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Capture Precious Moments With the Help of the Best DSLR Camera

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Capture Precious Moments With the Help of the Best DSLR Camera

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Buyer’s Guide to Finding a High-Quality DSLR Camera

No doubt, taking pictures from our phones is far more convenient than a professional camera. If you want to boost your photography up a notch, a regular phone camera just doesn’t cut it. The low image quality, the automatic software additions, and the lack of aperture adjustment in a phone diminish the capability of capturing a perfect image. Whether you are a professional photographer or want to just have special memories, a DSLR camera is your go-to device. The freedom of adjusting the camera aspects in accordance with changing environmental conditions makes DSLR cameras a perfect professional and hobbyist go-to. Since there are infinite options in the market, we’ve curated a list of the leading DSLR cameras of 2023!

What to Remember When Buying a DSLR Camera

DSLR cameras are often bought to turn one’s passion or profession into a more professional one. Since getting your hands on a product is not always easy, this guide details other things to look for when buying a DSLR camera.

Sensor size

The most important criterion when buying a DSLR camera is the size of the sensor. The larger the sensor, the more light is passed through. This will assist you if you’re capturing pictures in low-light conditions and don’t want to use the camera’s flash. The 35mm full-frame sensor, for example, is considered to be the gold standard among DSLR cameras. If you’re on a budget, you can look for an economical substitute like a 23 mm APS-C sensor.

Video resolution

If you are looking for a DSLR to record videos, it’s mandatory to look for video options available in the camera. A 4K UHD supporting camera captures the perfect high-resolution video at a steady 30 fps, which is ideal for any videography endeavors. If you are looking for casual video capturing, a 1080 FHD camera should do the trick without burdening your wallet.

Image stabilization

Every perfect DSLR camera has an in-built image stabilizer that works to stabilize the image and photo quality. This image stabilization function is also the brains behind a sharp, clear, and more focused capture. When looking for a DSLR camera, you should keep stability in mind unless you plan to spend extra on a third-party gimble to achieve a steadier, decent video capture.

Processing speed

The faster the processing speed of a camera the sooner you will be able to capture the next moment. This is promised by the dedicated processor of the DSLR camera which processes the megapixel count of a photo or a video. Expeed 3 and 5, for example, are one of the fastest image processors currently being used in cameras and are often advised for fluent photography sessions.

Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC

The in-built Wi-Fi and NFC let your camera connect to your Android device and transfer your data. If you own a DSLR camera with a built-in Wi-Fi and NFC function, all you’ll need to do is to pair the camera with your mobile phone and transfer any data you require. This reduces the risk that comes with frequently taking out your memory card from your camera and misplacing it.

Types of DSLR Cameras

There are two main types of DSLR cameras available in the market: full-frame and crop sensor.

Full-frame and crop image sensors

Right off the bat, the full-frame image sensor is a great deal bigger than the crop image sensor. A larger sensor helps take better photos because of the increased concentration of photonics. As a result, the resolution of photos taken with a full-frame sensor is higher than those with a crop image sensor. On the downside, full-frame DSLR cameras tend to be costly and are usually used by professionals. For this reason, crop image sensor cameras are widely used by wildlife and travel photographers.


If you are a professional looking for no compromise on the resolution and pixel count of an image then full-frame is your best choice. On the other hand, if you want to get a pocket-friendly, highly responsive image sensor then a crop-image sensor will be the way to go.

01 Canon EOS Rebel T7

First up on our list is the Canon EOS Rebel T7. Leading with its 24 megapixel processor and APS-C sensors, you can capture fine details with beautiful, vibrant colors. The large sensor also helps the camera function in lowlight with its auto and manual aperture options. The built-in Wi-Fi and NFC in this DSLR camera even allow you to pair up your phone with your camera, removing laptops and desktop systems from the equation.

