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The Best Left-Handed Mouse To Increase Productivity

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The Best Left-Handed Mouse To Increase Productivity

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Left-Handed Mouses: A Buyer’s Guide

Let’s get one thing straight; being a lefty is tough. From finding an ergonomic pair of left-handed scissors to fighting with the binding while writing on a spiral notebook, sometimes it seems like the world is out to get you. This is especially true when it comes to finding the right type of computer peripherals. We don’t want to experiment around with right-handed options that might just work for us. No, sir! We demand something specifically designed to accommodate our left-handedness. It is here a left-handed mouse comes into play. These bad boys are designed in a way that precisely contours to your left hand with the right kind of button placement. Sounds like a myth? Well, miracles do exist! It’s just that finding the right mouse is a bit difficult with so many mediocre options on the market. So, join us as we help you find the finest left-handed mouse in 2023 for your needs.

This guide will serve as a complete 101 for left-handed mice. It will also teach you exactly how to go about buying this peripheral.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Left-Handed Mouse


First thing’s first, you must decide on the connectivity of your new mouse. Do you want a wireless or wired option? While a wireless option is more convenient, a wired one will generally be more accurate and responsive. Ultimately, it all comes down to preferences. If you opt for a wired one, make sure the cable is high quality. For a wireless one, ensure the battery life is decent. Also, consider the recharging options and whether or not you’ll have to buy the batteries separately.


Next is the decision about the buttons. Generally speaking, a computer mouse will come with three buttons: the right and left bumpers, along with the scroll wheel. However, you can also opt for ones that allow you to switch between pages and toggle your mouse’s DPI. Options like the ELECOM Left-Handed Mouse enable users to map different functions to each button.

Top Buying Tips for Finding the Best Left-Handed Mouse


Trust us; you do not want to underestimate the importance of your new mouse when it comes to the overall aesthetic of your setup. From design to color schemes, this rodent holds the power to make or break the overall vibe of your desk. Colors and designs aside, you can also opt for options equipped with RGB lighting if you’re feeling incredibly bold. The choices are limitless!


This one’s perhaps the most important tip — what you should be looking for is an ergonomic mouse. An ergonomically designed mouse will enhance your overall comfort when using it. It will also prevent potential injuries in the form of carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. Design elements like your mouse’s shape, curvature, and grips will contribute to its ergonomics. We recommend buying something that curves naturally to fit into your hand easily. Comfortable rubber grips would be a plus.

Left-Handed Mouse Price Range

In most cases, a left-handed mouse will cost you just as much as a right-handed one. You can expect to pay anywhere between $20 to upwards of $50 when in this market. While branding plays a huge role in determining the price of your new mouse, you can also expect to pay a premium when you go wireless. You should also be ready to pay extra for features like superior ergonomics, more buttons, and enhanced accuracy.

What Else Should You Know About a Left-Handed Mouse


Your mouse’s range will determine how far you can take it from your PC for it to operate effectively. In the case of wired options, this will be determined by the mouse’s cable length. For wireless ones, the Bluetooth range will determine your mouse’s range. In most cases, you can expect a range of 9-10 meters.


Another thing you must note is your mouse’s size. This will determine how well it will fit in your hand. Checking out the mouse’s dimensions is especially important if you own considerable small or large hands. The size of your mouse will also determine its portability and ease of storage.

01 Logitech Left-Handed Mouse

This left-handed wireless mouse from Logitech ticks all the boxes of a high-quality computer peripheral. Let’s start with the design. The curve at its center perfectly complements the contours of your hand. These ergonomics are further enhanced by the soft rubber grips that line the edges. Moving from the design to the buttons, the left and right bumpers are closely designed to provide ease of access. 

Positioned between these buttons is the scroll wheel, which boasts more grooves every millimeter. This allows you to scroll with acute precision. You can also tilt this wheel right and left to move between pages on the web. While there’s a lot to like about this wireless mouse, we absolutely love its battery life. This 3-year battery life has earned the Logitech left-handed mouse the top spot on this list!


