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Fully Immerse Yourself With the Best Gaming Steering Wheels

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Fully Immerse Yourself With the Best Gaming Steering Wheels

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Buying Guide: Gaming Steering Wheel

With the increasing popularity of racing games, steering wheels have become an indispensable part of most gaming setups. It’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to fully immerse themselves in their favorite games, and a quality gaming steering wheel offers you a life-like experience and better control. Racing wheels are strapped to the desk of avid gamers so that they can feel the force of racing or enjoy the amazing responsiveness of shifting paddles. Whether you’re looking to hop online and play with thousands of other gamers from around the world, or you just want an immersive driving experience on your next car racing game, read on to discover some of the top-rated gaming steering wheels of 2023.

A gaming steering wheel provides a realistic driving experience, giving you the feeling of actually being behind the wheel of a car. There are a number of different products on the market today, making it difficult to choose the right one. This detailed buying guide will help you understand what to look for when choosing your next racing wheel. Let’s take a look! 

What To Consider When Buying a Gaming Steering Wheel

Steering wheel size

The steering wheel size you choose depends on your hand size and the type of game you’re playing. If you want to take advantage of the additional force feedback in a racing game, more specialized gaming steering wheels may be better suited for your needs.

Pedal set

It’s important to find a setup that fits your gameplay style, as every player has their own unique driving preferences and gaming styles. The pedal set should be extremely responsive and stable, ensuring that it won’t wobble when you apply pressure. 

Wheel build 

Look for a steering wheel that is made from hard plastic with a rubber grip surface. The wheel must include a D-pad that works well for driving games for an excellent experience. To avoid any hassle, look for a steering wheel that’s compatible with the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS3.


If you plan on playing with the wheel on a desk or flat surface, you should look for a heavier and more stable wheel. If you mount the wheel to your racing chair, this steering wheel won’t move much. Some gaming steering wheels come with suction cups, allowing you to secure it to a table, chair, or another surface for added stability. 

Number of controls 

Unless you’re only driving in the game you’ll need to have some way of controlling your car. While moving the wheel and shifting gears with a separate controller is possible, these controls usually require two hands and are not always as easy to reach as a wheel would be. Be on the lookout for a gaming steering wheel with multiple controls to fully immerse yourself in the gaming experience. 

What Are the Types of Gaming Steering Wheels?

Wireless gaming steering wheels

Many of the gaming steering wheels in the mid-range are wireless. These racing wheels use Bluetooth to connect to your gaming system. The advantage of wireless steering wheels is obvious: there are no untidy cables to deal with and these steering wheels are also more portable. If you’re looking for a wireless gaming steering wheel, you should consider whether or not it’s battery powered. This may be a problem for some players who are concerned about running out of juice while playing.

Wired gaming steering wheels

Wired steering wheels are linked to your gaming console through a wire, generally a USB. Some of the more complex systems have several wires that might be difficult to keep clean when set up. Some users duct tape or cable tie the wires into position to tidy up their gaming space.  Many of the higher-end simulation steering wheels are wired. Some users have observed minor delays or complete disconnections with some Wi-Fi consoles. If you’re concerned about losing connectivity while playing, a wired steering wheel should set your mind at ease and you’ll never have to worry about a wired steering wheel running out of battery power.

01 Logitech Gaming Steering Wheel

The Logitech Gaming Steering Wheel is a top contender for both hobbyists and professional gamers due to its precision, high performance and quality, fully adjustable pedals, and comfortable design. This steering wheel has strong force feedback that supports smooth rotation or accelerates when you slam on the brakes, bringing a realistic experience to racing games. The solid steel pedal set features long-lasting sliding bearings and an adjustable inclination angle to get you into the perfect driving position every time.

The pedals are also removable so that the wheel can fit into tight spaces or be used on a tabletop and then installed on the floor with an included bracket. The wheel and pedals are a little heavy, adding to their stability during extended gaming sessions. With all these amazing features, this gaming steering wheel has earned the best overall award.


  • Dual-motor force feedback for precision
  • Helical transmission gear minimizes noise
  • Intuitive design with easy-to-access controls
  • Built-in clamps for mounting wheels


  • Breaking pedal may be a little stiff
Logitech Gaming Steering Wheel

02 Thrustmaster Gaming Steering Wheel

The Thrustmaster Gaming Steering Wheel is a powerful and precise wheel that makes driving an intense experience when playing on an Xbox One or computer. This gaming steering wheel features a dual rotating force feedback technology that simulates the realistic sensation of movement and weight of the car, allowing you to fully enjoy your gaming experience. The wheel also has dynamic brake pressure that activates in real time to make your driving more exciting than ever. 

