The Best 65-Inch TVs [December 2020]

Technology seems to have a never-ending quest to make things small, and generally speaking, that tends to be a good thing. As components in all of our devices get smaller, it makes it easier to create smaller gadgets over time. Creating portable devices makes our lives easier, and it also makes it possible to create smaller gadgets, like smartwatches and activity trackers, that would’ve been impossible just a decade ago.

Of course, some technology is better off bigger—much bigger—and nothing embodies this like picking up a new television. Let’s be clear here: advancing technologies have, of course, made televisions better. While you’ll always want the display on your TV to be bigger, shrinking the bezel to reduce the footprint of your TV, while making the device thinner and easier to hang on your wall, are other great examples of what’s fantastic about the advancements in tech. Likewise, it’s easy to pick up high resolution televisions these days, providing 4K at a fraction of the prices from just a few years ago. Higher resolutions mean it’s easier than ever to jump into larger displays without losing out on picture quality.

So, if you’re looking to bring the magic of a fully fledged home theater into your home, you’ve come to the right guide. A large television makes everything better, from gaming to sports to movie nights at home. Whether you’re looking for a budget set or the clearest picture imaginable, these are our favorite 65″ televisions in 2020.

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