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Work Comfortably From Home With the Best Under Desk Foot Rests

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Work Comfortably From Home With the Best Under Desk Foot Rests

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Buyer’s Guide for Choosing an Under Desk Foot Rest

Sitting ergonomically can be pretty challenging, but it’s essential to maintain good posture to avoid back and body aches. To do so, keep your back straight, your arms parallel to the floor, and your feet well supported. While many people go for good work or gaming chairs to improve their posture, very few realize the importance of having an under desk foot rest to provide a comfortable resting position for your feet, which benefits your health in the long run — particularly when sitting for long periods. Besides ergonomics, a foot rest promotes blood circulation, significantly minimizing posture discomfort and varicose veins. They also promote “active sitting” as they engage your feet to bounce back and forth, which in turn enhances blood flow. We’ve rounded up the leading under desk foot rests of 2023 for gaming aficionados or those working long shifts, so let’s keep rolling and check them out below!

An under desk foot rest is precisely what it sounds like — a comfortable place to rest your feet while sitting down and working or gaming. The primary function of this piece of equipment is to take pressure off your strained feet, legs, and back, but with tons of options available on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed while shopping around. Don’t fret! We’re here to help you learn all you need to know about under desk foot rests in 2023 so you can make an informed purchase.

What Are the Advantages of Getting an Under Desk Foot Rest?

We’ve listed some of the benefits of having an under desk foot rest below: 

Blood circulation

Sitting for extended periods can impede blood flow, particularly in your feet and lower limbs. This is why having an ergonomic under desk foot is a plus, as it allows you to elevate your feet and promotes movement to maintain proper blood circulation. 


Sitting for lengthy periods puts tremendous pressure on your spine, resulting in backaches. A decent under desk foot rest will assist you in maintaining good posture and ease the strain on your back.


An under desk foot rest can also assist you in improving your sitting posture. Since they relieve strain on your back and legs, you can easily rest both feet on the device for optimal relaxation. Many of these under desk foot rests are easy to adjust to match your height, allowing you to sit with a straight back while your hips rest somewhat higher than your knees.


An under desk foot rest can also be quite useful, in particular for shorter folks whose feet can’t touch the ground and tend to dangle while sitting in a chair.

Things to Look for When Choosing an Under Desk Foot Rest


Under desk foot rests typically come in two types — those manufactured from memory foam, and those constructed from plastic. If you want solid support to keep your feet actively moving, a plastic one with a tilting mechanism is the way to go, while a memory foam foot rest may be preferable if you want a cushioned, softer option. Remember that excessively soft foot rests are easily distorted under even the lightest of weights and do not hold their shape well.

Adjustable height

It’s always a plus if you can adjust the height of your under desk foot rest to your liking. Even if your foot rest isn’t adjustable, you can still place it on an elevated surface to match your desired height.

Anti-slip bottom

Many brands are now producing under desk foot rests with non-skid bottoms to prevent them from accidentally slipping. These foot rests are unlikely to slip if placed on a carpeted surface, but if you want to use them on a hard, flat surface, an anti-slip bottom may be necessary.

Massage beads

Massage beads or rollers help to maintain blood circulation. Although you may not find these in every under desk foot rest, you should prioritize the ones that include them.


While most people prefer under desk foot rests that don’t require assembly, even if installation or assembly is required, it’s usually simple and tool-free.

01 ComfiLife Under Desk Foot Rest

If you’re looking for good foot support at a reasonable cost, the ComfiLife Under Desk Foot Rest is the one for you. Unlike plastic foot rests (which can tend to feel uncomfortable), this one features high-density memory foam that promotes lumbar support and blood flow. It has a detachable base that can be adjusted to fit your height, and its two-in-one design entices you to sink your feet deeper into its soft, velvety surface and comfortably stretch your legs or flip it over to rock back and forth.

Adding to its efficiency, this under desk foot rest has a non-skid bottom that helps it stay in place, both on carpets and hardwood floors. This under desk foot rest’s removable cover can be thrown into the washing machine for a thorough cleaning, and it’s our favorite pick because of its memory foam, detachable base, and easy-to-clean design.