This gaming steering wheel features leather-wrapped paddle shifters, which are placed in ideal positions to make shifting as intuitive as possible. It’s incredibly comfortable, provides an accurate image, and is easy to use. With its optimized bungee cord mechanism, the resistance of this steering wheel is always linear regardless of the rotation angle, offering you precise control. You can rotate the steering wheel at a 240-degree rotational angle and it automatically recenters for more comfortable riding.


  • Customizable for better precision and control
  • Central clamping system offers optimal stability
  • Two brake pedals with wide footrest


  • Pedals are a bit wobbly
Thrustmaster Gaming Steering Wheel

03 Subsonic Gaming Steering Wheel

If you’re looking to get into console racing games and want a high-quality wheel that doesn’t cost a fortune, the Subsonic Gaming Steering Wheel is a great choice. It easily plugs into your console using the USB port and requires no additional setup or software. The wheel has great pedals and paddle shifters that are easy to use. This wired steering wheel features 180-degree rotation for absolute control in games.

The wheel has a soft textured grip that feels comfortable in your hands while still providing resistance when you move it around. This option supports a wide range of force feedback, which provides feedback to both the legs and fingertips. Another great feature of this amazing gaming steering wheel is that it allows you to adjust the sensitivity so that you can customize the responsiveness. Plus, it comes with suction pads, which you can conveniently fix to the table or floor.


  • Features three sensitivity settings
  • Wirelessly connects with the system
  • Comes with acceleration and brake pedals


  • Not ideal for professional gamers
Subsonic Gaming Steering Wheel

04 PXN V9 Gaming Steering Wheel

The PXN V9 Gaming Steering Wheel is an all-in-one choice that’s compatible with most console racing games and can also be used on your computer. It comes with three pedals to take your overall gaming experience to the next level. The linear pedal automatically adjusts the gas and brake threshold level, depending on the force you apply. The pedals have a textured surface and slide-proof design, offering you excellent stability and absolute pedal control. 

With its dual-motor feedback, this gaming steering wheel lets you experience a life-like racing session. The wheel is also equipped with intelligent auto-adjust vibration levels to suit your driving style. The ergonomic design of this gaming steering wheel features an easy-to-use shifter and pedal set, which can be connected via three different USB ports. You can adjust this steering wheel and pedal set with the help of a push button to shift it to 900 degrees, allowing you to compete in high-end games.


  • Plug-and-play design for easy setup
  • Quick configuration via compatible app
  • Smooth pedals and sturdy gear shifter


  • Might require frequent calibration
PXN V9 Gaming Steering Wheel

05 PXN V3II Gaming Steering Wheel

The PXN V3II Gaming Steering Wheel is a top choice for racing fans looking to jump into the world of console racing games at an affordable price. It features strong force feedback that provides realistic car movement and pressure via the pedals. The wheel also has precise force feedback that’s easy to use, and it comes with two pedals with a wide footrest area to enrich your overall gaming experience. The strong force feedback makes handling the car feel realistic and helps you master your racing skills. 

This gaming steering wheel comes with a shift accelerator lever and a shift paddle with adjustable foot length, allowing you to push the brake and accelerate smoothly. Because it’s equipped with dual motors that provide vibration, this steering wheel automatically adjusts according to your driving style. You can also manually adjust the vibration amplitude for a customized experience.


  • Seven suction cups for added stability
  • Comes with C-shaped fixing brackets
  • Rubber grip for a comfortable touch


  • Might take time to calibrate properly
PXN V3II Gaming Steering Wheel

People Also Asked

What else do I need to use a gaming steering wheel?

In addition to a steering wheel, you’ll need a game console and an adapter to connect the wheel to the console. You’ll also want to invest in pedals to control the speed of the car in the racing game.

Why do I need a steering wheel controller?

Steering wheels give you a more realistic feel while playing a racing game. You get the feel of the weight of the wheel, and the movement, vibration, and pressure of specific parts of the wheel. Although this is purely for enjoyment, it can also help improve your driving skills.

How long will my gaming steering wheel last?

A variety of factors determine the longevity of a racing wheel, the most important of which is how frequently you use it. If you use it with care, a gaming steering wheel can last for three to five years.

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