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Reduce Cable Clutter With the Best Cable Organizers

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Reduce Cable Clutter With the Best Cable Organizers

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Finding a High-Quality Cable Organizer: Buying Guide

Almost every piece of technology in our homes and offices has a cord attached to it. Thankfully, cable organizers are just the tool for keeping these cords categorized, systematized, and structured. But it can be difficult to find a suitable cable clip from the many options available on the market. This guide will help you buy the highest-quality cable organizers of 2023 to become a cable management pro. Cable organizers are designed to hold cords and wires using clips or slots. These gadgets are especially useful for managing the umpteenth number of wires in your workstation, gaming rig, or charging hub. This way, these cables don’t get entangled, and your setup also looks more aesthetically pleasing. Excited to know all about these must-have accessories? Well then, let’s dive right in!

Finding the right cable organizer can be a bit difficult with the plethora of options available in the market. To help you get a good deal, here is our comprehensive guide to buying these nifty devices.

What Are the Benefits of Cable Organizers?

They remove clutter

Cable organizers help remove clutter from your computer tables, home, or office. They help ensure that the cables are not jumbled up into an eyesore. If installed properly, cable organizers will improve the look of your workstation or office immensely. Let’s not forget how they’ll also remove an umpteenth amount of tripping hazards from your workstation.

They keep everything orderly

Cable organizers also help keep all the wires in an orderly fashion. This way, you don’t have to fumble around to determine which wire is for your laptop and which one is for the phone. This can save you time and effort in the long run. Also, since the wires will be taking up less area, you’ll have more desk space to yourself.

What Are the Different Types of Cable Organizers?

Slotted cable organizers

Slotted cable organizers feature slots that can be used to hold the wires. These slots are evenly spaced out to significantly reduce the chance of cables tangling up. Some options also come with a clamp enclosure instead, which works just as well as the slotted versions. However, slotted cable organizers occupy more space while housing only a few cables.

Cable organizer ties

Cable organizer ties are shaped like strips that form a tight loop around the cables, holding them in place. This way, the wires are bunched together quite neatly and compactly, making this option very space-efficient. But this type of cable organizer can still cause the wire to tangle up if the ties are too far apart from each other or too loose.

What to Look for When Buying Cable Organizers


You should check how many cables an organizer can accommodate and what cable sizes it is compatible with. Generally, a slot should be able to hold up to 6mm of cable size. You can usually check the cable size and capacity in the product description.

Easy installation

A cable organizer should also have an easy installation method to save time and effort. Usually, adhesive organizers are a good choice since they don’t require you to drill holes into your desk or wall. You don’t even need any tools to install these bad boys. If you use cable ties, you should opt for velcro ones as they can be reused multiple times. You can figure out the installation method of a cable organizer by going through the product description.

How We Chose the Best Cable Organizers


Cable cables are usually placed in plan view. So, one that doesn’t look good will be as much of an eyesore as unorganized cables are. This is why the organizers we chose for our list are all aesthetically pleasing and are sure to blend seamlessly with most setups.

Easy to use

The organizers we chose for our list are all very easy to use. This way, you don’t need to fiddle around with complicated enclosures or yank at the wires, saving you time and effort. To figure out how easy it is to use a cable organizer, you can look at some customer reviews.

01 OHill Cable Organizer

This cable organizer pack from OHill takes the first spot on our list. It contains many different organizer types, which you can combine to create a more customized and complex cable management system. The 16 cable organizers that come in this option are installed using sticky pads of high quality, which adhere firmly to most surfaces.

The installation process is very simple since you only have to peel off the protective film at the back and stick the organizer to a surface. This product is also multipurpose as you can use each organizer as a cable organizer or a holder for pens, flossers, or toothbrushes. This option’s variety, customizability, and multipurposeness have earned it the top spot on our list.


  • Can organize 16 cables
  • It contains different pack designs for customizability
  • Can be used for holding different items


  • More color options would be a plus
OHill Cable Organizer

02 SOULWIT Cable Organizer

The runner-up on our list is this cable organizer pack by SOULWIT, which comes in five color options. This pick contains three organizers of different sizes to make cable management easier. It is also made using 100% silicone which is anti-static, non-toxic, and non-magnetic, making it safer to use with your electronics.

This option is also pretty flexible, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking any time soon. It can hold a cable size of up to 6mm. This includes your mouse cables, data cables, and even headphone cords. It also features a double-faced adhesive that sticks firmly to most surfaces such as metal, glass, wood, rubber, plastic, and even marble.


  • Boasts multiple color options to choose from
  • Contains three organizer sizes for extra customizability
  • It is very flexible to ensure durability


  • Only one pack size is available
SOULWIT Cable Organizer

03 PASOW Cable Organizer

Next, we have this cable organizer pack by PASOW, which contains 50 pieces, making it perfect for larger cable management projects. Each of these organizers is 7-inch long so that you can use it with large wire bundles. This pick also comes in 12 color options to choose from. Multi-color packs are also available, allowing you to color-code different types of wires. 

This product is also re-usable, giving you good value for your money. Since this organizer pack is made using flexible fabric, you will not have any trouble bending it to fit different cable sizes and shapes. This pick utilizes velcro enclosures, so you can easily tighten its grip on the cables as per your preference.


  • Can be tightened as much as needed
  • Multi-colored options for color-coding different cables
  • Each organizer is re-usable and easy-to-use


  • Could benefit from more pack size options
PASOW Cable Organizer

04 INCHOR Cable Organizer

INCHOR has brought us this cable organizer, which you can get in black, white, and multi-color options. This pick comes with 5-slot and 3-slot organizers. Each of these slots can hold a cable of up to 6mm. The large slot sizes allow you to also use this organizer to hold other items such as pens or toothbrushes.

This pick features a 3M pad of adhesive to firmly stick to most surfaces, making the installation process super easy. It is also made using high-quality silicone, which is pretty flexible, making it much easier to insert cables into the slots. This flexibility also allows you to install this cable organizer on curved surfaces such as the rounded corners of your desk.


  • Comes in three color options to choose from
  • Easy to install using adhesive pads
  • It is made using eco-friendly material


  • Only contains two organizers
INCHOR Cable Organizer

05 Pzoz Cable Organizer

This cable organizer pack containing three organizers is brought to us by Pzoz. This pick is made using PC material of high quality to ensure durability. It also features a very easy-to-use clamp system which allows you to loosen the wires quickly. Each organizer in this pack contains 11 slots, so you can organize up to 33 cables using this pick. 

This product also comes in black, gray, and white color options to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Installing it is also very straightforward since it uses a sticky pad to stick to most smooth surfaces such as metal, glass, or ceramic tiles. This is all without mentioning the 12-month warranty this pick comes with.


  • Features an easy-to-use clamp enclosure system
  • Made with durable PC material
  • Can stick firmly to most smooth surfaces


  • Could be more compact to save space
Pzoz Cable Organizer

People Also Asked

What if my cable organizer falls off after a while?

Cable organizers usually fall off if they are installed incorrectly. You should try to remove all the dust away from the surface using a cloth before sticking an organizer to it so it can get a firm grip.

How do you color-code wires using cable organizers?

Color coding wires using organizers is easy. Just pick different colored organizers for different wire types and only use the allotted color with each wire type.

Can I put pens in a cable organizer?

Yes, you can put pens in a slotted cable organizer. You should, however, check the product description beforehand to see if an organizer can accommodate pens. 

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