The Best 65-Inch TVs [November 2019]

Posted by Nick on November 19, 2019

Almost every piece of technology in the world is getting smaller and smaller, and that tends to be a good thing. Smaller and more powerful microchips inhabit our computers and smartphones, which in turn become more portable; and small, wearable technologies such as smart watches have made it easier to stay more productive on the go.

However, some pieces of tech are actually better off bigger—much bigger—and nothing embodies this opposing reality like the flat-screen TV, which thrives when it’s at least thirty inches wide. But why stop at thirty inches? Although in the not-so-distant past expanding the size of your TV meant that you had to sacrifice an unfortunate amount of image clarity and depth, the truth is that it’s now completely possible to have an enormous TV that retains the quality and crisp imagery you’d expect from a smaller, more compact screen.

So if you’re looking to bring the magic of a full-fledged home theatre into your home without spending an exorbitant amount of money on an in-wall screen setup, check out this list of top-notch (and relatively affordable) 65” TVs.

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