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Apple Store Music: How to Find the Songs Played in Apple Stores

Apple Store Music: How to Find the Songs Played in Apple Stores

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that “music runs deep in Apple’s DNA” and that’s evident based upon the company’s resurgence at the turn of the century thanks to the iPod, the popularity of the iTunes Store, the launch of Apple Music, and the introduction of products like the HomePod. It’s also evident based on the music that’s played in Apple Stores.
The music played in Apple Stores is managed and refreshed often by Apple at the corporate level, so no matter which Apple Store you’re in, you’re likely to hear some catchy tunes. But Apple also frequently highlights lesser known or up-and-coming artists, so while you may enjoy what you hear while you’re shopping for iPhones and Macs, you probably have no idea who the artist is. And Apple Stores are usually so busy that using music identifier services like Shazam isn’t possible.

Finding Apple Store Music

Thankfully, Apple maintains an Apple Music and iTunes playlist of the tracks currently playing at an Apple Store near you. To check it out, view this link in iTunes, an iOS device, or check out the embedded playlist below in compatible web browser. If you have an Apple Music account, you can start listening to the tracks right away.

The playlist is quite long — currently 100 songs — but it is updated regularly by Apple as new Apple Store music rotates into the playlist. It may therefore take you some time to preview the tracks and find the one that caught your ear at the Apple Store, but at least it’s a good place to start. And if you’re an Apple Music user, you can add the playlist to your account so that you’ll always have the latest hand-picked tunes.

Apple Store Music for Spotify?

What if you love Apple’s selection of music at the Apple Store but you’re not an Apple Music user? You could of course use the official playlist to create your own via a service like Spotify, but some Spotify users have created their own versions for you. Just keep in mind that the update frequency of these unofficial Apple Store music playlists probably won’t match the real deal.

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