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Break Your Boredom With the Best Indoor Drones

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Break Your Boredom With the Best Indoor Drones

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

A Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Indoor Drone

As the name suggests, indoor drones are drones made for the indoors. While most indoor drones are predominantly made for kids and content creators, some professional indoor drones are used for inspection and other types of indoor work. If you’re worried about the drone crashing into any of your antique furniture and causing damage, you can rest assured that these indoor drones are small and do not weigh much. Whether you’re flying your drone for fun or for a creative project, flying drones indoors is quite fun and can bring out the best of your creativity. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of the best indoor drones of 2023!

Purchasing your first-ever indoor drone might seem to confuse you just a bit. Not every house is suitable for every indoor drone out there, and you need to consider a few factors before buying yourself a new indoor drone.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Indoor Drone

Flight time

The flight time of indoor drones matters because it defines how long you can have fun. On average, the flight time of an indoor drone is around five to eight minutes per battery charge. So if you get yourself an indoor drone with only one battery, you will spend more time recharging its battery rather than flying it.

Motor power

There are built-in motors in the drone, defining how fast an indoor drone can fly. These built-in motors help an indoor drone go faster, but it is also responsible for the tricks and maneuvers that an indoor drone can perform. It is also in charge of increasing an indoor drone’s overall balance and stability.

Remote controlling distance

Getting an indoor drone and finding out it has a short distance to control it is a mood breaker. Indoor drones commonly come with a range of about 196 feet, and anything less than that would be too less to enjoy the indoor drone.

Types of Indoor Drones

Toy indoor drones

A toy indoor drone is the kind of drone that is typically made for hobbyists that like to fly drones indoors. Such drones can be flown indoors without causing anyone any harm, and these drones are usually very inexpensive, light in weight, have the short batteries, and come with guards on each propeller.

FPV racing indoor drones

These are a special category of indoor drones. They are not just another type of your typical indoor drone that you can fly in your living rooms. As the name suggests they are made for racing, and they are raced in big and open spaces with indoor drone race tracks. 

Professional indoor drones

Although using small indoor drones can be pretty fun, some are also used for professional purposes, such as collecting visual data for chimneys, pressure vessels, and pipelines. They’re also operated to replace human interaction at places considered hazardous, such as nuclear power plants or sites exposed to radiation.

01 Jinmenengone Mini Drone

Jinmenengone mini drone is an RC indoor drone with three batteries, giving it long battery life. It offers around 21 minutes of flight time, and you won’t have to buy any extra batteries as the batteries are removable and rechargeable. Its propellers are covered in a high-quality plastic cage that protects its fast rotating propellers, and it comes with three adjustable flying speeds and a bright LED light at the front.

Giving complete and straightforward controls over the indoor drone, it comes with an auto-hovering feature which allows the indoor drone to levitate at a fixed height. It also has one button which, upon pressing, your drone will either take off from the ground or land if it’s actively flying.


  • It offers 21 minutes of flight
  • It comes with an auto-hovering feature
  • It comes with high quality guarded propellers


  • It has a very bright LED light
Jinmenengone Mini Drone

02 Holy Stone Mini Drone

Holy Stone’s mini drone is an indoor drone that can auto-hover. This indoor drone can perform Toss to Launch, meaning it can start hovering and flying by tossing it in the air. It can also do full autorotations, 3D flips, and fly in a circular motion. And since it has adjustable settings for its flying speed, you can change it to your indoor drone experience and proficiency. 

This indoor drone can hover itself at fixed heights and stabilize its balance. It is incredibly user-friendly, and it comes with three batteries that extend the indoor drone’s flight time and offer around 21 minutes of flight time. With its smart batteries giving an alert to when your indoor drone is low on battery, you can rest assured that it comes with full protection and is isolated by a protection guard that protects the kids from properly getting too close to the spinning.


  • It offers a long battery life
  • It has an adjustable flying speed


  • It has a long charging time
Holy Stone Mini Drone

03 DoDoeleph Mini Drone

DoDoeleph mini drone is an indoor pocket drone that is exceptionally small and compact. It can fit right into your pocket or small travel bags, making it easily portable. And because of its small size, it can be easily maneuvered around small and tight spaces. Its controller also has a wide range of connectivity with the indoor drone itself, so you will not have to worry about the drone losing directions indoors when it flies too far away. 

Coming to you with a one key take-off and a landing button, the indoor drone can either take off or land down. It can do a 360 degree stunt flip, and since its operation is straightforward, any user can have perfect control over the drone with astonishing performance. It also has a feature that will enable the indoor drone to levitate or hover over its current height even when you let go of the controls.


  • It is easily portable
  • It has an extended control distance


  • Battery life lasts only five minutes
DoDoeleph Mini Drone

04 Q9s RC Drone

Q9s RC drone is a mini indoor drone with bright LED lights that can light up the sky. They emit vibrant green and blue neon lights throughout their entire frame, and it comes with a powerful illuminating effect and a fantastic flight experience in dark places. Coming to you with three different modes for displaying those lights, it has a very secure and durable structure and comes with a guard with each propeller—protecting you and your kids. 

This indoor drone comes with three adjustable flying speeds and a button with which you can simply press to take off or land immediately. It has an auto-hover feature that allows the indoor drone to hover at any fixed height, and if you’re a beginner you can rest assured you need absolutely no experience or skills to fly this indoor drone.


  • It has vibrant neon LED lights
  • It is easy to use in dark rooms
  • It comes with an auto-hovering feature


  • Battery life lasts only seven minutes
Q9s RC Drone

05 EMAX Tinyhawk Indoor Drone

EMAX Tinyhawk is a compact, small indoor drone with a camera on the mini drone’s head. It comes with three modes of video transferring, allowing you to transmit whatever the indoor drone sees to another video for recording and storage. This indoor drone comes equipped with a Runcam Nano 2 camera which allows for smooth video recording without any delays, and to add to its functionality it’s exceptionally light in weight and has a fast speed of flight.

The propellers of the indoor drone come with vibrant LED lights, making it easy to spot when flying the drone. Easy to operate and travel with, it also has high-quality plastic guards with each propeller that work to provide protection.


  • It comes with a transmitting camera
  • It has vibrant LED lights with the propellers
  • It can transmit video in three different modes


  • It has a short battery life
EMAX Tinyhawk Indoor Drone

People Also Asked

Can a three battery drone survive on two batteries?

Yes, an indoor drone that can fit three batteries for a longer flight time will perfectly work with one or two batteries. The number of batteries only defines how long your indoor drone can keep flying.

How long will my indoor drone fly?

Your indoor drone will fly depending on the number of batteries that it can hold at the same time. One battery can give you around five to eight minutes of an average flight time, so using multiple batteries will provide you with a lot of flight time.

Is it legal to fly indoors?

While there are no restrictions or laws for flying drones indoors, there are some restrictions and laws passed for flying drones. If you live in a residential area, it is prohibited to fly indoor drones above or around populated buildings.

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