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Enhance Your Listening Experience With the Best Soundbars for TVs

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Enhance Your Listening Experience With the Best Soundbars for TVs

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Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Model Soundbar for TV

Although we’ve entered the world of flat screens and smart TVs, the war between room space and ineffective volume control remains the same. Most models now come with high-end speakers, but you’ll still need to make some adjustments to match the room’s setting. You don’t need an expensive speaker set and surround sound system to create a vibe — a simple soundbar can be enough to elevate the atmosphere of any room along with your watching experience. Are you looking for a sound bar to amp up the performance of your TV? We’ve reviewed the leading soundbars for TVs of 2023 that can help you enjoy all your favorite shows and movies even more. For those who might not know what these gadgets are, our in-depth buying guide covers all aspects required to make a successful purchase. Keep reading to improve your home theater and find a soundbar that’s right for your TV.

Soundbars are a great choice if you want to enhance your TV’s sound quality and the overall atmosphere of your room. There are so many options out there that it can be challenging for people to choose the right one, especially if you’re someone who isn’t necessarily a tech wiz. We’ve put together a buyer’s guide for your convenience that will let you explore the wondrous world of soundbars without any unexpected hurdles and (hopefully) find the right soundbar for your TV in 2023.

Things to Consider When Buying a Soundbar for Your TV

Here are the top things you should keep in mind when picking a soundbar for your TV:


The size and area of your room play a key role in establishing whether a simple soundbar is sufficient or if you’ll require additional speakers. Always opt for something universal that can later be upgraded.


Another question that comes to mind is where exactly to put the soundbar. In most cases, you can place it on your TV console. Because of their sleek and slim design, there’s rarely an interruption when changing channels or settings. If you instead wish to connect your soundbar with an unconventional source (like a laptop or mobile device), we recommend placing it on the nearest possible surface for an optimal experience. Some people also mount their sound system on the wall, but this could affect the quality of your room — it might not look as classy and can increase the workload if you decide to change settings.


The size of your soundbar is also an essential factor, as this determines its quality. TVs between 40 to 72 inches usually work well with a 28-inch soundbar, but you may need to upgrade depending on your distance from it. You must find a device that works well with both the size of the TV and the size of the room at the same time. If there’s a lack of quality, you can upgrade your system to suit your needs.


Some soundbars come with two speakers, while others have five along with a woofer. We prefer choosing the latter for an upgraded experience, but if you’re on a tight budget there’s no harm in going for the smaller option.

Types of Soundbars for TVs

Soundbars for TVs can either be active or passive.

Active soundbars

This option has integrated amplifiers that take care of most of the sound delivery. They also highlight channel processors, which separate the speakers to give you enhanced sound quality for all corners of the room. You don’t need to attach it with an extra receiver, which ultimately reduces the wiring around the TV, providing a clean and organized look.

Passive soundbars

Contrary to their active counterparts, these soundbars do not come with integrated amplifiers, meaning you may need to connect them separately. This option boasts high-quality speakers, making them perfect to use in larger rooms. A passive soundbar is more expensive but provides a top-tier professional-quality base.

Soundbar for TV Channel Options

Channels act as individual speakers, impacting how sound is delivered.


A two-channel soundbar features two speakers on the left and right. This is a great choice for anyone who wants a solid experience but doesn’t need too much to be satisfied.


Larger than the previous option, we have a three-channel soundbar with three speakers — right, left, and middle. This can be attached to TVs between 32 to 40 inches for clear sound quality, and many people also connect it to their laptops and mobile devices.


This soundbar option is most popular among people with a TV in the living room. A five-channel soundbar features speakers on the center, left, right and rear. You normally won’t need add-ons with this choice.

01 Majority Soundbar for TV

The Majority Soundbar for TV is an ideal addition for people with not a lot of TV space. It’s a compact 15-inch speaker that produces high-quality results without any distortion, and it integrates multiple connectivity options (such as AUX and USB) for an effortless connection with multiple devices. 

This soundbar for TV has a powerful built-in subwoofer designed to enhance your viewing with cinematic effects, and the kit includes a remote that lets you easily control the sound. It boasts a lightweight, compact design that can be placed on any console, desk, or side table without taking up much space, and you’ll also get an AUX cable included with your purchase to start using the device as soon as it’s delivered. We picked this as our top choice because of its compact build and wide connectivity.


