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How to Get Your Airpods to Automatically Connect

How to Get Your Airpods to Automatically Connect

The AirPods are fantastic, but they are not perfect. Apple claims that they can connect automatically to all of the supported devices, but that’s not always the case. If you were wondering how to get these wireless earbuds to connect every single time automatically, you are in the right place.

Read on for tips, solutions, and instructions for automatic AirPods pairing. You will also find answers for fixing the most common pairing problems. Note that the AirPods and AirPods Pro work best with Apple devices.

This article will focus on fixes for those devices.

Connecting the AirPods for the First Time

The easiest and the best way to connect your AirPods for the first time is on an iPhone. If your iPhone is fully updated, follow the instructions:

  1. Open your iPhone’s Home screen.
  2. Place the open AirPods case (with the AirPods inside) close to your phone.
  3. Press Connect on your iPhone when the AirPods setup window pops up.
  4. Set up Siri for the AirPods if you haven’t already. Follow the on-screen instructions. Press Done when complete.
  5. Make sure to sign in to iCloud so that your AirPods can automatically connect with all of your iCloud devices (if they share a single Apple ID).
    Get Airpods to Automatically Connect

For people who don’t own an iPhone, aren’t registered on iCloud, or use Android devices, here are the connection instructions:

  1. Place the open AirPods case next to your device.
  2. Hold the connect button at the bottom of the case.
  3. Once the case starts flashing white, follow the instructions on the screen to connect the device.

Your AirPods should automatically connect whenever they’re near an iOS device you previously paired them with. Also, keep in mind that the AirPods need to be registered to the same Apple ID as the other Apple device.

However, this feature is not available with computers, phones, and tablets of other brands. Maybe Apple allows this in one of the future updates. Perhaps the 3rd-gen AirPods will have this ability.

App for Connecting Airpods Automatically

If you have trouble getting automated connections to your AirPods, there is a solution. This solution will only work for iOS devices, unfortunately. You will need to download the Shortcuts app from the App Store. Tap the link, download, and install this app. Then, follow the instructions:

  1. Make sure that your AirPods are in your ears and launch Shortcuts on your iOS device.
  2. Select Automation, and then hit the plus sign.
  3. Select Create Personal Automation, and press Open App.
  4. Next, hit Choose and select the apps associated with the automatic connection (any music app, for example).
  5. Press Done, Next, and Add Action.
  6. Choose Scripting and Set Playback Destination on the Device tab.
  7. Click the blue icon and select the Airpods.
  8. Press Next, and disable the Ask Before Running feature. Finally, select Done.

This neat app will help you associate one of your iOS apps with your AirPods so that they can automatically connect. It works great, but unfortunately, there is no Android version of the app.

Fixes for Common Pairing Problems

Here are some of the most common problems and how to fix them. Sometimes the case will not start flashing white, as mentioned in the previous section. If this happens to you, keep holding the connect button until it begins flashing amber.

After that, it should start flashing white, and now you can set up your AirPods as usual, following the on-screen instructions. If no lights are flashing even after several attempts, try thoroughly cleaning your AirPods and the case.

If none of it works, contact Apple support. Sometimes, opening the case and closing it might do the trick. Keep the case closed for a while, and then try the setup process again (explained above).

Finally, in some situations, you can fix this issue by resetting the Bluetooth on your device. Tap the Bluetooth button on the quick menu of your device and turn it off. Then, turn it on again after 30 seconds. Try connecting your Airpods once more.

Get Airpods Automatically Connect

Seamless Connection

Hopefully, you enjoyed these tips and tricks and managed to make your AirPods automatically connect. The device works best with other Apple products, and there is no denying that. Even so, the AirPods are a great pair of wireless earbuds that you can use for many different things.

They are straightforward, and they easily connect to all Bluetooth-equipped devices. Which devices are you using with your AirPods? Let us know in the comments section below.

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