  • Removable cover for easy cleaning
  • Features memory foam for added comfort
  • Detachable base lets you adjust height


  • A little tricky to zip after washing
ComfiLife Under Desk Foot Rest

02 Everlasting Comfort Under Desk Foot Rest

The Everlasting Comfort Under Desk Foot Rest is another great alternative — and a very affordable one at that. It features memory foam, which aids in alleviating foot, leg, and hip pains while simultaneously boosting blood flow, and with its ergonomic “teardrop” design, this under desk foot rest naturally lifts your legs while sitting.

The foam of this under desk foot rest conforms to the contours of your feet while assimilating with your body heat to offer more comfort while using it for extended periods. Its permeable cover enables air to circulate without trapping heat and making it uncomfortable to use, and its non-slip bottom helps prevent slippage and accidents during use.


  • Offers great value
  • Ergonomic design that adapts to your feet
  • Features a non-slip bottom
  • Cover is machine-washable


  • May collapse under the weight of feet
Everlasting Comfort Under Desk Foot Rest

03 ErgoFoam Under Desk Foot Rest

Sporting a detachable base, the height of this ErgoFoam Under Desk Foot Rest can be adjusted to suit your needs. Offering various sizes, its height can be altered from 3.9 inches to 5.9 inches, and you can select either a plush velvet cover or go for a more breathable mesh that can keep you cool and dry all day.

This under desk foot rest’s high-density foam won’t flatten while you use it and provides optimal support to your legs and feet as you work. When flipped over, the footrest acts as a rocker, allowing you to keep your feet moving and improving your overall blood flow. Although a little costly, this under desk foot rest comes with a lifetime warranty in the event that you experience any issues.


  • Features a removable base with adjustable height
  • Multiple material options
  • Doubles as a rocker 
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • A little on the expensive side
ErgoFoam Under Desk Foot Rest

04 EUREKA ERGONOMIC Under Desk Foot Rest

The EUREKA ERGONOMIC Under Desk Foot Rest is a simple piece of equipment with a multi-position design that aids in alleviating physical stress. Its sizable massaging surface features scratch-resistant rubber to keep your feet healthy and also prevent floor damage, and it comes with a free-floating base that lets you stretch your legs and allows for easy movement.

You can effortlessly tilt this under desk foot rest back and forth between 0 and 20 degrees by applying light force to it, and its ergonomic design allows you to easily adjust the position of your feet for optimal comfort. It comes with circular bumps on the surface that gently massage the soles of your feet and help you relax, and its entire design is safe and eco-friendly.


  • Offers a calming massage effect
  • Promotes active sitting with its free-floating platform
  • Multi-position design offers greater flexibility of use


  • Not very durable

05 AMERIERGO Under Desk Foot Rest

With a wedge-shaped design, this adjustable AMERIERGO Under Desk Foot Rest is manufactured from premium-quality dual-foam that conforms to the contours of your feet. To enhance its functionality, this foot rest is equipped with an added cushion that allows you to adjust its height from five to seven inches to match your comfort requirements.

Featuring a non-slip design, this under desk foot rest helps you rest your feet comfortably and safely. Its breathable mesh cover comes with a smooth zipper and can easily be removed and thrown in the washing machine for a good clean-up, and you can even flip this under desk foot rest over and use it as a foot rocker.


  • Adjustable dual-foam design
  • Cover is machine-washable
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Ergonomic wedge design


  • Easily deforms under weight
AMERIERGO Under Desk Foot Rest

People Also Asked

Can I use a foot rest with a stool?

Yes, under desk foot rests can be employed with any style of chair or stool. Make sure to consider the height of the chair or stool in relation to the foot rest you are using, though — if your chair is too high, your feet may not come in contact with the foot rest.

What is the ideal height for a footrest?

It’s recommended that your under desk foot rest be around 10% of your full height. You should be able to easily touch and rest your feet on it, but avoid bending your legs too far, as this may mean the footrest is too high.

Are under desk foot rests good?

Yes, under desk foot rests are good and can be very helpful. Not only do they offer you comfort while sitting at your desk, but they also provide health benefits that you wouldn’t be able to benefit from without one.

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