  • Easily switch between different listening modes 
  • Multiple accessories included
  • Simple, lightweight build


  • Sound might not pop in crowded areas
Majority Soundbar for TV

02 Polk Audio Soundbar for TV

The Polk Audio Soundbar for TV sports a long, ultra-slim body that can provide a top-quality listening experience without looking out of place on your console. It incorporates five full-range drivers that can let you experience impressive sound with a deep bass every time you watch something, whether it’s the latest blockbuster or your favorite feel-good sitcom. 

The manufacturer boasts that this soundbar for TV can go toe-to-toe with any other mid and high-range options on the market, so you can rest assured that you’ll be picking up a quality device. This soundbar provides multiple connectivity options for your TV, such as HDMI ARC, optical input, and AUX, so you’ll be able to conveniently pick something that works for you and your TV’s needs. You can place this soundbar on your TV console without having to worry about it blocking anything, or you can even wall-mount it if desired for a more cinematic experience.


  • Small, unobtrusive design
  • No interruptions in sound quality 
  • Multiple connectivity options for setup


  • No accessories included — subwoofer comes separate
Polk Audio Soundbar for TV

03 Samsung Soundbar for TV

When it comes to electronics and tech gadgets, Samsung is a name that’s far above the rest — their soundbar for TV is a testament to that. This device has integrated wireless subwoofers to enhance bass while you’re watching for a deep and focused sound, and it features enhanced audio tracking that equalizes background music and controls volume based on space. 

This soundbar for TV offers a simple wireless connection using Bluetooth, eliminating the need for the external tangle of wires. This soundbar is a great choice for gamers, as it uses synchronized audio to keep up with all the rapid changes in your game. You can purchase this soundbar with background speakers to lift the atmosphere of any room, and it comes with a remote that can be used not only with the soundbar but with the manufacturer’s TVs as well.


  • Easy to connect and control 
  • Enhanced sound quality, no matter the room 
  • Synchronizes audio with changes onscreen


  • Remote control can be difficult to use
Samsung Soundbar for TV

04 Wohome Soundbar for TV

If you want a sleek device that’s designed for high-quality sound, the Wohome Soundbar for TV is a great choice. It’s an ultra-slim option that measures 28 inches in length for a suitable fit beneath your TV, and it integrates four top-quality 20W speakers to deliver up to 110dB of sound for a high-quality viewing (and listening) experience. 

This soundbar for TV offers multiple connection options like HDMI ARC, AUX, USB, and more for maximum convenience, and it integrates 3D equalizer modes for a high-quality surround sound home theater experience. The soundbar comes with a small remote that lets you control sound and settings without moving, and the manufacturer offers lifetime customer support.


  • Boosts home theater experience 
  • Multiple connectivity options 
  • Slim, sleek body


  • Bass not as effective as other options
Wohome Soundbar for TV

05 Pheanoo Soundbars for TV

The Pheanoo Soundbar for TV features a mode that’s specifically designed for dialogue, making every crisp sentence stand out — there’s nothing worse than not knowing what the characters are saying in the big final scene! It comes with a wired subwoofer that offers a powerful bass, and it’s certified to work wonders with any Roku TV when connected with an HDMI (ARC) connection.

This soundbar for TV is equipped with multiple connection outlets for a quick and easy setup, and its sleek and stylish design can look good in any room without interrupting your TV’s IR sensors. The included remote control lets you take charge of everything from the comfort of your couch, letting you sit back, relax, and bask in the glory of your new sound.


  • Easy to set up
  • Sleek, compact design
  • Provides precise, synced dialogue delivery


  • Subwoofer comes separate and requires more space
Pheanoo Soundbars for TV

People Also Asked

What are the connectivity options in most soundbars?

You can connect most soundbars using AUX, USB, Bluetooth, and HDMI.

What is the average distance between the soundbar and TV?

For optimal results, the soundbar should be four to six inches from the TV.

Can I put a soundbar on the floor?

Yes, you can put it on the floor, but this can create an extra step during cleaning. Homes with pets and children should avoid this to protect the soundbar from damage.

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