30 Free Professional Looking Resume Templates

Making a resume is never an easy task. It needs to be well thought out and put together. Ideally, it should look good in order to immediately grab a potential employer’s attention. Here’s a quick overview of some of the best free resume templates around the web.

1. Hire Me

The Hire Me template sports minimalistic design with Summary, Experience, Education, and Skills sections in the front. Name and contact info are neatly tucked to the side. The template was designed by Hloom.

2. Show and Tell

Another candidate from Hloom, Show and Tell features info at the top and a smart two-column approach with a skill meter at the bottom.

3. Independence

Independence can be downloaded from Resume Companion. It keeps things simple and clean, with career objectives on the top and a large experience section covering the lower portion of the page.

4. Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect from Hloom is one of the best free templates for photographers and designers. Pictures are front and center, with contact, education, and career info tucked to the side.

5. Black and Orange

Another template designed by Hloom, Black and Orange is for the bold candidates who want to grab the attention of their future employer right from the start.

6. Executive

With the Executive template, your resume will look professional, concise, and to the point. You can download it from Resume Genius’s official website.

7. Tied Together

With the name tucked to the side and contact info on the top, the Tied Together template from Hloom puts focus on your skills, education, and experience.

8. Steely

Steely is another template from Hloom. It uses minimalistic, yet elegant approach with major categories arranged in the form of quick bullet points.

9. Monticello

With Monticello, career objectives, key skills, professional experience, education, and awards sections are large, well-spaced, and easy to read. This template is available from Resume Companion.

10. On a Scale

This is an interesting, well-designed infographic resume. Available from Hloom, On a Scale is a great choice if you want to show your skills in a visually appealing manner.

11. Bold Contrast

As its name suggests, the Bold Contrast template from Hloom uses contrasting colors to immediately grab attention. A simple, two-column design is also one of its strengths.

12. Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a simple template with a clear layout and minimalistic styling. Available from Resume Genius, this template is a good choice if you’re applying at a conservative company.

13. All Business

All Business from Hloom is all about business. The simple design with a discrete color scheme will give your resume a serious note.

14. Artistic Flyer

With Hloom’s Artistic Flyer template, you will be able to show that you’re creative and business-minded at the same time.

15. Taj Mahal

Akin to the building it was named after, the Taj Mahal template is classy and elegant. Available from Resume Genius, this template is great for seasoned professionals with tons of experience.

16. Blue Side

Blue Side offers a simple and clean layout with a wide blue strip on the left side. If you’re a medical or financial worker, this template from Hloom might be a good option.

17. Full House

Designed by Hloom, the Full House template is smart and efficient. It will make you look organized, punctual, and goal-oriented.

18. Yellowstone

Yellowstone from Resume Genius places career objectives and experience front and center, with key skills, awards, and education on the side.

19. Call Out

This bold template, true to its name, commands attention at first sight. Designed by Hloom, it is a great choice if you’re applying for a heavily contested position.

20. Mesa

The Mesa template is a bit conservative, though it makes up for it with a clear and easy-to read layout. This Resume Companion template is a good option if you want something classic and understated.

21. Glimmer

Hloom’s Glimmer is a good choice if you’re applying for a job in IT. The star rating system can give your future employer a good idea of how skillful you are.

22. Designer’s Touch

As the name suggests, the Designer’s Touch template was made with designers and artists in mind. It has a slightly larger profile photo and a clean and simple layout of key sections. You can get it from Hloom.

23. Olympic

Olympic is another simple and easy-to-read template from Resume Companion. It has highlighted additional skills and education areas.

24. Gates

With the Gates template, your resume will look smart and concise. This one’s available from Resume Genius.

25. Film Strip

Hloom’s Film Strip template was created with photographers, actors, and designers in mind. You can use the film strip on the side to showcase your career highlights.

26. Job Hopper

The Job Hopper template is intended for applicants with a lot of professional experience. Designed by Resume Genius, it uses a simple and clear layout.

27. Grindstone

The Grindstone template is oriented towards industry professionals, contractors, and managers. This simple yet comprehensive template was designed by Hloom.

28. One Two Three

One Two Three is a simple and bold template. Made by Hloom, it is a great option if you want to highlight your previous experience.

29. Pantheon

The Pantheon template from Resume Genius comes with prominent personal info and career objective sections.

30. Rosy Outlook

Rosy Outlook is another neat design by Hloom. You should consider this template if you have substantial previous experience.


Unfortunately, a plain old resume sometimes won’t cut it and you’ll have to step up your game. With these templates, your resume will look smart and professional. Pick one of these 30 styles for your resume, and it will be bound to grab your potential employer’s attention.

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