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The Best Sticky Note To Keep Important Information Handy

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The Best Sticky Note To Keep Important Information Handy

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Buying a Sticky Note: A Buying Guide

Do you regret forgetting the little things that make your loved ones happy? Or are you the one with a busy schedule and find it difficult to remember important jobs? If yes, a sticky note will be an ideal purchase to sort all your problems. Not only do they work wonders at home but also work brilliantly for kids at school while preparing notes and for adults at the office to keep their desktops organized and set reminders. There are many sticky pads out there in different sizes, quantities, and adhesion, which makes choosing the perfect one for your job a hectic task. Well, worry no more with this list of some of the most remarkable sticky notes of 2023 to help you invest your money in the right place.

Since the market is flooded with a host of sticky notes, picking a pack that satisfies your needs can be overwhelming. Keeping this in mind, check out this buying guide to help you spend your money on the right product and make the most of your investment.

What To Consider When Choosing a Sticky Note


Most sticky notes are 3 square inches. They are neither too small nor too large, so most people prefer them to get their work done, be it leaving a message for kids or writing ‌important meetings. You will also find some sticky notes of 4×6 inches, but they won’t fit in your pocket. You won’t be able to carry them anywhere!


A sticky note can be available in a single color, while others come in multiple colors. If you want to make your reminder pop up to grab your attention, go for colorful ones. You can also opt for neon colors that are on the brighter side, making them appear attractive and readable compared to the normal ones. Go for a yellow-colored pack if you want to highlight your message so that it doesn’t go unnoticed.


Different sticky notes come with different numbers of pads containing different numbers of sheets, so you should make your choice according to your requirements. If you are looking for a long-lasting sticky note, you can go for a pack of 24, having 2400 sheets in total. But for occasional use, six pads containing 90-100 sheets each will be good enough for most.


It is important to have a quality check before buying the right sticky note. Some of them tear apart, spill ink, or even curl up, making the reminder difficult to read. Because of the low quality of paper, it can also be difficult to write notes. Pick sticky notes made of high-quality paper of at least 80 GSM because it’s ‌thick and durable.

Sticking power

Sticking power signifies the longevity of sticky notes. The lessened stickiness will cause the notes to fall off easily, making your organized space look messy. Always go for a sticky note that comes with two times the sticking power and can be used repeatedly without losing its adhesion. They should also be compatible with multiple surfaces and shouldn’t leave residue after peeling.

How Much Should You Spend on Sticky Notes?

The average price of a sticky note ranges from $6 to $32, depending upon various factors:
  • The cost of a sticky note increases with the increase in the number of pads and sheets in a pack
  • Reusable sheets come with high sticking power and are costlier than the normal ones
  • Sticky notes with a storage box are expensive

Benefits of Sticky Notes

  1. Sticky notes work as a great reminder. Simply put them in a place where you sit more often. Their attractive colors make them catch your sight easily while completing your important task.
  2. You could forget important tasks with such a busy schedule. In such a case, spend 10 minutes in the morning making your to-do list on a sticky note. This will keep you sorted and organized all day long.
  3. Using vibrant colors in your creative space will make it look funky and cool.
  4. A sticky note works wonders in improving your connection with your loved ones. You can leave a heart-warming message for your kids or partner before leaving the house to show them love and affection.

01 Post-it Sticky Note

Perfect for both your home and office, these sticky notes from Post-it help enhance your performance by giving you reminders whenever you look at them. They come in two packs — six pads of 90 sheets and 24 pads of 70 sheets, offering you great value for money. They are also available in a variety of bright colors, helping you identify each reminder separately while enhancing the look of your workplace. 

With two times the sticking power compared to other sticky notes, these sticky notes ensure reusability and durability, leaving no marks on the surface. Thanks to their adhesiveness, color variety, and quantity, you can consider this pack the best overall on the list.


