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Brighten Up Your Videos With the Best Ring Lights With Stands

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Brighten Up Your Videos With the Best Ring Lights With Stands

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Finding Your Next Ring Light With Stand: A Buying Guide

Looking good on camera is just as much about lighting as it is about camera quality and background. If you’re a professional content creator, you’ll probably need multiple keys and fill lights shining through a diffuser to create the ideal lighting setup. The big issue with this configuration is that it’s extremely impractical for basic tasks like video calls and recording TikTok videos, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t want to invest too much into your hobby just yet. This is where ring lights with stands come in. These lights take minutes to set up, cost a fraction of proper studio-style lighting, and still provide exceptional results. If you’re down for a ring light but don’t know which one to get, check out the top ring lights with stands from 2023 right here to complete your basic video setup.

Getting a ring light with a stand is ‌possibly the best decision you can make for your camera setup. It doesn’t matter if that camera setup facilitates youtube makeup tutorials or business conference calls; the final results will look better. The only thing left now is picking the right ring light, and we can help you with that. Here are the key factors you have to consider to find the ideal ring light and stand setup.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Ring Light With a Stand


The right light you choose should have impressive peak brightness. It should not be bright enough to cause temporary blindness, but it should also light up its subjects with minimal shadows. A great indicator of a light’s brightness is the number of LEDs on the ring. Ideally, this number should be somewhere between 200-250 individual LED lights.  The other part of ring light brightness is adjustability. You should have control over the light’s brightness with a slider or easy-to-reach button. In an ideal world, you’ll be able to adjust the brightness on a per percent basis. But, a brightness adjustment feature with 10% increments is more than enough for most situations. 


Temperature refers to the warmth of the light and is shown by a number like 5500K in Kelvin. 5500K in this context refers to nearly pure white light. Numbers higher than 5500k have a blue undertone, while the lower ones are warm and orange. For example, 3500K LEDs are used to simulate the warm, moody light of old tungsten bulbs. Just like brightness, the ability to adjust the temperature is a must. Though, unlike brightness, you don’t need granular control over it. A minimum of three options (warm, white, and blue) are more than enough for most uses. You can also combine these with a 10-point brightness adjustment to get 30 unique lighting options.

Color filters

LED lights that can turn any color are ultra-expensive. Color filters‌ are physical colored plastic filters that go in front of the ring light and change its hue. Getting a couple of unique colors alongside the light further increases your lighting options and improves the variety of your setup. 



The first key factor to consider about the stand is its height, and 50-inch is a great baseline. It is high enough to go just above most desktop setups, making it ideal for video calls. Taller ring light stands with a height of up to 60-inch are necessary for recording your face standing up, like in TikTok videos. Last, smaller stands that go only 20 to 25 inches high are great for placing on top of the desk when you don’t have any free floor space. Besides an appropriate maximum height, the stand should also be adjustable. Ideally, you should be able to fix it at a point along its length, but a minimum of three heights are also acceptable. 

Construction material

The primary material for the ring light stand should always be metal. As for which metal it should be, both steel and aluminum are acceptable answers. If you want to move around with your ring light, choose aluminum for its lighter weight. Alternatively, steel will stay pristine for much longer and give a better return on your investment.

Angle adjustment

The right light you buy should have an angle adjustment on its stand. This can be the most basic pivot and rotation mechanism, professional-grade camera adjustment angle rig, or anything in between. Fixed stands can work in certain scenarios, but having the option to slightly or completely change the light and camera angle will come in handy‌.

01 Neewer LED Ring Light Kit

The ring light kit from Neewer offers super powerful LEDs accompanied by a host of useful items. The ring light itself has a power of 55W and operates at a temperature of 5500K. You can also lower its brightness or change the light color using the included orange and white filters.

This kit comes with a 61-inch stand for the light and a phone stand that mounts in the middle of the light. It even includes a high-speed wireless shutter for hassle-free filming and photography. The stunning performance of this ring light, combined with its arsenal of gadgets, is what makes this the best overall ring light with a stand.


  • Super bright 240 LED light
  • Total control with 1%-100% dimming
  • Long-lasting, sturdy tripod stand
  • Comes with a durable, protective light bag


  • Length adjustment knob requires precise turning force
Neewer LED Ring Light Kit

02 Sensyne Ring Light with Tripod Stand

The ring light with stand from Sensyne is built to last a long time. The 50-inch extendable stand, in particular, is exceptionally well built with sturdy steel construction and tight tolerances. An angle adjustment rig on the stand is the most impressive part of this build.

Its accessible knobs and handles give you professional-level control over the angle of your lighting and the phone attached inside. The ring light itself is nothing to scoff at either, with its three distinct temperature modes and impressively high brightness. All the light controls are also right in front for hassle-free access.


  • Ultra-durable, long-lasting build quality
  • Three temperatures modes to fit the scene
  • Professional-level angle adjustment control rig
  • Remote shutter works with iOS and Android


  • Warm mode is a bit too orange
Sensyne Ring Light with Tripod Stand

03 Yarrashop Computer Ring Light

The Yarrashop computer ring light with stand is the perfect lighting option for folks who spend a majority of their work day on video conference calls. It sits nicely on your desk and can be tucked nicely behind the main monitor. You can even mount a webcam or your phone to the pole to get properly lit shots. Despite its smaller size, however, it still includes advanced features like three color temperature modes and adjustable brightness. You can also repurpose the stand for other gadgets thanks to its ¼-inch crew top.


  • Great value for your money
  • Takes very little room on a desk
  • Ideal setup for video calls
  • Includes brightness and temperature adjustment


  • Only bright enough for one subject
Yarrashop Computer Ring Light

04 Kaiess Ring Light With Tripod Stand

The ring light from Kaiess is the closest you’ll get to a professional lighting setup on a budget. The star of the show here is definitely the right light with its adjustable values. You can pick between one of three unique color temperatures and then dim each of them at 10 levels – giving you a grand total of 30 lighting options. This doesn’t even factor in the height and angle adjustments on the stand that further increases the possibilities. You also don’t need a dedicated power adapter and can run this light from any USB phone charger.


  • 30 unique lighting options for ultimate control
  • Comes with a convenient Bluetooth shutter
  • Sturdy stand with plenty of adjustment options
  • Includes fully customizable phone holder


  • Buttons on in-line controller are weird
Kaiess Ring Light With Tripod Stand

05 IVISII Ring Light with Stand

The ring light set from IVISII includes everything you’ll need for a proper lighting setup. The key players in the set are, of course, the bright ring light and sturdy adjustable stand. They’re both excellent, with tons of useful features like brightness adjustment. Then there are additional items like the hot shoe and ¼-inch adapter so you can mount almost any standard video equipment onto the stand. The set also includes a protective carrying bag for the light, a dedicated power adapter, and even a screwdriver for finer adjustments.


  • Includes universal equipment mounting adapters 
  • Bright LEDs leave nothing in the dark
  • Full 360-degree light angle adjustment
  • Pure white temperature for color accuracy


  • Included color filters can break if dropped
IVISII Ring Light with Stand

People Also Asked

Can I leave my ring light on forever?

Yes, you can. LED ring lights do not produce any excessive heat and can be left on 24/7 for months with no issues. It is not recommended, however.

Can ring lights with stands damage my eyes?

No, they cannot. The LEDs in ring lights are not powerful enough to harm your eyes‌.

Can a ring light with stand fit my phone?

Yes, many ring lights come with an adjustable phone holder that can fit almost any phone.

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