  • Amazingly long and optimized battery life 
  • Five elegant shades to choose from
  • Compact and ergonomically designed


  • Not the best for gaming purposes
Logitech Left-Handed Mouse

02 Perixx Left-Handed Mouse

The Perixx Left-Handed Mouse comes in both wired and wireless variants. Unlike our top pick, this one has a vertical design, so you’ll have your hand positioned vertically when using it, almost as if you were shaking someone’s hand. This design element enhances your comfort by preventing your wrist from bending unnaturally. 

If you opt for the wireless option, you also get a nano receiver that provides a 10-meter range. The 2 AAA batteries required to run the thing do not come included though. With the wired option, you get a high-quality USB 2.0 cable for easy plug-and-play. As far as the button assortment goes, you get an additional sixth button for switching DPI with this left-handed vertical mouse if you’d like to toggle its sensitivity.


  • A handy DPI switch button to change mouse sensitivity
  • The vertical design enhances ergonomics and comfort
  • Both wired and wireless options are available


  • The wireless option may sometimes disconnect abruptly
Perixx Left-Handed Mouse

03 J-Tech Digital Left-Handed Mouse

Like our previous pick, this wireless left-handed mouse also boasts a vertical design and has six buttons to its name, including the much-coveted DPI switch. This button allows you to switch your mouse’s sensitivity between 800 and 2400 DPI. 

This lefty mouse has small dimensions, making it a better option for people with small hands. Customers particularly appreciate just how accurate this thing is. Let’s also not forget the 1-year warranty it is backed with.


  • An ergonomic vertical design
  • Extremely accurate scrolling
  • Excellent for small hands


  • The battery life could be better
J-Tech Digital Left-Handed Mouse

04 Lekvey Left-Handed Mouse

This vertical wireless left-handed mouse from Lekvey has a 3-level DPI button. This means you can switch the sensitivity from 800 to 1600 DPI. Other controls include the page forward and backward buttons, right and left bumpers, and the scroll wheel. 

A highlight of this pick is just how quiet it runs. From smooth and noiseless gliding to low-pitched and soft clicking, this left-handed mouse is made for people who hate that awful clicking sound of computer mice. As far as power goes, this ergonomic mouse for lefties requires 2 AA batteries which sadly are not included in the package.


  • Amazing battery life, thanks to auto-sleep function
  • 3-level DPI button to switch sensitivity
  • A noiseless operation


  • Not compatible with Mac OS devices
Lekvey Left-Handed Mouse

05 ELECOM Left-Handed Mouse

We’re back to the horizontal designs with this ELECOM Left-Handed Wireless Mouse. Its durable body is ergonomically built and curves at six points where your hand will come into contact with it; this lefty mouse is sure to provide a high level of user comfort. 

Let’s talk about the button assortment now. There are six buttons here, each of which can be custom assigned by using ELECOM’s proprietary software. You can also switch between 750 and 1500 DPI with this pick.


  • The light lamp allows you to keep track of the remaining battery
  • You can remove the trackball for easy maintenance
  • Six-point ergonomic design


  • The accuracy could be better
ELECOM Left-Handed Mouse

People Also Asked

Should lefties use a mouse with their left hand?

Yes! If you’re a lefty, holding a mouse with your right hand can cause severe discomfort and potential injury. Let’s not forget the loss of performance you’ll witness by not using your dominant hand. Holding a right-handed mouse in your left hand should also lead to similar results. This is why the best course of action is to get a mouse specifically designed for lefties.

How to buy a left-handed mouse?

Before you get a new lefty mouse for yourself, consider the number of buttons you’ll be needing and whether you’d like to go wireless or wired. Moreover, we recommend going for something with an ergonomic and stylish design.

How do you use a mouse properly?

Make sure you never tightly grip your mouse or rest your wrist on its surface. Also, always keep your elbows bent 90-degrees with your forearms close to your side for optimum comfort.

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