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The Best Dual Monitor Stands in 2022

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The Best Dual Monitor Stands in 2022

Getting the best dual monitor stand for your workstation has loads of benefits. First, it can boost productivity and focus. Second, dual monitor stands can help you with your posture and improve your overall health. Finally, it can clear up clutter from your desk, giving you more space and a much cleaner look. No matter what your purpose, there’s a dual monitor stand that fits your needs.

Here are our recommendations for the best dual monitor stands available today.


The thought of putting together a stand for your monitor can be daunting, but not with the VIVO STAND-V002F. This is one of the best dual monitor stands, largely due to its easy installation. All assembly parts come with the stand, and all you need is a Phillips screwdriver. The monitors are connected to a VESA plate, which then attaches to the stand’s arms.

The VIVO STAND-V002F supports monitors from 13″ to 27″ and up to 22 pounds in weight. It has a free-standing base that measures 13″ x 10.5″ so you can move it around without any additional steps. The stand allows you to tilt each monitor 90° forward and 90° back, swivel 180° and rotate 360°. This stand is also great because of cable clips that run from the arms to the center pole, letting you secure and “hide” your cables to keep them out of sight.


  • Easy assembly
  • Free-standing base
  • Sturdy build
  • Wire management


  • Stand might lose balance if pulling monitor too far forward


  • Price $39.99
  • Movement Type Rotate, Swivel, Tilt
  • Screen Size 13 To 27 inches

02 HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

If you have bigger monitors, the HUANUO Dual Monitor stand is one of the best dual monitors to hold them up. This heavy-duty stand can hold 15″ to 35″ screens that weigh up to 26.4 pounds. This model is also ideal for those who need more flexible arms as each arm on this stand can swivel 180°, tilt from -30° to +85°, and rotate 360°.

Attaching the stand to your desk is easy with either a C-clamp or a grommet mounting kit, both included with the package. The one-piece gas arm also makes the setup extra easy, even if it’s your first time assembling a dual monitor stand. This stand uses VESA with 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm holes to attach to the backside of the monitors.

When it comes to flexibility, the HUANUO delivers. The arms have heightened gas springs and are extra long; they can extend up to 21 inches forward and raise up to 20 inches, designed to freely move over large desks. One unique feature is the two multi-use USB ports at the back of the base. In addition to plugging in your USB accessories, you can also tuck your cables in to keep the stand looking neat.    


  • Great flexibility
  • Comes with assembly parts
  • Two USB ports at the back of the base


  • Not ideal for desks placed against a wall


  • Price $115.99
  • Movement Type Rotate, Swivel, Tilt
  • Screen Size Up to 35”
HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

03 Allsop 31883 Metal Art ErgoTwin Dual Monitor Stand

If your monitors are not compatible with a VESA mount, or you simply prefer to use your monitors with their stands, then the Allsop 31883 Art Ergo Twin might be just the stand you’re looking for. Each platform can hold a monitor up to 24” with a weight of up to 20 pounds.

The platform heights are individually adjustable, so you can position two monitors, or a laptop and a monitor, at the separate level. These platforms stand a few inches off the desk, so you can push your keyboard underneath when it’s not in use.

In between the right and left platforms is a phone or tablet holder for added functionality. These platforms are vented steel, so the monitors have airflow to keep them cool. Your desk will be scratch-free, thanks to the platforms’ anti-skid feet.


  • Solid, steel construction
  • Vented platforms
  • Works for laptop and monitor
  • No need to mount monitors


  • Platforms can be uneven if not assembled correctly
  • Only two adjustable height settings


  • Price $68.52
  • Movement Type Height Adjustable
  • Screen Size ‎Up to 24 Inches
Allsop 31883 Metal Art ErgoTwin Dual Monitor Stand

04 WALI Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand

The WALI Dual Monitor Desk mount stand offers a way for you to stack two monitors on top of each other. It works with monitors up to 27” and each arm can support up to 22 pounds of weight. This stand supports both  75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm VESA detachable mounts and attaches to a desk with either a 4” C-clamp or 3” grommet. 

Both monitors connect to a center pole, so there are no arms that poke out from the edge of the desk. This is ideal for people who want to have their monitors positioned against a wall. Even when placed against a wall, the monitors can be tilted up or down at 45° and swiveled left or right at 90° without any issues.

The only caveat with the WALI is that you don’t get as much movement for your monitors compared to other stands. If this is not a primary requirement, then this stand should provide you with solid support and the specific convenience of the “over-under” screen configuration.


  • Specifically made for vertical stacking
  • Comes with assembly parts
  • Can be positioned against a wall
  • Works in small spaces


  • Limited monitor movement


  • Price $33.99
  • Movement Type Swivel, Tilt
  • Screen Size Fits up to 27"
WALI Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand

05 ErGear Premium Dual Monitor Stand

The ErGear Premium stand is one of the best dual monitor stands for heavy, ultrawide monitors. This heavy-duty stand supports monitors from 22” to 35”, and each arm can hold up to 26.5 pounds.

In addition to supporting wide monitors, each monitor arm is extra long, with the ability to be pulled forward up to 25.6 inches. With this setup, you can tilt the monitors +85°/-30°, swivel up to 90° and rotate 360°.

Like most dual monitor stands, the ErGear uses VESA mounts measuring 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm. A double-sided clamp base ensures an extra secure attachment to your desk. Another option is to use a grommet mounting kit, which also comes with the stand.

Just like similar stands, this model has integrated wire management to hide your cables at the back of the arms and has two USB ports for connecting devices. 


  • Secure and solid build
  • Supports ultrawide monitors
  • Extra long arm


  • Cable covers pop if not tucked in correctly


  • Price $109.99
  • Movement Type Tilt, Swivel, Rotate
  • Screen Size 22 to 35 inches
ErGear Premium Dual Monitor Stand

06 The Office Oasis Dual Computer Monitor Stand

The Office Oasis dual monitor stand is a great alternative if you don’t want to mount your monitors. With a natural aesthetic, this monitor stand is ideal if you want your desk to complement your interior or exude a certain style.

One of the best dual monitor stands for durability, this riser is made with sustainable and water-resistant solid bamboo and heavy-duty, stainless steel legs. This stand is a long riser that can hold up to 100 pounds, with enough space to fit even the widest monitors. There is a 110% lifetime guarantee on this stand, which means the manufacturer is confident with the quality and longevity of this stand.

The space under the stand allows more storage space for keyboards, phones, and other accessories that are essential to your work. One issue you might face is that the steel legs need to be screwed in properly to ensure a level and stable stand.


  • Sustainable
  • Durable and water resistant surface
  • Stylish design
  • Can hold up to 100 pounds


  • Can’t adjust monitor height
  • Legs need to be screwed in tightly


  • Price $80.00
  • Movement Type N/A
  • Screen Size up to 75”
The Office Oasis Dual Computer Monitor Stand


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