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Relive Your Gaming Nostalgia With the Best Pokemon Games

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Relive Your Gaming Nostalgia With the Best Pokemon Games

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Buying Guide: Finding Your Next Pokemon Game

For decades, we have been acquainted with Pokemon, whether through anime, card games, or video games. The first Pokemon games were released on the Nintendo Gameboy, but have been coming out regularly ever since. From the beginning, Pokemon has been a story-intensive gaming series. It spread like wildfire in the late nineties and has become one of the world’s most famous franchises. After two decades, there is a huge library of Pokemon video games and board games you can explore. If you are still a fan of Ash Ketchum and his loyal pal Pikachu, then you need to try out their latest games available on the market. While there are many options available, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile our favorite Pokemon games of 2023 that are worth your time.

The Pokemon franchise has been a key player in the gaming industry since the late 90s. But, with a library of over 120 games built up in the last two decades and more gaming coming out each year, choosing a Pokemon game to play can be a daunting task. To help you out, we’ve prepared a guide with the information you need to help you make your decision easier.


The Pokemon franchise was initially released on the Nintendo Gameboy in 1996, but since then it has spread over various platforms due to its popularity. Nonetheless, most modern Pokemon games come out on the Nintendo Switch, which offers an unparalleled experience.  All the games that are exclusive to Switch have a clear label on top of them. Make sure to check this label, especially when you are buying the game to play on a different platform. Some Pokemon games are also available on Android and iOS — you can easily access these games on these platforms’ respective app stores. 

Age of the Player

The Pokemon franchise consists of family-friendly games ranging from easy games intended for children to hard, more complex games intended for adults. Different games also have varying levels of difficulty depending upon the genre and the storyline. Therefore, the age and capabilities of the gamer must be taken into consideration when buying a Pokemon game. Otherwise, you might end up with a game that is too easy and boring for you or too much difficult for your kid. Age ratings are typically shown on the game’s packaging to relieve you from this hassle.

Game Generation 

The Pokemon games have different generations featuring special Pokemon and collectibles. Even though you may have lost track of how many generations of Pokemon games are there, this is very important if you are an avid fan — especially if you want to collect all the special Pokemon. There is also the factor that some people prefer the older generations over the new ones, and this can be the opposite for others. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. So, it’s better to keep your preferences in mind when purchasing a Pokemon game.

01 Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Released in 2022, the latest and greatest addition to the franchise is the first game we are going to talk about. After years of repetition of the same game design and mechanics, this Pokemon game is a breath of fresh air — the semi-open game world is a gateway to a whole new experience. The developers have poured in their hearts and soul to redesign the old systems of Pokemon encounters and evolutions for you to enjoy.

This game gives the players the freedom to decide what outcome they want, which can be seen when you encounter a Pokemon. When that happens, you are given a plethora of options and are the one who decides how you want to approach the encounter. Furthermore, you can also be attacked by Pokemon when you are out exploring the semi-open world. The refined mechanics, storyline, and superb graphics make this game the best rated on our list.


  • Added strategic encounters
  • Redefined capturing options
  • Semi-open world game


  • Relatively easier than previous games
Pokemon Legends: Arceus

02 Pokemon: Lets Go, Pikachu

Moving on, the next game we have featured on our list is called “Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu”. This role-playing game was released for Nintendo Switch in late 2018. This game lets you play alongside the iconic Pikachu where you explore the world and encounter new Pokemon. This game even includes a map that directs you to all the Pokemon available near you that can be encountered.

In this game, you may find your character to be overpowered — this was done deliberately by the developers to attract new players. That said, the design and mechanics of this game are sure to appeal to both novice and veteran players. Considered to be a far more refined version of Pokemon Yellow, this game is known as one of the most beautiful Pokemon games up to date. This game also features two-player online and split-screen multiplayer in the form of the new horde mode.


  • Great visuals and art style
  • Multiplayer settings 
  • Simple, refined gameplay


  • It’s easy to feel overpowered
Pokemon: Lets Go, Pikachu

03 New Pokemon Snap

Inspired by its predecessor, “New Pokemon Snap” is a photography game with amazing visuals and graphics. This Pokemon game lets you explore unknown lands and photograph lively Pokemon in their natural habitats. It takes you to multiple compelling settings such as a sparkling beach, a dense jungle, a desert, and several other locations which look more vibrant than any Pokemon game before it.

The Pokemon give many unique reactions whenever you do anything in front of them, which results in a much more enjoyable photography session. This game features over 15 courses, with each course having unique Pokemon and interactions so playing doesn’t feel monotonous. All the snaps taken will fill your Photodex, through which you will progressively raise your research level, helping you solve the big mystery of the game.


  • Observe new pokemon behaviors
  • Inspired by a classic Pokemon game 
  • Beautiful and diverse visuals


  • Level design is relatively linear
New Pokemon Snap

04 Ravensburger Pokemon Labyrinth

Switching things up a bit, Pokemon Labyrinth by Ravenburger is a board game that you can enjoy with your family. It’s neither too difficult for children nor boring for adults, and up to four people can play this board game. Ideally, the game takes 20 to 30 minutes to play, with the board changing every turn to make the maze run more interesting and unique.

This Pokemon maze game comes with four playable Pokemon that can walk on the pathway created by the tiles to reach your goal. Once you find all the Pokemon, you need to find your way back to the start. The cards are in the shape of Pokeball, which gives them a nice, charming appeal. Despite missing some legendary Pokemon in the game, it is still a great time and a perfect family board game.


  • Multiple people can play
  • Unique rotating board mechanic
  • The fun of Labyrinth and Pokemon combined


  • Missing out on some Pokemon
Ravensburger Pokemon Labyrinth

05 Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

The last game on our list is “Pokemon Brilliant Diamond”. A faithful remake of 2006’s “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl”, this game reinvents the classic games with some new mechanics and quality of life improvements. With almost 900 Pokemon, this open-world game features new mechanics that elevate this game over their previous version. This game also has one of the longest, most complex storylines in the Pokemon, franchise which certainly is not an easy task.

In the game you set out to become the champion of the Pokemon League and defeat Team Galactic, making this an incredibly exciting story. Brilliant Diamond has a very diversified map that provides a fresh yet nostalgic experience. As an added bonus, this Pokemon game also has a super contest show where you can show off your fashion sense and rhythm to other contestants.


  • Advanced version of a classic
  • More than 900 pokemon
  • Exciting new Grand Underground content


  • Highly resembles the original games
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

People Also Asked

Are Pokemon games available on PC?

Pokemon games are released on Nintendo gaming consoles, but you can play them on PC with a separate emulator. If you choose to play with an emulator, make sure you use legally-obtained game files.

How many generations of Pokemon games are there?

There’s not a sure number of generations and their game number, but as of 2023, there are about nine generations of Pokemon games. 

Will Pokemon ever end?

Even though it looks like Ash’s journey is coming to an end, there’s a new character in Goh. It looks like he could carry on the storyline, even after an unlikely end to Ash’s journey. So, it’s obvious that the Pokemon storyline is not meant to end anytime soon.

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