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Get the Most Out of Your Router With the Best Wi-Fi Extenders

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Get the Most Out of Your Router With the Best Wi-Fi Extenders

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Finding Your Next Wi-Fi Extender: A Buyer’s Guide

In today’s world, we’re constantly connected to the internet, whether it’s for our jobs, for gaming, or for connecting with other people. So when there’s an interruption to that connection, we understandably get frustrated. And while most people would think of changing their router, we’re here to tell you that there’s a better option — a Wi-Fi extender. These devices amplify the signals from your router, allowing more coverage and eliminating those dead zones where you just can’t seem to get a proper connection — and they’re pretty affordable too. So if you’re interested in buying a Wi-Fi extender, look no further. We’ve curated a list of some of the top Wi-Fi extenders for 2023 along with a buyer’s guide that will walk you through everything you should consider before making a decision.

Choosing the Ideal Wi-Fi Extender


Although most extenders are pretty affordable, they do come with a wide variety of features and price tags. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the best performance out of an extender, but going with the cheapest option available can be pretty risky too.

Where to set it up

Setting up your Wi-Fi extender is a pretty important step. Routers need to be close enough to the extender for a strong connection, and the extender needs to be placed where it can make the most use of its range.

Compatibility with your wi-fi standards

Making sure that your new Wi-Fi extender matches your router’s wireless standard is pretty key. If your router uses the current 802.11ac standard, then you need to get an extender that’s compatible with your router. Otherwise, you’ll end up causing a bottleneck and won’t be able to use your extender to its full potential.

Why You Should Use a Wi-Fi Extender

If there are parts of your house — indoors or outdoors — where your WiFi signal just doesn’t seem to be able to get to, then a WiFi extender is the perfect solution. These devices give your WiFi signal a big boost in range, allowing it to cover more area and let you use the internet in the dead zones of your house where the signal just can’t reach.

Setting Up a Wi-Fi Extender

Finding a good place to set up your router is a really important step to ensure that you’re fully optimizing your device. Thankfully, setting up modern WiFi extenders has become a breeze now that new routers and extenders support WiFi Protected Setup (WPS). This helps turn this step into just pressing a couple of buttons, giving a name to your extended network, and setting up a password. For anyone having trouble with this process, most manufacturers offer 24/7 tech support as well as web-based setup wizards and instructions that walk you through the process. A lot of extenders are even equipped with an LED indicator that tells you if the device is too far from the router.

Drawbacks of Wi-Fi Extenders

WiFi extenders definitely seem like amazing tools considering everything that they can provide, but it’s not like they don’t have any flaws. One of the most notable examples is the fact that they use a network SSID, something that you have to log into separately. It’s also been noted that WiFi speeds are typically cut in half while using a range extender. This is because the extender and the router use the same frequency band, so instead of coming directly to your device, the signal has to go an extra step and travel through the extender too — which effectively cuts the speed in half.

01 Krevi Wi-Fi Extender

Our first option is the Krevi Wi-Fi Extender. This product offers a lot of perks at a pretty generous price tag. The device has an incredible range of up to 3000 square feet and can connect with 32 devices without any break in stability. It’s compatible with any router, gateway, or access point with a data transfer rate of 1200Mbps, and it even includes four different modes that you can switch to based on your need — repeater, bridge, client, and router mode.

This product also comes with an Ethernet port that can be connected to any wired Ethernet device, like your PC, Playstation, or smart TV. The option is even designed with air-cooling vents that promote safety and durability.


  • Has a great range of coverage
  • WPA/WPA2-PSK provides a secure experience
  • 1200-Mbps speed


  • Setup can be a little tricky
Krevi Wi-Fi Extender

02 TP-Link WiFi Extender

The TP-Link N300 (RE150) is the perfect Wi-Fi range extender for people who are on a budget. This device works with basically any Wi-Fi router, gateway, or access point out there. Designed with MIMO technology, its two antennas give you an extended coverage of up to 800 square feet and allow the extender to easily handle up to eight devices.

This device is incredibly quick too, supporting data-transfer speeds of up to 300Mbps with a 2.4gHz frequency. It even supports an AP mode, allowing you to make a new Wi-Fi access point. Setting this device up is easy as well, just install TP-Link’s Tether app and it’ll guide you through the process.


  • 24/7 technical support for all your problems
  • Has a two-year warranty
  • Super easy to set up


  • Range is only 800 square feet
  • Can only be connected to eight devices
TP-Link WiFi Extender

03 NETGEAR WiFi Extender

The NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX6120 is another great option for getting more coverage out of your WiFi. This device will easily pair with any wireless router or cable modem you have while giving your WiFi an extra boost in range of up to 1500 square feet. It can connect up to 25 devices at the same time while delivering 1200Mbps of speed, all thanks to its dual-band AC and patented FastLane technology — making it perfect for both online gaming and HD-video streaming.

Setting up the device is simple too. Just plug it into a wall outlet and you’re pretty much good to go.


  • 1200Mbps of speed provides a seamless connection
  • It has a decent range
  • Can connect with up to 25 devices


  • Connection can be a bit sporadic
  • Only one Ethernet port
NETGEAR WiFi Extender

04 Linksys Wi-Fi Extender

While not the greatest in terms of features, the Linksys AC750(RE6300) is probably one of the most consistent devices when it comes to performance. This extender has decent coverage of up to 1000 square feet. It’s compatible with all Wi-Fi routers and provides speeds of 750Mbps — the only drawback is that it might not be able to handle connecting to multiple devices at the same time.

The speed can be amped up to N300 + AC433Mbps, making this device the perfect option for performing tasks like music and video streaming or online gaming. The gigabit Ethernet port provides a fast connection and the extender’s cross-band tech makes full use of its dual bands. Setting it up is also super simple.


  • Dual-band and beamforming tech maximize performance
  • Wi-Fi 5 makes it super fast


  • Not the greatest features for the price
  • External antennas don’t look great aesthetically
Linksys Wi-Fi Extender

05 Rock Space Wi-Fi Extender

The Rock Space Wireless Wi-Fi Signal Booster offers some of the most premium features you can get in an extender. This device is compatible with all Wi-Fi 5 routers, standard routers, or gateways. It extends Wi-Fi coverage to about 3000 square feet without any interruptions and with a data transfer rate of 1200Mbps. This option can handle up to 25 devices, and with its band, you can pick a frequency of 2.4 GHz with 300Mbps of speed for longer ranges. You can also use 5 GHz at 897Mbps for more performance-heavy tasks.

You can even connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the extender’s gigabit Ethernet port for getting a smooth and stable connection throughout your home.


  • Fast and powerful connection
  • Easy to pair with almost any router


  • Can get a little warm with higher loads
Rock Space Wi-Fi Extender

People Also Asked

How can I avoid lag and speed loss with my router?

An effective way to counter speed loss is by using a dual-band configuration with your extender. This allows one of the bands to be dedicated to just signal input and the other to outputting the signal, which helps keep your Wi-Fi quick and snappy.

Are my Wi-Fi extended networks secure?

Your extender works with the same signal as your router, so its security is determined by this as well. If your router uses the standard WEP, WPA, and WPA2 protocols, then your extender will be protected too.

Should I get an extender from the same manufacturer as my router?

You can, but it’s not really necessary. All you need to make sure is that your extender is compatible with your router’s wireless standards and you’re good to go.

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