With its nine point AF system, the DSLR camera produces a perfect, crisp autonomous focus in different orientations. The optical viewfinder also allows you to take photos in nearly any situation while harmonizing with the image stabilizer. With its easy connectivity, image stabilization, and numerous photo options the Rebel T7 stands out as the best investment on our list.


  • Larger sensor for lowlight images
  • Seamless connectivity with paired devices
  • Fast Autofocusing on the image subjects


  • Low megapixel count
  • No 4k video support
Canon EOS Rebel T7

02 Nikon D850 FX

The award-winning D850 is quoted as the top DSLR camera in the market since it allows users to record movies at a staggering 4K ultra HD quality. The D850 is further powered by a 45.7 megapixel, full-frame CMOS sensor that can capture high resolution images and truer color formations. With a continuous shooting speed of 9 fps, this DSLR camera will help you capture the perfect moments in action and at full resolution.

This DSLR camera can create exquisite 4K and 8K time-lapses using D850’s interval timer mode. With its jaw dropping focus points, D850 assures the peak sharpness of all images despite the light conditions. Lastly, hosting a tilting touchscreen makes it all the more easier for you to handle the camera and shoot at different angles.


  • Higher image quality 
  • Supports UHD video
  • Faster image processing


  • High price range
Nikon D850 FX

03 Canon EOS Rebel T8i

Known as the next generation of Rebel T7, the Rebel T8i comes equipped with an CMOS autofocus sensor that allows you to shoot high-quality pictures in any lighting with faster, accurate autofocus. Like its previous generation, the Rebel T8i uses nine autofocus points and improves the overall working speed of the autofocus for sharper, faster focusing. This DSLR eases the capturing experience through an adjustable touch screen display, diversifying your shooting angles.

The 24.1 megapixel camera also supports 4K videos at a steady frame rate of 24fps so that you’re able to take cinematic shots effortlessly. Similarly, the high-resolution images are also owed to a comfortable megapixel count and come with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC technology for seamless sharing of data between different devices, making connectivity a breeze.


  • Flexible touchscreen display
  • Sharp autofocus sensor


  • Low resolution count
  • UHD video is not supported
Canon EOS Rebel T8i

04 Nikon D3500

The Nikon D3500 is the perfect go-to camera for beginners. The portable, handy design makes it easy to use and convenient to take it anywhere you travel. Coupled with a 24.2 megapixel camera, you’ll be able to take high-quality and sharp pictures. This special camera contains an image sensor about 15 times the size of the smartphone’s image sensor, allowing users to take photos in different lighting and conditions without compromising quality.

This DSLR camera also allows video capturing at a steady 1080 full HD resolution, which is far better and more stable than any smartphone’s camera. The D350 even comes pre-equipped with a carry bag, a lens cover, and an extra battery—making it a complete package for a photography enthusiast.


  • Portable and handy design 
  • Offers a 90 day return policy


  • Sensor is low-resolution 
  • Slow image processing
Nikon D3500

People Also Asked

Are the lenses of DSLR cameras replaceable?

Yes, the lens of a DSLR camera is easily removable and can be replaced with another lens to get different viewing options and aperture settings. Having various lenses on hand can enhance your photography experience and allow you to navigate between landscape and portrait mode. 

Are DSLR cameras rechargeable?

DSLR cameras mostly run on lithium-ion batteries. These batteries can be easily recharged, allowing you to continue your session with a shorter waiting period.

What is the average price of a DSLR camera?

A DSLR camera starts from $500 and can land upwards to $5000, depending on the model and add-ons. Because of this versatility, professionals and hobbyists alike can enjoy the pleasures of a professional camera.

Is a DSLR better than an iPhone camera?

While it may seem like there’s no difference, a DSLR camera can capture higher-quality photographs than the iPhone’s camera. 

How can I tell if my DSLR camera needs replacement?

Generally speaking, you’ll know your DSLR camera needs replacement if it shows signs of slowing or a fogged lens. Cracks and dents should also be tended to as these can interact with the performance. 

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