Sony Outlines PS4 Digital Game Sharing in New FAQ

Posted by Jim Tanous on October 26, 2013

Sony was quick to mock rival Microsoft earlier this year over the latter company’s (now modified) restrictive sharing policies for digital games. While Sony may have an advantage when it comes to sharing traditional disc-based games on the upcoming console generation, the situation is much more Microsoft-like when it comes to sharing digital content, according to a new PlayStation 4 FAQ.

As it currently stands, PS4 users will need to first register a single console as their “primary” system. Digital game purchases made by a user on this primary console can thereafter be played by anyone with access to it. A user will also be able to access and download purchased content on another, “non-primary” console, but the game can only be played if the user who purchased it is logged in to the PlayStation Network.

Game sharing and used games have been major issues for consumers in the lead up to the next generation console launch. Microsoft’s initial plans for the Xbox One focused primarily on digital games which required no discs but limited user choice. The company has since partially reversed that policy, but as evidenced by Sony’s PS4 FAQ, the desire of publishers to control their content means that consumers will face more restrictions on how they use their games and media as the next console generation evolves.

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