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Work Comfortably From Anywhere With the Best Lap Desk

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Work Comfortably From Anywhere With the Best Lap Desk

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Buying Guide to Finding a Quality Lap Desk

If you’ve ever used a laptop for an extended period‌, you know how quickly it can get uncomfortably hot. Not only does this affect its performance, but prolonged exposure to heat can cause skin irritation, and in extreme cases, even burns. One way to prevent your laptop from overheating is to use a lap desk. A lap desk is a flat surface ‌you can place your laptop while you’re using it. This allows for better airflow around the device, which helps to keep it cool. Besides that, lap desks often have built-in fans or cooling pads to further help reduce the risk of overheating. With a wide range of lap desks on the market, it might be ‌difficult to find the best one for yourself. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top five lap desks on the market so you can find the best one for yourself.

Check out all the factors you need to consider before purchasing a comfortable, durable lap desk for your computer or books. 

Plastic or Wood?

Wooden lap desks are typically quite sturdy, but they can be on the heavy side. If you’re planning on using your lap desk for long periods of time, this might not be the best option for you. On the plus side, wooden lap desks are very stable, so if you’re doing work that requires a lot of typing or movement, they might be a better choice for you. Plastic lap desks are usually much lighter than their wooden counterparts, making them easier to carry around. They also ‌have better ventilation, so your laptop is less likely to overheat. However, they may not be as sturdy as wooden desks, so if you plan on using your lap desk for extended periods of time, wooden lap desks might be a better option for you. 

How to Choose a Lap Desk

If you are out looking for a lap desk, consider the size, adjustability, weight, and padding before deciding what you want and what works best for your situation. 


When you’re looking for a lap desk, size definitely matters. You’ll want to make sure your laptop will fit securely on the surface of the lap desk. To do this, measure the width of your laptop and compare it to the width of the lap desk. If you’re planning on using a mouse with your laptop, you’ll need even more room, so ‌choose a lap desk that’s wider than your laptop.

Adjustable build

An adjustable lap desk will allow you to find the perfect angle and height for your needs, whether you’re working on your laptop, writing a letter, or even enjoying a meal in front of the TV. So if you’re looking for a lap desk that will make your life ‌easier, be sure to choose one that’s adjustable. 

Weight and padding

Weight and padding of the lap desk are also important factors you need to consider. Not only will a heavy lap desk be difficult for you to move from place to place, but it will also fatigue your legs especially if you use it for extended durations. That is why you should look for a lap desk that is lightweight and has padding or cushions on the bottom so that you don’t hurt your legs when you are getting some work done.

01 LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

The LapGear Home Office Lap Desk is a great way to stay organized and comfortable while you work. This desk features a wide surface that is perfect for holding a laptop, a mouse pad, and even a cell phone. It also features an integrated mouse pad that ensures that you have a smooth surface to work on, and the phone slot keeps your device within easy reach.

The ingenious design of the dual-bolster cushion keeps your electronics from sliding off while it molds to your lap to keep you cool and comfortable. Weighing only two pounds, the lap desk won’t add too much additional weight to your legs. With its convenient size and handy features, this lap desk from LapGear has the honor of being best overall on this list.


  • Incorporates a dual-bolster cushion
  • Integrated phone slot and mouse pad
  • Innovative and comfortable


  • The mouse pad might not have a good grip
LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

02 Mind Reader Laptop Desk

The Mind Reader Laptop Desk is a great addition to any home, office, dorm, or classroom. Because of its dual-bolster pillow support, it provides optimal comfort while you are using it. The desk’s small design and padded bottoms simple make it ideal for continuous use. The desk is even adjustable, giving you the option to set it however you want.

The stand is also lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Whether you’re working from home or taking your work on the road, this adjustable laptop desk is a great way to stay comfortable while you get the job done.


  • Eight different adjustable positions
  • Incorporates a seamless pop-up lip
  • Compact construction and sturdy carry handle


  • Adjustable back tray might not lock in properly
Mind Reader Laptop Desk

03 Huanuo Laptop Desk

The Huanuo Laptop Desk is a great option for those who are looking for a lightweight and comfortable desk to use with their laptops. Because of its sturdy platform and cushioned pillow, this desk is a terrific solution for people who wish to use their laptops in a pleasant and stable position all day. Not just that, it also features an anti-slip wrist pad that will provide ample support to your arms while you type on your computer.

It even hosts extra storage pockets that can house small items that usually get lost under your blanket or between your sofa cushion. Made with a brown wood-grain foundation, the table has a modern and appealing look that will impress your colleagues, or just your cat at home!


  • Super sturdy and lightweight
  • Comes with a comfortable wrist pad
  • Modern and appealing design


  • The surface is not waterproof
Huanuo Laptop Desk

04 HLHome Laptop Bed Desk

You can take this lap desk anywhere you want thanks to its collapsible table legs. The desk surface is large enough to accommodate a 17-inch laptop, and the sturdy construction can support up to 88 pounds. It even comes equipped with a USB-powered fan and a tiny light‌.

The portable laptop stand also features a smooth, polished edge and surface to prevent damage to your laptops. And with its ample legroom, you can easily stretch out and relax while using the desk. Whether you want a desk to do some work, play games, or watch YouTube or Netflix, the desk from HLHome is a great choice for you.


  • Comes with a mini light and fan
  • Anti-collision and polished surface
  • Multipurpose and lightweight


  • Might be ‌small for some laptops
HLHome Laptop Bed Desk

05 Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Desk

This portable laptop desk is essential for students and travelers that want a sturdy platform to work on. Thanks to the built-in handle and removable pad, you can easily take the laptop desk wherever you want. It also features a cushioned button that will make sure you don’t fatigue your lap when using this desk for an extended duration.

This sleek and compact laptop desk is exactly what you need to uphold great ergonomics while you work from any location. You’ll appreciate the solid MDF surface, as it is not only simple to clean but also provides a cool surface to place your laptop. You can rely on its lightweight design to make it easy to carry on business trips or vacations.


  • Comes with a removable pad
  • Incorporates a built-in handle
  • Made of solid MDF material


  • The pillow might not be that thick
Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Desk

People Also Asked

How should I pick a lap desk?

A lap desk must‌ be portable so that it may be moved from one location to another. As a result, their surface areas are often on the tiny side. A good lap desk, meanwhile, should still be big enough to accommodate a mouse and a 17-inch laptop comfortably.

Can I place my laptop on the couch?

Your laptop may not ‌release heat effectively if you leave it on carpet, pillows, or fabrics. Internal parts, including the CPU, hard drive, video card, and battery might be harmed by heat contained inside the laptop.

Why should I get a lap desk?

A lap desk will protect your laptop from getting damaged by bumps and drops. It will keep your laptop cooler, since it won’t be resting directly on your lap, allowing it to have a longer lifespan.

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