, movies and even white noise. Adding to its functionality, the Bluetooth feature lets you effortlessly connect with all of your devices in no time and can work for over nine hours, thanks to its 240 mAH battery.

The material is velvet elastic cotton that is skin friendly, preventing any pressure on your face and completely blocks light allowing you to fall asleep easily.


  • Blocks out noise well
  • Soft fabric for a comfortable fit 
  • Easy connectivity with many devices


  • No automatic power off feature
Voerou Bluetooth Sleep Mask

People Also Asked

Is a Bluetooth sleep mask one size fits all?

While some options come with straps to adjust, others have built-in elastic to adapt to different head sizes. If you’re unsure if your Bluetooth sleep mask will fit, you can always try the model you want to buy in person or immediately after purchasing.

Are Bluetooth sleep masks a great investment?

Thanks to their dark zone and noise cancellation, these handy gadgets will help you put yourself to sleep like a baby. They can also prove especially useful for those who suffer from sleep disorders, like insomnia.

Are our sleep masks helpful for blocking all noise?

Unfortunately, no. Only some high-quality ones will completely do that. If you want a Bluetooth sleep mask that offers this feature, you should make an effort to customize your search to accommodate noise blocking.

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