  • Has various bright colors 
  • Strong adhesive with high durability
  • Comes with a box for easy storage


  • The price is a little steep
Post-it Sticky Note

02 Vanpad Sticky Note

These compact sticky notes from Vanpad have a size of 3 square inches and work smoothly on almost all surfaces, making them easy to stick anywhere. Since they are made of high-quality paper (80 GSM)‌, there’s no question about how durable they are. They won’t tear apart easily nor spill ink. They also have strong sticking power, so they won’t fall off without external pull and leave any residue on the surface after removal. 

Available in eight vibrant colors, these sticky notes never go unnoticed. Also, they come in four different packs of eight, 16, 24, and 48 pads to spoil you with multiple options to choose from. These sticky notes can also be recycled, so they’ve been crowned the environmentally friendly option on this list. 


  • Each pad comes with 82 sheets
  • Can stick and re-stick on different surfaces 
  • Recyclable and environment-friendly 


  • Edges may curl up 
Vanpad Sticky Note

03 3M Sticky Note

Are you looking for high-quality sticky notes that retain their adhesion for a long time? If you said yes, these 3M Sticky Notes will be the right choice for you. With a pack of 24 pads having 100 sheets per pad, they can go longer than expected. Because of their light yellow color, the text is highlighted on the notes to offer better readability if you don’t have your glasses on at the moment.

Plus, their strong sticking glue enhances their longevity by making them stick to a place for long. They also do not leave residue behind, making them ideal for various surfaces. It is an excellent product with a reasonable price, remarkable quality, and good quantity.


  • Affordable sticky notes
  • Yellow color makes the text look highlighted
  • Have strong adhesive


  • Available in one color only
3M Sticky Note

04 Mr. Pen Sticky Note

Who needs dull-colored sticky notes when you can get multiple neon shades at a low price? Available in a variety of colors, these sticky notes from Mr. Pen eliminate the need for using notepads to write important things. They ‌work with all smooth surfaces like walls, doors, monitors, and refrigerators, helping you remember all the tasks. 

They are crafted using high-quality paper that not only makes them reusable but also sturdy enough to last long. With strong adhesive, these sticking notes offer a strong hold and make your work area look organized. You can also use them for decoration, making reminders, and many other purposes.


  • Has a great size of 3 square inches
  • Made of thick paper
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Doesn’t leave residue after removal


  • Fewer sheets in pads than others
Mr. Pen Sticky Note

05 Teskyer Sticky Note

Not even online sticky notes can beat what a manual sticky note can do. Whether you want to use them for school or your office, this product from Teskyer works perfectly everywhere. It is available in two styles — lined and unlined — and six eye-catching colors that make your reminders more readable and perked up. 

Their outstanding paper quality makes them thick in texture, so they can stand the test of time if you need a note for a while. They are also easy to write over, allowing a pen to work effortlessly. Also, their strong adhesive glue ensures that the notes don’t fall off easily, whether you stick them to your desk or the fridge.


  • Peels cleanly without leaving residue
  • Can be reused 
  • The pack contains 600 sheets in total


  • May curl up over time
Teskyer Sticky Note

People Also Asked

Why should I buy sticky notes?

Sticky notes are affordable, user-friendly, and environmentally friendly. Their design and vibrant colors make them stand out while helping you keep important information handy and reminding you of all the tasks of the day you still have to do!

How can I make my sticky note last longer?

Since a sticky note is made of paper, pulling it in upward and sideways will curl up its edges, making it difficult to reuse or stick to flat surfaces. To avoid this, hold the middle of the note using your thumb and pull it toward yourself in a straight motion.

How to make my sticky note lay flat on the surface?

To make your sticky note lay flat on the surface, it is important to know how to remove it from the pad. Place your finger under the left side of the sticky note and gently start pulling from the sticky part towards the right side. This will keep your sticky note flat even after sticking to the surface.

Can I reuse sticky notes?

Yes, you can reuse sticky notes with strong sticking power and good-quality material. They can also stick on different surfaces easily without coming off. Though they have a strong

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