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Level Up Your Gaming Experience With the Best HDMI Cables for Gaming

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Level Up Your Gaming Experience With the Best HDMI Cables for Gaming

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A Buyer’s Guide to Finding a Quality HDMI Cable for Gaming

There are a lot of factors that can make your game look bad on a screen. The issue can be anywhere in your TV, monitor, or the console itself. Nine times out of ten, however, the issue is in between the two—and that’s your HDMI display cable. A low-quality cable can cause issues like blurring, screen tearing, pixelation, and other weird visual effects. Some of these glitches might even lead you to believe that your PC or console is dying, but it’s all in the cable. Since modern gaming HDMI cables also support the latest standards, you’ll get higher refresh rates and get full HDR support. Prevent the headache before it even starts and hook up your gaming system with the best HDMI cables for gaming of 2023!

You can have the fanciest TV in the world hooked up to the most powerful system in the world, and your games can still look terrible due to a low-quality HDMI cable. Even if the picture looks fine when standing still in a game, a bad cable can still ruin the experience with horrible tearing and motion smearing.  Here’s everything you need to know about finding high-quality HDMI cables for gaming. 

Maximum Resolution Quality 

There are two key factors to consider when deciding on the right supported resolution. The first is the resolution of your monitor, as the cable should support that resolution. In other words, hooking up a 2160p supported cable to a 4K monitor will limit image clarity and introduce artifacts. On the other hand, a cable that only supports 4K and 1440p might not work well with your 1080p monitor, so keep that in mind as well.  The other key factor is the performance of your gaming system or console. For example, let’s say you have a PS5 that can support up to 4K 120Hz in certain games but only have a 2K 60Hz TV. In this case, you should spend a little extra and get a 4K 120Hz supporting cable to proof your setup. 

Refresh Rate

Your need for a high refresh rate HDMI cable for gaming is directly linked to the games you play. Since a higher refresh rate is generally better in all games you should aim to get a cable that supports the highest framerate your system supports. 120+Hz support on 1080p is the bare minimum, but that standard is getting dated now and is not recommended. Instead, look for cables that support 144Hz on at least a 2K resolution. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy smooth gaming with crisp, enjoyable picture quality.  Some high-end cables support 4K 120Hz as well, but that is usually more than what is needed for most average systems of today. For this reason, sticking to 4K 60Hz support is more than enough if you’re a hobbyist gamer. 

Cable Construction 

Once you’ve validated the resolution and refresh rate of the cable, it’s time to consider the physical cable and its connectors. The perfect HDMI cable will have a 30WG copper core to ensure fast and reliable data transfer. That copper should then be wrapped in at least two layers of tin to prevent any external electromagnetic interference. Lastly, the outermost layer should be braided nylon for long-lasting durability and protection from bends, snapping, pinches, and other physical hazards. A gold coating on the connectors is not a necessity, but it does improve connectivity with the gaming system and TV which, in turn, increases its reliability. 


The last key factor to consider about HDMI cables for gaming is their price. The sweet spot for high-end cables is between $7-$15 as you will get the best return from your money in this range. Cables cheaper than $5 are often very bad, lacking in high resolution or high refresh rate support. On the other hand, cables over $15 are only worth it if they are exceptionally long, like 20 feet or more. 

01 Zeskit High-Speed HDMI Cable

The HDMI cable for gaming from Zeskit is a prime example of what a modern high tech and high quality HDMI cable looks like. It is certified for a peak resolution of up to 8K, ensuring a longer user experience. If you don’t have a system powerful enough to drive an 8K display, don’t worry. You can also use this cable for a 4K 120Hz connection, and if you like to play esports titles that require fast reactions the resolution allows you to enjoy a 144Hz connection without any issues.

Paired with a durable construction, this makes Zeskit Maya great for professional and hobbyist gamers.


  • Fully braided cable for longer lifespan
  • Compatible with modern gaming systems


  • A bit difficult to remove once connected
Zeskit High-Speed HDMI Cable

02 BlueRigger 4K HDMI Cable

The HDMI connector can get damaged quickly when removed and reconnected on a regular basis. BlueRigger avoids this issue by making their HDMI cable as tough as it gets. This thick, nylon braided cable can handle tight curves and bends with ease. The extra durable connectors keep working even after hundreds of disconnects and reconnects, and if you don’t care about durability the super clean 4K signal of this cable is enough to make it worth your consideration.

BlueRigger also offers complete HDR support for modern consoles and PCs.


  • Long-lasting, durable plastic material 
  • Offers 4K quality


  • A bit difficult to manage
BlueRigger 4K HDMI Cable

03 iBirdie 4K HDR HDMI Cable

A high refresh rate is one of the most important factors in the enjoyment of most modern games. That’s why the iBirdie HDMI cable for gaming offers an ideal balance of resolution and refresh rate. You can use this cable to game at 4K 60Hz if you want the crispiest visuals and full HDR10 and HDCP2.2. And to add to its versatility, you can bump the resolution down to 1440p and enjoy a blistering fast 144Hz gaming. You won’t get any issues with the physical construction of this cable either, thanks to its metal exterior and a braided cable. 


  • Supports crispy 4K gaming with HDR10
  • Can transfer 2K data at 144Hz
  • Ultra durable connector


  • Shorter cord can pose limitations
iBirdie 4K HDR HDMI Cable

04 PowerBear 4K HDMI Cable

If you’re looking for an HDMI cable for gaming that will match the stability and horsepower of your shiny high-end gaming system, this is the one. The PowerBear HDMI cable is created from the ground up to provide super crisp image quality in a reliable manner. The secret behind its unmatched signal integrity is a 30WG copper wire with a triple tin shield and gold finished connectors. This premium cable is then secured with double nylon braiding to ensure a long lifespan. Other brilliant useful features of this cable include HDR color depth, TrueHD 7.1, Audio Return Channel (ARC), and ethernet.


  • Quality connection due to premium copper
  • Long lifespan thanks to double braided coating
  • Gold finished connectors promote cleaner signal


  • Too thick for cable management
PowerBear 4K HDMI Cable

05 Amazon Basics 4K HDMI Cable

Higher quality HDMI cables for gaming can get quite expensive. But you don’t have to spend that much for a clean 4K connection thanks to the Amazon Basics HDMI cable. This high-speed cable supports a bandwidth of up to 18 Gbps that enables it to transmit a 4K signal at 60Hz without any issues. You can downscale the signal to 2160p and it will still work flawlessly. One feature of this cable that you won’t find on many others is its compatibility with 3D signals. 


  • Fully compatible with 4K and 2160p
  • Can transfer of up to 18 Gbps
  • Great value for your money


  • Cable does not have a braided cover
Amazon Basics 4K HDMI Cable

People Also Asked

Can HDMI cable affect FPS?

No, HDMI cables cannot affect the FPS your game is running on the system. They can however affect the number of frames displayed due to limited refresh rate support. 

How do I know my HDMI cable is good?

If you’re getting the full promised resolution and refresh rate without any glitches or artifacts, you have a good quality cable. 

Are ultra premium HDMI cables worth it?

Premium HDMI cables that cost over a hundred dollars are an active scam and a waste of your money. Avoid these at all costs.

How can I tell if my HDMI cable for gaming needs replacement?

Generally speaking, you’ll know your HDMI cable needs replacement if it shows signs of general wear and tear. Other signs include a fraying and a missing or sporadic connection. 

Can I repair my HDMI cable if itu2019s broken or has frayed wires?

Because HDMI cables for gaming are on the cheaper end, it’s usually best to replace them upon your initial noticing of deterioration.

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