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The Best External Hard Drive for Gaming Enthusiasts

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The Best External Hard Drive for Gaming Enthusiasts

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

A Buyer’s Guide to Buying a External Hard Drive for Gaming

A crystal clear display, loud bass speakers, and an ergonomically designed joystick are not the only necessities for an immersive gaming experience. In fact, another undeletable accessory is external hard drives.So why is there a need for external hard drives? For one, it’s because games nowadays are far more than a few gigabytes, with more graphically advanced games reaching up to 150 gigabytes or more. External hard drives keep your gaming data independent from your device’s main storage, thus preventing lags and offering smoother, flawless gameplay.To help you out, we’ve curated a list of the best external hard drives for gaming in 2023!

A single hard drive cannot be an ideal fit for all dedicated gamers. Therefore, we prepared a quick and handy buying guide to update you on what external drives offer. 

Did External Hard Drive Always Exist?

Storage was always a built-in concept rather than something you could take along. After the successful launch of PC technology, designers moved to improve it, giving rise to small storage devices that could be used to store data that wasn’t pre-installed in it. With time, the demand for more storage guaranteed large storage drives’ release. IBM’s Reynold B. Johnson is regarded as the mastermind behind the concept of the small, compact external hard drive we see today.

How to Use an External Hard Drive

Generally, all external hard drives require you to plug the device in. As soon as it shows up on your screen, you are ready to copy or move your files from your device to the external drive and safely remove it. You can find your drive in file explorer for Windows through the ‘This PC’ option in your start menu. For Macs and Macbooks, you can take the help of a ‘Finder’ to locate the device and start your transfer. After you have shifted all your games, just attach them to your consoles or another PC—and you’re good to go!

Is an External Hard Drive Worth It?

Here is a quick round-up of all that a drive offers.

Durable storage

With an external hard drive, you will have access to plenty of storage almost everywhere. The storage ranges from a single TB to scores of it, which is enough for all your gaming needs.

Convenient and portable

One of the biggest advantages of external storage is its convenience. Unlike built-in storage, these are very easy to take from place to place because of the consolidated tiny size. 


Another benefit of external hard drives is their affordability. If you compare the price difference between built-in storage and an external hard drive, you will notice how much you can save by opting for that. 

Things to Consider When Purchasing an External Hard Drive 

Next is a quick list to ensure you get the ideal one for your gaming setup. 


The most important decision is how much storage you need in your hard drive. This can be concluded by reviewing the average size of your games and multiplying it by the number of games you plan to install. If you are the person who doesn’t like deleting games, you are better off with huge spaces over 5 TB. If you follow minimalism, however, you would be able to do well with 2 TB.

Transfer speed

It’s essential to know how fast you want your transfers to ensure you don’t end up with a sluggish device. Nonetheless, for gaming and long-term usage HDDs are still regarded as more useful, durable, and affordable—even if they lack in speed. 


External hard drives are meant to be light and portable. Similarly, a larger one may not fit well with your gaming setup and make your place seem more crowded. 

Build and durability

Similarly, it’s recommended to opt for a durable drive. To inspect, check if the device you plan to buy is made of quality materials and is resistant to water or scratches. The last thing you want is to lose your data because of a low build quality drive.

01 Seagate External Hard Drive

Whether you use a PC, PlayStation or an Xbox for your gaming needs, this external hard drive is a great choice. Thanks to the USB 3.0/2.0 broad compatibility, this drive comes with massive storage options of up to 5TB. Moreover, the hard drive has a 120 MB per second speed that may not be super fast but gets the job done for most gamers.

To set it up, all you need to do is connect the portable hard drive through the cable that comes with the package and drag and drop to save files. And to add to its functionality, its huge storage, portability, and one year rescue data recovery services make it the perfect candidate for hobbyists and professionals alike.


  • Great storage capacity
  • Convenient and portable


  • Low build quality
Seagate External Hard Drive

02 WD_BLACK External Hard Drive

This external drive comes with a durable metal top cover making it one of the strongest and safest drives. Purposefully designed for gaming with top quality and reliability, the device offers 2 TB of storage for plenty of games. Additionally, you can purchase options up to 5 TB to store up to 125 games on this handy drive.

It’s compatible with whatever gaming mode you prefer, be it PC or gaming consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. Lastly, the external hard drive is extremely portable due to its small size and comes with a three year limited warranty.


  • Plenty of storage for large games
  • Easy to carry around
  • It comes with a cable


  • Drive’s temperature increases while functioning
WD_BLACK External Hard Drive

03 Toshiba Gaming Hard Drive

Next up is this 4 TB external drive specifically customized for gameplay. With tons of storage, you will have over 100 games in your library. The design is sleek and compact, letting you take your games wherever you go while seamlessly complementing your gaming systems. On top of that, the device is designed to work with all the current and next generation gaming consoles and PC gaming systems, making it a great all-rounder drive. USB 3.0 and 2.0 compatibility allows for reliable data transfer with no external AC power cord.


  • It comes with a two year warranty
  • Compact and portable


  • Loose data cable
Toshiba Gaming Hard Drive

04 SP Silicon External Hard Drive

If the thought of running out of space still worries you, the Armor A60 is here for you! This lets you easily free up the space of your internal console drive for Xbox and PlayStation 4, as well as run them through an uncomplicated setup procedure within a few minutes. Moreover, the structure comprises a rugged rubber case, fostering a buffer that ensures uncompromising safety against dust and water splashes.

This makes the hard drive anti-slip and scratch resistant. With an easy-to-carry design, the device also offers blazing fast speed execution for sharing data, as well as a three year warranty for technical support and service.


  • Rugged outer casing
  • Plenty of storage capacity for big games


  • It doesn't transfer the data in order
SP Silicon External Hard Drive

05 Fantom External Hard Drive

This aluminum external hard drive offers a virtually silent operation. Fitting perfectly in your workplace, the device can be placed vertically or horizontally. In addition, the drive is an industry-leading large capacity option with storage up to 18 TB, which is perfect for games, music, videos, and photos.

This high storage reservoir is compatible with windows, macOS, and gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. All you have to do is easily reformat it and use it. Lastly, with the 7200RPM, this version is 33% faster than its 5400RPM counterparts, thus offering great speed and performance.


  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • Cheaper than its counterparts


  • Requires reformatting for different systems
Fantom External Hard Drive

People Also Asked

Do external drives last forever?

No matter how safe or well built, drives will only last a few years and will require replacement. You need to replace them every few years to ensure you don’t lose your data.

Are drives recommended for gaming needs?

Whether it’s a console or PC, a drive can help you avoid clogging up your main system. This will give you the game you want without any lags, making it a great option for gamers.

What do I do if my hard drive stops working?

A failed hard drive can have various reasons for damage, like water damage, media damage, hardware dilemmas, power issues or even human error. You would need to inspect it to figure out what happened to take it to someone who knows what they are doing.

Can I use rice to save my hard drive if it gets wet?

While rice is the ultimate go-to for absorbing water from exposed electronic devices, results may vary.

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