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Keep Things Running Smoothly With the Best Power Supply Units

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Keep Things Running Smoothly With the Best Power Supply Units

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Power Supply Unit

While there’s nothing glamorous about a power supply unit, a power supply unit is one of the most vital components of any computer system. It splits the power and feeds it to various components in a PC, and while an 80% efficiency in a power supply unit is considered to be terrible, modern advancements in technology have addressed these issues.If you are looking for some of the best 80 plus gold edition power supply units that give a stable voltage output, then look no further. We have prepared the ultimate buying guide to educate you on choosing a power supply unit suitable for your PC.

Picking a power supply can seem like a daunting task. You need to consider a few factors before purchasing a power supply unit, such as size, wattage, and efficiency. 

Things to Consider 

The efficiency of a power supply unit

All the power supplies nowadays come with an 80 plus tag on them. The 80 plus tag signifies an efficiency of at least 80%. These days, 80% efficiency is nowhere near enough to cope with all the enhanced tech and hardware components we have. As a result, we now have 80 plus power supply units that come in different colors or grades, such as titanium grade that provides an efficiency of up to 94%.


The wattage of your power supply unit can vary. It can offer you 350 watts with all the different grades available all the way to over 1000 watts. It all depends on how much wattage your system requires.

Fan noise

Power supply units generate a lot of heat due to the constant exchange of voltage. For this reason, they need efficient fans to help keep them cool, especially during heavy loads. Though your power supply unit can be kept cool with large fans, they tend to be quite noisy. This is why you must consider purchasing a power supply unit that has large fans yet spins at a much slower pace. 

Types of Power Supply Units


A hard-wired power supply unit is the kind that has a fixed number of wires attached to its box. You cannot remove or add more wires to the power supply unit. Such a power supply unit is inadequate for good cable management as all the extra cables that aren’t being used are just floating around inside your system.


A semi-modular power supply unit is the type of power unit that typically has one fixed wire attached to its box. Since the rest of the cables can be attached separately, its design eliminates unwanted wires—creating a more open space and allowing for a more enhanced wire management experience within your system.


A full-modular power supply unit is the type that has no fixed wire or wires attached to its box. All the necessary cables can be separately connected to the power supply unit, creating the best-seen cable management opportunity.

01 Pystar Power Supply Unit

Pystar’s 850 power supply unit is a power supply unit with a full-modular design and black cables. This power supply unit gives better cable management options because it is a full-modular power supply unit. It offers an improved airflow system through a better ventilation system, and since it’s 80+ gold certified it can easily reach a 90% or higher efficiency rate.

It has an extremely quiet 140mm fan that can dissipate heat at a good pace while making no noise. Keeping the power supply unit temperature low, this power supply unit has a DC-DC structure that makes the voltage output more stable and safe to use.


  • It has a small, noiseless fan
  • It is efficient under extreme loads
  • It offers stabilized voltage output


  • For its weight, it is quite large
Pystar Power Supply Unit

02 Corsair Power Supply Unit

Corsair’s RM850x power supply unit is a high-end power supply unit. Offering lower power consumption and less noise generation, it provides the maximum cooling temperature for the power supply. It has a built-in zero RPM fan mode that works to cool down the power supply even if it’s functioning on a medium load. 

This power supply unit can take a total temperature load of up to 105 degrees. And if it reaches that temperature, it will automatically shut down. It has complete modular cables which allow you to detach any unwanted or non-usable wire from the power supply and gives you the ability to connect all the cables your PC needs. Also lightweight when compared to other power supplies, the Corsair RMX series unfortunately cannot be synchronized with Corsair software for managing power supplies.


  • It is lightweight
  • It offers modular cabling
  • It has an almost noiseless cooling system


  • It cannot be synced with any software
Corsair Power Supply Unit

03 EVGA 1000 Power Supply Unit

EVGA’s 1000 GQ 80+ Gold power supply offers excellent quality and great value for its price. Capable of handling a large amount of power, since it offers such a massive wattage it is considered a bit heavier in weight than other power supply units. It is 80+ gold edition certified, which verifies its excellency.

This power supply unit has a semi-modular design, which means that you can attach and use the required amount of cables for your PC rather than having extra power supply wires hanging about. With a semi-modular model, the power supply has one cable that must be used in all cases, and that wire is the main motherboard’s power wire. This gives PC owners the opportunity to have excellent cable management for their systems


  • It offers 1000 watts of power
  • It has noiseless cooling fans
  • It offers semi-modular cabling
  • It allows for excellent cable management


  • It is heavy in weight
EVGA 1000 Power Supply Unit

04 ARESGAME Power Supply Unit

ARESGAME’s power supply unit gives you 850 wattage of power. It is compact in size, and it comes with an ultra-quiet fan with enchanted cooling performance for your power supply unit. Adding to its functionality, its fully modular power supply unit allows you to fully customize the number of cables you wish to attach to the power supply unit. It also uses technology that allows for a very stable voltage output and reduces the risk of power supply failure as a result of a power outage or breakage.


  • It has a quiet fan
  • It is very compact in size
  • It offers a huge amount of power, 850 watts


  • It may not survive extreme loads
ARESGAME Power Supply Unit

05 MSI Power Supply Unit

MSI’s A850GF power supply unit is an exceptional power supply unit that gives up to 850 watts of power. It is gold certified, which guarantees low energy consumption for its high-efficiency rate. Capable of taking on extreme loads and working under extreme temperatures, it also offers unwavering power supply quality and showcases stability under high power consumption.

This power supply unit has a full-modular design that allows you to connect each wire individually and separate from the rest of the wiring of the PC. This significantly reduces the presence of clustered cables inside your PC and simplifies the overall PC build. Adding to its design, it also comes with flat black wires which gives more room for the entire system to be organized and allows for improved airflow.


  • It offers a power output of 850 watts
  • It provides an improved ventilation system


  • It’s weight is heavy
MSI Power Supply Unit

People Also Asked

How many watts does my system need?

Each system needs a different wattage of power. You can calculate how much your system may require by adding up the power consumption of all your other PC components. Typically, an 850 watts power supply unit should do the trick even for a high-end PC.

Will my power supply have a 16 pin connector?

Most older power supply unit models do not have a 16 pin connector. A 16 pin connector is required by the most recent graphics cards, and in the past a 16 pin connector was unheard of. Thankfully, newer power supply unit models might have a 16 pin connector for your latest high-end graphics card.

How often should I replace my power supply unit?

Since results will vary between brand and quality, it’s best to base this estimate on your specific power supply unit. Some signs your power supply unit needs replacement includes but is not limited to an evident lack or slowing of processing speed, frequent overheating incidents, and an increase of incidents where the unit turns off without warning.

Can I repair my power supply unit if itu2019s broken?

While you can always go to the professional for assistance, it’s recommended to purchase a new brand as these repairs can prove costly. 

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