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Take Cool Shots With the Best Phone Tripods

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Take Cool Shots With the Best Phone Tripods

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Buying Guide to Buying a Premium Phone Tripod

It’s the era of digital media, and no career option can beat the scope of content creation. If you enter this career stream, you can find it pretty rewarding as it pays you well without asking for any qualifications or investments. Most content creators don’t even have a team to depend upon and do it all alone. Fishy? Not when you have some crazy cool gadgets for help. Luckily, if you have a good smartphone, all you need is a phone tripod to film yourself.A phone tripod is a portable stand for your phone that enables you to take pictures and record videos anywhere. It is lightweight and portable, unlike the traditional tripod, and can be used as a selfie stick. Putting it simply, selfie sticks and tripods are the best friends of content creators, and phone tripods combine while adding innovative features like complete rotation. So get your hands on the most versatile phone tripods of 2023 and level up your content.

What to Look for in a Phone Tripod

A phone tripod has many features, but most vary from product to product. For example, some phone tripods have an adjustable design which makes them flexible, but not all do. Therefore, look for the following features in your phone tripod. 


Since you’re the one carrying your phone tripod places, make sure that you choose its weight wisely. Heavier phone tripods can be hard to carry around with other equipment, so it is better to go for something light. Generally, it’s good to choose frames made of aluminum or metals because they make a stable base. 


Phone tripods come in all shapes and sizes, but the better ones have an adjustable length. Adjustable sizes are beneficial as they let you extend or reduce the size of the tripod depending on your needs. You can use a long tripod pole as a selfie stick to capture more camera space. 


Different phone tripods are not compatible with all smartphones, so check the product description for your phone’s brand and model to avoid any wrong purchases. If you work with cameras, you should search for phone tripods compatible with cameras. 

Benefits of Phone Tripods

Phone tripods are one of the most demanded phone gadgets. After all, social media has created great hype about this product, and for good reason. The main benefits of phone tripods are mentioned below. 

Frees your hands

Phone tripods are a life-saver for full-time content creators because they keep your hands free. They do the job of a cameraman for you by holding the camera in place while you focus on your work. You can use a phone tripod for filming content, vlogging, or taking selfies without putting your phone’s delicate screen at the mercy of your tired hands. 

Camera angles

Your regular phone or camera can’t get you wide-angle shots from your height. Thankfully, phone tripods can get full landscape views due to their extra-long height and 180° or 360°. This gadget has got your back when it comes to wide and perfect camera shots.

01 UBeesize Phone Tripod Stand

The UBeesize Phone Tripod Stand has wide compatibility and can be paired with most smartphones, cameras, projectors, and camcorders. It is constructed from high-quality aluminum, which is lightweight and portable, so transporting it will be easy. This tripod can also be converted into a selfie stick and extended from its standard 17-inch size to 60 inches. 

The head and neck of this tripod stand have great flexibility and can rotate up to 360° for the perfect shot. It even comes with a wireless remote shutter that controls the selfie stick up to 30 feet. Meanwhile, you can count on the flip-lock and twist-lock technology that secures your phones and gadgets. Due to its high storage capacity and high-quality, convenient build, we’ve picked this phone tripod as the best on our list.


  • Sand has an anti-slip body
  • Supports flexible camera angles
  • Broad compatibility with different gadgets


  • Not compatible with the latest iPhones
UBeesize Phone Tripod Stand

02 Aureday Phone Tripod

The Aureday Phone Tripod is another best-selling, multi-functional tripod stand. This lightweight tripod is made of sturdy aluminum alloy, making it quite durable, and it has four non-slip rubber feet that stand still even on greasy surfaces. It has a compact design of 18 inches, which can be extended to five sections that reach a maximum height of 62 inches. With this much height, you can capture broader sceneries at wide angles. 

This tripod’s head can be adjusted up to 180°, while the neck offers a complete angle rotation for better camera shots. It also comes with a bunch of accessories that help you set up this gadget and operate it from a distance of up to 30 feet. But, the best part of this product is its adjustable phone clamp that secures phones of different sizes.


  • Wide base
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be used as a selfie stick


  • Difficult to hold vertically
Aureday Phone Tripod

03 ATUMTEK Phone Tripod

If you’re looking for a tripod stand that is smart enough to be featured in your vlogs, then trust the ATUMTEK Phone Tripod. Not only does it have a smart design, but its features also have the “wow” factor. This 12-inch tripod stand has a 7-scale adjustable rod made of top-quality aluminum and it can reach a maximum height of 51-inches, providing a wide camera angle for a better view. 

Even more, this gadget has a 10-inch wide base backed with silicone pads that protect it from slipping or tripping. The top part of this tripod, mainly the phone clamp, has a rotation design that’s optimal for focusing on all views and angles, while the body has a lychee texture that adds to its anti-slip properties and offers a better grip. For even more convenience, the Bluetooth remote comes attached to the tripod’s body and can work from a maximum distance of 33 feet.


  • Automatic push button
  • Compatible with most of the latest smartphones
  • Available in three colors


  • Delicate while opening
ATUMTEK Phone Tripod

04 Erligpowht Phone Tripod

The Erligpowht Phone Tripod has a unique build, making it quite popular among content creators. This gadget has three modes that enable it to be held, stood, and wrapped on a horizontal support. It’s also quite flexible, which it owes to its rubber legs that can be bent like balloon twisters. And, for maximum utility, this phone tripod is compatible with camcorders, DSLRs, GoPro, and the major smartphone brands. 

Even more, the rotatable head can help you get better shooting angles with its 90° and 360° spin. Best of all, this tripod has a 2-inch long smartphone bracket extending up to 4-inches and you can rely on its adapter screw head to attach tablets and iPads.


  • Anti-crack design
  • Waterproof body
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Wrapping mode isn't compatible with heavy cameras
Erligpowht Phone Tripod

05 Fugetek Phone Tripod

The Fugetek Phone Tripod is a hit tripod stand with an extended adjustable height. This tripod has a solid yet lightweight aluminum frame which is 19-inch long, but it can be further extended to 31 and 51 inches. It has a telescopic-style design, making it collapsible, portable, and easy to store. And, if you use various devices, don’t worry — this product is compatible with many Android and Apple smartphones, cameras, and action cams. 

This convertible selfie stick comes with a wireless remote mounted on the handle of the tripod stand, which can be used from a maximum distance of 50 feet. But the key feature of this remote is its durability because it guarantees 100,000 clicks, ensuring you’ll be able to use it for a while.


  • Comes with a stylish carry bag
  • Quite easy to use
  • Great for landscape views and wide angles


  • Has a shaky grip
  • Switching between landscape and portrait is difficult
Fugetek Phone Tripod

Phone Tripods FAQs

What are the types of phone tripods?

There are four types of phone tripods, namely, height-adjustable tripods, flexible tripods, mini-tripods, and overhead tripods. The first three are common, while overhead tripods are avoided because they are pretty lightweight.

What is the difference between a phone monopod and a tripod?

As their names suggest, phone monopods are one-legged phone stands, while tripods are three-legged. Phone tripods can stand independently, while the monopods are like selfie sticks and need assistance.

Are heavy phone tripods better than light phone tripods?

Heavy phone tripods are comparatively better than lightweight ones because they are more stable. The heavier weight lowers the center of gravity in these tripods and prevents them from tripping. On the downside, heavy phone tripods are more difficult to carry than their lighter counterparts.

Do all phone tripods fit cameras?

Not all phone tripods are compatible with cameras since some are made strictly for smartphones. Fortunately, phone tripods fit most tablets and iPads because the phone clamps can be extended.

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