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Unleash Your Creative Side With the Best Tablet Styluses

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Unleash Your Creative Side With the Best Tablet Styluses

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Optimum Tablet Stylus

From serving as a notebook for students to functioning as a canvas for aspiring artists, the tablet computer has slowly but surely established a very near and dear place in our hearts. While you can always use your fingertips to tap and swipe away at its screen, we believe with a great tablet must also come to a great passive stylus. Shaped like a pen, this instrument acts as a more precise, and dare we say stylish, substitute for our fingers. Since it’s passive, you don’t have to worry about charging or connecting this type of stylus. Sketching and signing away documents with this pen is the fun part. The not-so-fun part is buying one for your tablet. With so many options on the market, it can get overwhelming when trying to find a stylus that is equal parts comfortable, responsive, and accurate. So, join us as we take you through the top-notch tablet styluses of 2023 and teach you all about them!

This comprehensive buyer’s guide will ensure you make a more informed choice when in the market for a new stylus for your tablet.

How We Shortlisted Our Favorite Tablet Styluses

Let’s start this section off by taking you through the two things our team ensured when selecting the finest quality styluses for your tab:


We made sure to select stylus pens with only anti-scratch tips. Such tips would not harm your device’s screen in any way. You can get a better idea of how safe your new stylus pen’s tips are by going through some customer reviews.


The last thing anyone wants is their new stylus pen not working with the tablet they own. This is why we ensured all our top picks were universally compatible; whether you own a Kindle or a Samsung, as long as your device boasts a capacitive touch screen, our top-picked stylus pens work with it.

Buying Tips


While a lightweight stylus pen will be easier to carry, what this tip deals with is keeping an eye out for carrying solutions. This can be in the form of a pouch or a clip design. In the latter case, you can simply clasp the pen onto your pocket or bag, just like a regular pen. If you opt for a pouch, make sure it’s stylish enough to carry around and durable enough to last you some time.

Ease of use

Your tablet pen’s weight will also determine its ease of use, along with portability. Other than that, its size and grip will also enhance its user-friendliness. We recommend going through some customer testimonials to better understand how easy to use your new tablet stylus is.

What Should You Know Before Buying a Tablet Stylus?


The longevity of your tab’s stylus pen will depend on the build quality of its body and the durability of its tip. You must opt for something well-made for the former, preferably with an aluminum body. As far as the stylus tip goes, you can get a good idea of how soon it’ll go dull by looking through some customer reviews. Regardless, it is wise to invest in an option with replacement tips.


Once again, a quick trip through the customer testimonials will help you understand how accurate your new stylus pen is. The required accuracy will also vary from application to application. Unless you’re looking to sketch out realistic portraits on your tablet, a pen with modest accuracy should be more than adequate.

How Much Do Passive Tablet Styluses Normally Cost?

A passive tablet stylus won’t cost you much on the pricing front. You can expect to get something decent for under $10. In fact, you can grab many of the pack options on our list for less than $1 a pop.

01 Pony Tablet Stylus

The first option we have is this tablet stylus by Pony, which comes in white, black, gray, and pink colors. The body of this tablet stylus is made using aluminum, ensuring durability and sturdiness. It also works well with most tablet brands, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Additionally, both ends are replaceable, providing longer usage life.

Speaking of replacing, this tablet stylus comes with a replacement disc tip hidden very cleverly inside the pen cap. So, if the tip breaks, you will have a substitute at hand. It also comes with a leather case, giving it a more luxurious look and feel. The easy tip replacement and sturdy build have earned this tablet stylus the top spot on our list.


  • Replacement disc tip hidden inside the pen cap
  • Comes with a quality leather case
  • Compatible with most brands


  • Tip design may feel weird to new users
Pony Tablet Stylus

02 Bargains Depot Tablet Stylus

This tablet stylus by Bargains Depot features a uniquely small rubber tip designed to provide more touch accuracy, so you can easily click on smaller icons or draw in more detail. This pick is compatible with capacitive touch screens of almost all brands on the market.

The length of this stylus makes it suitable for most hand sizes. The best thing about this option is that it comes with ten replacement tips to extend its lifetime. The replacement process is also very simple as it can be done within seconds without requiring any tools.


  • Comes with ten replacement tips
  • Features a high-accuracy rubber tip
  • Highly compatible with most brands
  • Comes in four color options


  • Only one side has a protective cap
Bargains Depot Tablet Stylus

03 MEKO Tablet Stylus

MEKO has brought us this tablet stylus pack that includes ten styluses of different colors. This pick features a rubber tip which is excellent for preventing any scratches on your tablet during everyday use. It also boasts a very slim design, fitting well into your hand. The tablet stylus can clip to your pocket or tablet case to make it easier to carry around with you. 

The body is made using aluminum to ensure durability and a more firm grip. There is also a wire hole at the top, which you can use to tie the stylus to your phone or tablet. This tablet stylus works well with all capacitive touch screen devices in terms of compatibility.


  • Features a clip design for portability
  • Contains ten styluses of varying colors
  • Slim design that is easy to hold


  • Only one pack size is available
MEKO Tablet Stylus

04 LIBERRWAY Tablet Stylus

Next, we have this tablet stylus pack by LIBERRWAY, which comes in 10, 20, 30, and 40-piece pack variations to choose from. The tip has a smaller contact point than your finger, making it easier to click on small icons more accurately. It is also made of soft rubber to prevent scratches on your tablet or phone screen. 

The length of each stylus is suitable for small and medium hands. This product also boasts a clip design to clasp it onto your tablet case when not in use. The 1-year warranty this tablet stylus comes with is like a cherry on the top.


  • Comes in multiple pack sizes to choose from
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Features an anti-scratch soft rubber tip


  • It may be too small for larger hand sizes
LIBERRWAY Tablet Stylus

05 HomEdge Tablet Stylus

This tablet stylus pack by HomEdge contains 20 styluses in ten different colors to best fit your tablet’s color theme. They also feature a soft tip design to prevent scratches on your device’s screen. It is compatible with any device using a touch screen with capacitive technology; it can be used with almost any Android, Samsung, or Apple tablet.

This option also features a clip design to make it much easier to carry it around with you. Its body is made using high-quality aluminum, which is sturdy and highly durable. The length of this pick makes it suitable for small and medium hand sizes.


  • Comes in ten different colors
  • Features a clip design for portability
  • Boasts an anti-scratch tip design


  • Larger stylus size options would be nice
HomEdge Tablet Stylus

People Also Asked

What is the difference between an active stylus and a passive stylus?

Unlike an active stylus, a passive one doesn’t require a battery to operate. Since they’re essentially non-electric, you can’t connect them to your phone. This means you don’t have to worry about charging them. A passive stylus is also less costly and is universally compatible.

Do I need a stylus for my tablet?

A stylus is a must-have for any individual who takes notes or likes to draw on their tab. Let’s not forget just how stylish they make signing e documents look!

Do stylus pens wear out?

Over time, your tablet pen will wear out. The exact time will depend on how often you use it and how much pressure you apply during regular use. However, you don’t have to worry; most stylus pens come with replacement nibs. Also, this replacement part isn’t too much of a rocket science either!

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