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Tidy up Your Cabinets With the Best Desk Drawer Organizer

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Tidy up Your Cabinets With the Best Desk Drawer Organizer

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Finding Your Next Set of Desk Drawer Organizers: A Buyer’s Guide

The drawers are both great and terrible at the same time. Sure, you can use them for storing all of your little items that would otherwise get lost, but they’re also a nightmare to organize. You can try to put things in order, but they’ll all get jumbled again before you even have the chance to admire your handiwork. The issue is the movement of opening and closing drawers that shifts everything inside. Luckily, this is a pretty basic problem, and desk drawer organizers can help solve it. These organizers act as mini drawers inside of a drawer. In other words, you can separate your items based on any categories you want, and everything will stay inside its mini drawer — no matter how many times you open or close it. Interested? Here are some of the leading desk drawer organizers for 2023.

Life can become one big hassle depending on the number of drawers and small items you have in your house. Keeping track of even a couple of drawers can be frustrating. That’s why simple and effective desk organizers are so important.  The vast majority of these organizers are fairly good at doing their job, so you can probably pick a random one, and it will serve you just fine. You can get much better results by spending a little time doing some research though. Here’s a guide on how you can find some desk drawer organizers that fit your needs perfectly. 

Picking a Design 

The first step of buying desk drawer organizers is picking a design for your home. Now, you can just go at random and still find some good stuff. You can also consider the following and find the best option organically: 

Items that need sorting

Choose the drawers you’re going to organize, open them up, and then make a rough list of everything inside. You don’t have to create a picture-perfect tally, just an estimate works fine. For example, if your art supplies drawer has a lot of craft scissors, paint brushes, markers, pencils, and a bunch of smaller tools. Write down a rough count for each category. Once you’ve counted them up, you should have an idea of the number of wide, tall, and small sections you need. You can then use this information to see if a particular set fulfills your needs. 

The amount of time you have 

How much time do you have to organize your drawers? If your answer is “a lot”, pick a detached kit with dozens of pieces. This way, you can figure out the right configuration for each drawer as you organize it. On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of time, full-drawer trays with adjustable dividers are the way to go. They take just minutes per drawer and look fairly clean in the end, too. 

The aesthetic you’re going for

Drawer organization is just as much about looks and aesthetics as it is about removing the hassle of digging through a ton of stuff to find a single item. So, ask yourself, what look do I want? You can choose fully transparent desk drawer organizers and let your drawers’ interior colors shine through, or you can cover it all up with a tray-style organizer. Or how about some middle ground with colored organizer pieces that either contrast or compliment a drawer’s interior? Just make sure you have some idea of what you want before going shopping. 

Picking a Material

The next step is choosing a material, and the right option depends on the design you choose. For example, a transparent set will most likely be made of plastic and can shatter with a single drop. On the other hand, adjustable divider organizers are usually the toughest because they use slightly more elastic plastic that’s not as easy to shatter or crack.  That said, most organizers will do just fine if you handle them with care. As long as you’re not filling them with steel balls, plenty of organizers can last a long time if they’re staying inside a drawer. If you like to reorganize every so often, get some nearly indestructible silicone organizers, and you’ll probably never have to worry about breaking them.

01 Chefstory Clear Drawer Organizers Set

This organizer set from Chefstory is the ultimate form of cabinet reorganizing thanks to its extensive range. This 23-piece set is divided into four distinct size groups that can be cherry-picked for organizing the contents of each drawer. For example, a drawer with makeup brushes and pads needs two long organizers and two smaller ones. The dimensions of these products are calibrated to fit perfectly in most drawers without getting stuck. Combine this customizability with the transparent, nearly invisible construction, and you’ll see why we picked this option as the best overall on this list.


  • Good value for the money
  • Fits well in most standard drawers
  • Transparent material blends into backgrounds
  • Can be stacked to save space


  • Might crack after accidental falls
Chefstory Clear Drawer Organizers Set

02 Simple Houseware Desk Drawer Organizers

This option from Simple Houseware is one of the easiest drawer organizers to use. It just contains two cubical, two double-length, and two triple-length containers. You can place them in a drawer next to each other, then put in the items you need organized, and you’re done. The deep design, combined with some non-slip silicone feet, means that almost nothing will move out of place, even after hundreds of cycles. The great thing about getting just six pieces in a set is that you don’t have to overthink the arrangement and can start getting organized immediately — unlike larger sets that can feel more like a game of real-world Tetris.


  • Crystal-clear plastic construction adds clarity
  • Non-slip feet keep everything in place
  • Six pieces per pack reduces planning time
  • Can be used on top of a desk


  • Very loud with harder items
Simple Houseware Desk Drawer Organizers

03 Backerysupply Interlocking Desk Drawer

Many desk drawer organizers are just a mish-mash of different-sized bowls. This option from Backerysupply, on the other hand, has some thought behind its design. The contents of this pack include 10 pieces in three different sizes. Each piece in this set can attach itself with every other piece thanks to a simple yet brilliant locking mechanism. Once connected, this product looks like a rigid tray and has organizing sections that can be placed in almost any drawer. The beauty of the locking system is that you can make half-drawer organizers, and they won’t move all over the place inside.


  • Intuitive, interlocking design forms a tray
  • Shatter and crack resistant
  • Can be used in a kitchens
  • Black color accents everything inside


  • Coherent tray designs take time to make
Backerysupply Interlocking Desk Drawer

04 Vtopmart Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers

This desk drawer organizer from Vtopmart is all about choice. There are 25 total pieces in this set, so you can put any of them in almost any drawer. Having such a large number of pieces in one set means you can probably organize every drawer in your house all at once — saving you time, hassle, and money in the long run. Even the different-size pieces in this option are geometrically aligned, so you can shift the positioning however you want and still come out with fully organized drawers.


  • Customizable shape allows a ton of possibilities 
  • Enough pieces for organizing a lot of cabinets
  • Made from long-lasting, durable plastic
  • Can be used above desk


  • Takes a lot of time to set up
Vtopmart Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers

05 Simple Houseware Drawer Organizer Tray

This organizer from Simple Houseware takes a completely unique approach to desk drawer organizers. Instead of giving you a bunch of smaller pieces and allowing for some experimentation, this organizer gives you a complete tray and lets you divide it however you want. This simplifies the organization process dramatically, all you have to do is take out everything from a drawer and place it in the empty tray. Then you can start organizing items one by one and add appropriate dividers once you’re done. You can even use this option as an above-desk open drawer, too — which is perfect for stuff like art supplies and makeup kits.


  • Extremely simple and easy to put together
  • Six adjustable dividers for nine unique compartments
  • Looks slick in almost any setting
  • Shatter and crack-resistant material


  • Takes up a whole drawer
Simple Houseware Drawer Organizer Tray

People Also Asked

Whatu2019s a good organizer for my computer desk drawer?

The ideal organizer for a computer desk drawer is a tray version with adjustable dividers. This way, you can easily change it around depending on the items you have inside. It’ll also look very at home in a tech-filled environment.

How should I organize my drawers?

Try to keep your most frequently used stuff up front and your least used items in the back. This way, you won’t have to open up your entire drawer to get what you need every time.

Which type of drawer organizer is good for larger items?

The ideal desk drawer organizer for larger stuff is one that uses the actual drawer as its base and just acts as an adjustable divider between items.

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